Thursday, July 21, 2016

(My) Post Apocalyptic Races

Racial Tables
This is somewhat of a work in progress.

Table 1: Beastmen and Plants
These tables are for basic animal or plant stock of animal and plant mutants. I use the term "Beastmen" for animal mutants, but haven't decided on a term for mutant plants yet.I think these tables cover the most interesting and common species that a player would want to play, but if there's anything I missed, let me know. Some entries have two or three species because they are close enough that the stats would be the same (Tupelo trees are listed with alternate names, since they have a wide variety of common usages). Songbirds have a subtable because all of there stats would essentially be the same, though I split out the corvids. (Might use Hickory, Cottonwood, Mahogany, Mesquite, Tamarack (a Gygax favorite?), Hazelnut, Witchhazel in plants.)
Another Note for this table, there are no insect or saurian (dinosaur age critters - a more general term than "dinosaur" that includes stuff like dimetrodons and plesiosaurs and so forth) beastmen, mostly because A) there are already enough general animals to fill the table, and B) I'm more likely to use mutant versions of these as non-humanoid mutants (though since I also want to include Extraterrestrial Aliens, there's some room to play with humanoid insects and saurians).
Roll Beastmen 1 (Land/Amphib) Beastmen 2 (Air/Sea) Plants 1 Plants 2
01 Aardvark Albatrosse Agaric (mushroom) Manchineel
02 Agama/Frilled Lizard Anchovy Alder Mandrake
03 Alligator/Crocodile Angler Fish Aloe Mangrove
04 Anteater Barracuda Apple Maple
05 Anole Bass Apricot Marigold
06 Antelope Bat Ash Milk Cap (mushroom)
07 Armadillo Betta Ashitaba Millet
08 Axolotl Blue Whale Azalea Mistletoe
09 Baboon Bull Shark Balsa Mold
10 Badger Candiru Bamboo Monkshood
11 Bandicoot Carp Baobab Morel (mushroom)
12 Basilisk/Jesus Lizard Catfish Barrel Cactus Morning Glory
13 Beaver Chicken/Turkey Beaver-tail Cactus Moss
14 Black/Brown Bear Clownfish Beech Mugwort
15 Boa Constrictor Cod Beet Myrrh
16 Boar Condor Begonia Night-Blooming Cactus
17 Camel Conger Eel Belladonna Nightshade
18 Cape Buffalo Cookie Cutter Shark Birch Oak
19 Capybara/Guinea Pig* Crab Birthwort Oleander
20 Chameleon Crane Blackberry Onion
21 Cheetah Crow/Raven Bladderwort Orange/Tangerine
22 Chimpanzee Dolphin/Porpose Bluegrass Orchid
23 Capuchin Monkey Dove/Pigeon Bolete (mushroom) Pea
24 Cougar/Puma Dragonfish Bottle Gourd Pear
25 Cow Duck/Goose/Swan Bracket Fungus Pennyroyal
26 Coyote Eagle Braken Fern Peony
27 Deer Electric Eel Brown Algae (Kelp) Peppermint
28 Dog Falcon Buttercup Peyote
29 Donkey/Mule Fangtooth Fish Butterwort Pincushion Cactus
30 Elapid Snake** Flamingo Cabbage Pine
31 Elephant Flying Fish Calabash Pitcher Plant
32 Ferret*** Frilled Shark Camphor Poison Ivy
33 Flying Squirrel Gar Cannabis Poison Sumac
34 Fox Goblin Shark Cantaloupe Polypore (mushroom)
35 Frog Goldfish Cardon Cactus Poplar
36 Gazelle Great White Shark Carnation Poppy
37 Gecko Grouper Carrot Potato
38 Gerbil/Hamster Gull Catnip Prickly Pear Cactus
39 Gibbon Haddock Cauliflowe Primrose
