Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Post Apocalyptic Rations, Food, & Beverages

Well, since THIS seems to be the theme of the DAY. I guess I should go ahead and post my Post Apocalyptic Food Tables. I've basically just set up a random table for beverages, post apocalyptic mutant-type foodstuffs that one might purchase (or forage for), Scavenged Food types, and "Future" Food types (like space food and stuff).
The first table is generally straight forward, roll and consult the table for beverage of food type. I should note that some of the beverages have subtables for expanded coverage. I should also note that the MRE listings for Scavenged Food could also represent generic military rations, preserved camping meals, and the like.
Table two covers the beverage subtables.
Table three is a table designed to randomly generate some type (or several types) of futuristic food that might be found. Roll and figure out if the food is Soylent Cubes or Food Paste and go from there. (I might add a flavor/meal table to this in the future.)
Also, check out Robot Roundup for random vending machine purchases.

TABLE 1: Mutant Food, Scavenged Food, Beverages
Roll Beverage Mutant Food Scavenged Food
01 Ale Antelope Venison Airline Meal: Barely There Burger
02 Almond Milk Armed Fish Steak Airline Meal: Cheese & Fruit Platter
03 Apple Ciider Blood Sausage Airline Meal: Golden Curry
04 Apple Jack Bull Shark Filet Airline Meal: Gravy Ooze
05 Beer Burleygrain (Barley) Bread Airline Meal: Not the Fish
06 Black Tea Butter Braised Lobstrosity Airline Meal: Salad of Doom
07 Bourbon Carnivorous Sheep Mutton Airline Meal: Sleazy Omellette Breakfast
08 Brandy Chicken Wolf Ribs Airline Meal: Stale Sandwich
09 Buttermilk Chicken Wolf Stew Airline Meal: Surprisingly Sublime Steak
10 Cafe au lait Crocodile Steak Airline Meal: Why no Pigeons/Seagulls if this is Chicken
11 Cappuccino Dark Bramble Berries Bag of Airline Cookies
12 Chai Deep Fried Giant Cricket Bag of Airline Peanuts
13 Champagne Deer Venison Bag of Airline Pretzels
14 Cherry Soda Fire Fungus Bag of Chips
15 Chocolate Drink Fish Fruit: Anchovy Bag of Crackers
16 Chocolate Milk Fish Fruit: Bass Bag of Dried Beans
17 Citrus Soda** Fish Fruit: Catfish Bag of Dried Fruit
18 Club Soda Fish Fruit: Cod Bag of Flour
19 Cocoa Fish Fruit: Flounder Bag of Instant Mashed Potatoes
20 Coconut Milk Fish Fruit: Herring Bag of Instant Noodles
21 Coffee Fish Fruit: Pike Bag of Instant Oatmeal
22 Cola Fish Fruit: Salmon Bag of Jerked Meat
23 Condensed Milk Fish Fruit: Sardine Bag of Powdered Cocoa
24 Cooking Wine Fish Fruit: Trout Bag of Powdered Fruit Drink
25 Cow Milk Fish Fruit: Tuna Bag of Powdered Milk
26 Cream Soda Fried Giant Squid Tentacles Bag of Raisins/Prunes
27 Dandelion Tea Fried Quicken Legs Bag of Sugar
28 Earl Grey Tea Fungafowl: Chicken Bag of Trail Mix
29 Eggnog Fungafowl: Duck Bagged Airline Muffin
30 Energy Drink Fungafowl: Turkey Bottle of Ketchup
31 Espresso Giant Ant Cakes Bottle of Mayonaise
32 Evaporated Milk Giant Chameleon Omelette Bottle of Mustard
33 Fermented Milk Giant Chameleon Steak Box of Breakfast Cereal
34 Frappuccino Giant Crab Cakes Box of Toaster Pastries
35 Fruit Juice* Giant Gecko Tail Can of Cheese Spread
36 Fruit Liqueur Giant Killer Bee Larva Canned Baked Beans
37 Fruit Punch Giant Pea Canned Beef Stew
38 Fruit Soda* Giant Rat Burger Canned Carrots
39 Gin Giant Rockfish Chowder Canned Chicken
40 Ginger Beer Giant Sturgeon Roe Canned Chicken Noodle Soup
41 Goat Milk Giant Sturgeon Steak Canned Chili
42 Grape Soda Giant Tarantula Bits Canned Clam Chowder
43 Green Milk Grilled Giant Bat Wings Canned Corn
44 Green Tea Grilled Giant Catfish Canned Corned Beef Hash
45 Grog Grilled Giant Scorpion Canned Deviled Ham