40 Gila Monster/Beaded Lizard Halibut Cedar Puffball (mushroom)
41 Giraffe Hammerhead Shark Celery Pumpkin
42 Goat Hawk Cherry Radish
43 Gopher Hermit Crab Chestnut Raffia Palm
44 Gorilla Herring Cholla Cactus Rafflesia
45 Hedgehog Horseshoe Crab Chrysanthemum Raspberry
46 Hippopotamus Hummingbird Clover Red Algae
47 Horse/Zebra Jay/Magpie Cobra Lily Redwood
48 House Cat Lamprey Coconut Rhododendronb
49 Howler/Spider Monkey Lionfish Common Ivy Rhubarb
50 Hyena Lobster Coral Fungus Rice
51 Iguana Mackerel Corpse Flower Rose
52 Jackal Mako Shark Crabgrass Rowan
53 Jaguar Malrin Cranberry Royal Fern
54 Kangaroo/Wallaby Manatee/Dugong Cucumber Royal Palm
55 Koala Moray Eel Cup Fungus Rush
56 Leopard Narwhal Cycad Russula (mushroom)
57 Lion Octopus Cypress Rutabaga
58 Llama/Alpaca Orca/Killer Whale Daffodil Rye
59 Mole Osprey Daisy Sac Fungus
60 Macaque Ostrich Dandelion Saguaro
61 Meerkat/Mongoose Owl Date Palm Sedge
62 Mole Parrot Delphinium Sequoia
63 Mole Rat Peafowl Dragon’s Blood Spinach
64 Monitor Lizard/Komodo Dragon Pelican Elm Spruce
65 Moose/Elk Penguin Fan Palm Squash
66 Newt Perch Fig St. John’s Wort
67 Opossum Piranha Fir Stinging Nettle
68 Orangutan Puffer Fish Foxglove Stinkhorn (mushroom)
69 Otter Puffin Frankincense Straw
70 Panda Ray/Skate Garlic Strawberry
71 Pig/Hog Reef Shark Geranium Strychnine
72 Playtpus Roadrunner/Cuckoo Ginkgo Sugar Cane
73 Polar Bear Rockfish Grape Sundew
74 Porcupine Sailfish Green Algae (Seaweed) Sunflaower
75 Pronghorn Salmon Green Bean Sword Fern
76 Python Sardine Hawthorn Sycamore
77 Rabbit/Hare Sawfish Hedgehog Cactus Tansy
78 Racoon Sea Horse/Sea Dragon Hemlock Tea
79 Racoon Dog/Tanuki Sea Lion Henbane Thatch
80 Rat/Mouse Seal Hibiscus Thistle
81 Reindeer Shrimp/Crayfish/Prawn Holly Toadstool (mushroom)
82 Rhinoceros Song Bird* Honeysuckle Tobacco
83 Salamander Sperm Whale Huckleberry Tomato
84 Sheep Squid Hydrangea Truffle
85 Skunk Starfish Iris Tulip
86 Sloth Stork/Ibis Jasmine Tumble Weed
87 Squirrel/Chipmunk Sturgeon Jelly Fungus Tupelo/Black Gum/Pepperidge
88 Tasmanian Devil Sun Fish Jujube Turnip
89 Tiger Swordfish Juniper Venus Flytrap
90 Toad Thresher Shark Kudzu Violet
91 Tuatara Tiger Shark Larch Walnut
92 Turtle/Tortoise Toucan Larkspur Water Hyancinth
93 Viper**** Trout Laurel Watermelon
94 Warthog Tuna Leek Webcap (mushroom)
95 Weasel/Honey Badger/Polecat Vampire Bat Lemon/Lime Wheat
96 Wildebeest Vampire Squid Lichen Willow
97 Wolf Vulture Lily Wisteria
98 Wolverine Walrus Lotus Wolfsbane
99 Wombat Whale Shark Magnolia Yew
00 Yak Woodpecker Maize/Corn Yucca
* Capybara/Guinea Pig also includes the otherCaviomorpha rodents, such as Agoutis, Chinchillas, Coypu, Hutias, New World Porcupines, and Spiny Rats.
** Elapid Snakes include Australian Copperheads, Cobras, Coral Snakes, Death Adders, King Cobras, Kraits, Mambas, Mudsnakes, Sea Snakes, Swamp Snakes, Taipans, Tiger Snakes, Tree Cobras, Water Cobras, and a bunch of other poisonous Australian snakes. I'm also going to have to stuff the Typical Snake entry in here, since the "garbage bin family" of snakes, (some of which, such as Boomslangs, Keel Snakes, Twig Snakes, and Yamakagashi, are poisonous) are closely related to Elapids.
*** Ferrets include Fishers, Martens, Minks, Sables, and Stoats (Ermines).
**** Vipers include American Copperheads, Bush Vipers, Bushmasters, Cottonmouths, Habu, Horned Vipers, Lanceheads, Mamushi, Moccasins, Night Adders, Pit Vipers, Puff Adders, Sidewinders, Temple Vipers.

Table 2: Songbird Subtype
Roll Songbird
01 Blackbird
02 Bluebird
03 Cardinal
04 Catbird
05 Chickadee
06 Finch
07 Jay
08 Lark
09 Martin
10 Mockingbird
11 Oriole
12 Shrike
13 Sparrow
14 Starling
15 Swallow
16 Thresh
17 Tit/Titmouse
18 Wagtail
19 Warbler
20 Wren

Table 3: Humanoid Robots, Robots, Mutant Humans
I use some different terms for robots, though I haven't completely codified my usage. Cyborgs should be fairly obvious. Androids represent humanoid robots built to look like real humans whereas Droids are obviously robotic humanoids. Soft & Hard Holograms are pretty much from Mutant Crawl Classics. For non-humanoid robots, I'm debating breaking them down into Robots, Mechs (combat robots), and Drones (more combat robots, but may also cover certain surveillance/observation/scouting type robots. For the Mutant Humanoids, I mainly pulled from classic post apocalyptic sources (Eloi for example, Morlocks are name-changed to Cavefolk, though this is tentative), mythological sources (Greek Mythology had a bunch of weird humanoids), After the Bomb (Pig People, which are hybrid pig/humans that look like pure strain humans; they also inspired Ape People, since the primates would be the easiest species to pass as PSHs), and a few other odds and ends (Stepfords I included because I like the idea of creepy, always smiling and happy humanoids with dark secrets). A lot of mutant humanoids are based simply on common post apocalyptic mutation descriptions, some of which overlap with mythological equivalents (ettins, cyclops, etc.). The Humanoids table is probably the one most likely to change, as I develop better sounding names for several of the entries.
Roll Humanoid Robots Robots Mutant Humans
01 Actor Android Advertising Robot Akephaloi/Blemmyes
02 Actress Gynoid Agricultural Robot: Farming Amazons
03 Android Beefcake Agricultural Robot: Harvesting Ape People
04 Android Butler Agricultural Robot: Logging Arimaspians
05 Android Commander Animal Predator Robot Armless Ones
06 Android Priest Armored Transport Robot Artabatitae
07 Android Waiter Assault Robot Astomi
08 Androod Doorman Banking Robot Backward Heads
09 Assassin Android Barber Robot Bi-heads
10 Assassin Gynoid Bomb Disposal Robot Big Heas
11 Assault Droid Camera Robot Bloats/Fatties
12 Augmented Man Capture Robot Broodmothers
13 Bartender Droid Combat Robot Buli/Abarimon
14 Brain-in-a-Jar Contraband Sniffer Robot Cavefolk
15 Centaur Cyborg Cooking Robot Chickenwalkers
16 Centurion Droid Counterifeiting Robot Clawfolk
17 Circus Droid Diner Root Clones
18 Clerical Android Dinosaur Robot Colorfolk
19 Clown Droid Dishwashing Robot Coneheads
20 Combat Android Education Robot Desertfolk
21 Concubine Gynoid Elderly Care Wheelchair & Life Support Robot Devolved Ones
22 Cute Animal Mascot Droid Exploration Robot Doppelganger/Changelings
23 Cyber Kiosk Salesman Soft Hologram Eye Robot Eloi
24 Cyber-reaver Fast Food Robot Face-Twisted Ones
25 Cyber(animal) Fighting Robot Fangmouths
26 Cyborg Assassin Fireworks Display Robot Fauns
27 Cyborg Commando Food Production Robot Finheads
28 Cyborg Cop Gambling Machine Robot Forrestfolk
29 Cyborg Cowboy Geological Survey Robot Frankensteins