46 Guarana Groatgrain (Oat) Canned Fruit Cocktail
47 Guava Hellapeno Canned Green Beans
48 Hibiscus Tea Jackalope Haunch Canned Ham
49 Hot Toddy Jackalope Skewers Canned Imitation Ham
50 Human Breast Milk Kernal Plant Cob Canned Mushrooms
51 Ice Coffee Live Grubs Canned Pasta
52 Irradiated Water Lobstrosity Bisque Canned Peaches
53 Jasmine Tea Mako Shark Fin Soup Canned Pears
54 Lager Manna Mushrooms Canned Peas
55 Latte Marsh Rice Porridge Canned Pineapple
56 Lemonade Meatmelon: Beef Canned Pork & Beans
57 Light Beer Meatmelon: Goat Canned Potatoes
58 Limeade Meatmelon: Horse Canned Refried Beans
59 Mead Meatmelon: Lamb/Mutton Canned Sardines
60 Milk Tea Meatmelon: Pork Canned Spinnach
61 Milkshake Meatmelon: Veal Canned Tomato Soup
62 Mineral Water Meatmelon: Venison Canned Tomatoes
63 Moonshine Moose Jerky Canned Tuna
64 Mulled Wine Mutamillet Porridge Canned Vienna Sausages
65 Mystery Yellow Nukavega: Churchbell Pepper Cup of Instant Noodles
66 Oolong Tea Nukavega: Clearmato Freeze-Dried Eggs
67 Peach Cider Nukavega: Crying Carrot Granola Bar
68 Peach Tea Nukavega: Jolly Green Bean Jar of Fruit Preserves
69 Pear Cider Nukavega: Radical Raddish Jar of Grape Jelly
70 Pennyroyal Tea Nukavega: Spinning Leek Jar of Orange Marmalade
71 Peppermint Tea Nukavega: Turgid Turnip Jar of Peanut Butter
72 Perrier Porcine Devourer Bacon Jar of Spices
73 Potable Water Porcine Devourer Ham Jar of Strawberry Jelly
74 Red Wine Porcine Devourer Sausage MRE: Asian Styled Beef Strips w/ Vegetables
75 Rice Milk Puffcorn Shrimp MRE: Beef Brisket
76 Root Beer Radfruit: Apple MRE: Beef Ravioli
77 Rose Hip Tea Radfruit: Banana MRE: Beef Stew
78 Rotgut Radfruit: Orange MRE: Beef Taco
79 Rum Radfruit: Peach MRE: Cheese Tortellii
80 Sacramental Wine Radfruit: Plum MRE: Chicken Chunks
81 Sake Radfruit: Watermelon MRE: Chicken Pesto Pasta
82 Sarsparilla Razorgrain (Wheat) Noodles MRE: Chicken w/Egg Noodles & Vegetables
83 Sassafras Tea Red Paste MRE: Chili & Macaroni
84 Schnapps Refried Rad Beans MRE: chili w/ beans
85 Scotch Reindeer Sausage MRE: Elbow Macaroni & Tomato Sauce
86 Seltzer Water Roast Deer MRE: Hash Brown Potatoes w/ Bacon
87 Soy Milk Salted Land Fish MRE: Jalapeno Pepper Jack Beef Patty
88 Sports Drink Sourgrain (Rye) Biscuits MRE: Lemon Pepper Tuna
89 Stagnant Water Soytato MRE: Maple Sausage
90 Stout Spidergoat Kebab MRE: Meatballs w/Marinar Sauce
91 Strawberry Milk Strange Meat Ribs MRE: Mexican Style Chicken Stew
92 Synthihol*** Stuffed Quicken MRE: Pork Rib
93 Tang Tentacle-faced Fish Filet MRE: Shredded BBQ Beef
94 Tequila Three-Eyed Fish Filet MRE: Southwest Beef & Black Beans
95 Tomato Juice Triticale Bread MRE: Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce
96 Tonic Water Twin-Tailed Squirrel on a stick MRE: Spinach Mushrrom & Cream Sauce Fettuccine
97 Vodka Waste Nuts MRE: Vegetarian Taco Pasta
98 Wastewater Whale Steak Potted Shrimp
99 Whiskey Xeno Burger Power Bar
00 White Wine Zunicorn Jerkey Salted Fish

Table 2: PA Beverage Subtables
Roll Citrus Flavor Synthetic Alcohol Fruit Flavor
01 Grapfruit Beer Apple
02 Key Lime Bourbon Apricot
03 Lemon Brandy Banana
04 Lime Champagne Blackberry
05 Orange Gin Cherry
06 Tangerine Mead Coconut
Red Wine Cranberry
Rum Grape
Scotch Japanese Melon Flavor
Vodka Kiwi
Whiskey Mango
White Wine Papaya









Table 3: Future Food
Roll Prefix (Type) Suffix (Format)
01 Algae Bar
02 Carb(o/ohydrate) Biscuit
03 Concentrate(d) Burger
04 Food Cake
05 Fung(i/al) Capsule
06 Gluten Chip
07 Goo Cracker
08 Kelp Cube
09 Krill Food Brick
10 Nutri(ent) Goop
11 Plankton Gum
12 Protein Lozenge
13 Rat(ion) Meal
14 Seaweed Meat
15 Soy Paste
16 Soylent Pellet
17 Sustenance Pill
18 Synth(etitc/i/o) Tablet
19 Vitamin Tube
20 Yeast Wafer


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