30 Cyborg Enforcer Graffiti Robot Frogtonuges
31 Cyborg Hero Guardian Robot Gill Men
32 Cyborg Ninja Heavy Combat Robot Glowing Men
33 Cyborg Pirate Heavy Fire Fighting Robot Googly-Eyed
34 Cyborg Zombie Heavy Security Robot Gutmouths
35 Dancing Droid Household Vacuuming Robot Hairless Ones
36 Dancing Soft Hologram Hunter Robot Harvestmen
37 Defense Borg Industrial Construction Robot Hillfolk
38 Domesti-Droid Junk Robot Hippopodes
39 Door Greeter Soft Hologram Karaoke Robot Homunculi
40 Engineering Droid Laundry Robot Horn Heads
41 Farming Cyborg Light Construction Robot Hulking Brutes
42 Fast Food Mascot Droid Light Fire Fighting Robot Hunchbacks
43 Fem Droid Lockpicking Robot Korrigan
44 Four-Armed Cyborg Mad Laboratory Robot Lakefolk
45 Friendship Android Mall Security Robot Leaf-haired Ones
46 Friendship Gynoid Manufacturing Robot Legless Ones
47 Ghost Cyborg Massage Robot Long-Arms
48 Gynoid Bunnygirl Medical Robot Long-Legs
49 Gynoid Catgirl Meter Maid Robot Longears
50 Gynoid Maid Microbrewery Robot Machlyes
51 Gynoid Mistress Mini-Robot Macrocephali
52 Gynoid Nurse Mining Robot Maned Ones
53 Gynoid Priestess Navigation Robot Many Mouths
54 Gynoid Waitress Pack Mule Robot Melon Heads
55 Hard Hologram Assassin Pet Robot Menehune
56 Hard Hologram Bar Bouncer Petcare Robot Mountainfolk
57 Hard Hologram Biometric Screener Pharmaceutical Production Robot Octolimbs
58 Hard Hologram Mental Health Recovery Companion Pithing Robot One-Eyes
59 Hard Hologry Bodyguard Police Robot Pandae
60 Infiltration Android Reconnaisance Robot Panotii
61 Janitorial Droid Repair Robot Pig People
62 Killborg Riot Robot Pincerhands
63 Legionnaire Droid Robot Ambulance Plainsfolk
64 Logging Cyborg Robot Forklift Pukwudgie
65 Mime Droid Robot Scavenger Pygmies
66 Mining Cyborg Robot Tank Quadarms
67 Monster Cyborg Robotic Cargo Transport Sasquatch/Skunk Apes
68 Nanny Gynoid Robotic Distillery Satyrs
69 Optio Droid Robotic Luggage Carrier Scabs
70 Pirate Droid Robotic Riding Mount Sciapods/Monopods
71 Poledancing Femme Droid Robotic Shopping Cart Sciritae
72 Police Droid Robotic Taxi Shadowfolk
73 Queen Mechanicka Robotic Thief Shellfolk
74 Robobrain Robotic Torturer Short-Legs
75 Rockstar Soft Hologram Robotic Traffic Signal Skinless
76 Santa Droid Robotic Turret Skinnies
77 Scrap Cyborg Robotic Video Screen Skraelings
78 Security Droid Safe Cracking Robot Small Heads
79 She Droid Scorpion Robot Snaketongues
80 Ship’s Crew Droid Scrap Robot Snout-Faced
81 Shoe Shine Android Search And Rescue Robot Spriggans
82 Singing Soft Hologram Security Robot Stalked-Eyes
83 Skeleborg Seeker Robot Stepfords
84 Skeledroid Sentry Robot Succubi/Incubi
85 Slave Cyborg Sewer Maintenance Robot Swampfolk
86 Sparring Android Shark Robot Swordhands
87 Sports Android Slave Taking Robot Synthetics
88 Stealthborg Snowplow Robot Tailed Ones
89 Teaching Android Spider Robot Tentacle-Facers
90 Technician Android Spotlight Robot Tentacled Ones
91 Techno Cult Cyborg Street Sweeper Robot Third-Eyes
92 Terminator Droid Submarine Robot Thorn-Skinned
93 Think Tank SWAT Robot Threefacers
94 Translator Gynoid Ticket Sales Robot Toxic Avengers
95 Tribune Droid Tool Robot Transgenetics
96 Valet Android Trash Removal Robot Tri-Men
97 Vexillarius Droid Vehicle Towing Robot Tusk-Faced
98 War Droid Vending Machine Robot Two-Facers
99 Winged Cyborg Vermin Extermination Robot Winged Ones
00 Worker Droid Veterinarian Robot Wretches/Submen