Sunday, April 16, 2017

Tables and Random Generation Stuff

So I've been seeing quite a bit of posts on random tables lately and thought I'd share some miscellaneous notes and stuff.

Posts about Random Tables

The temptation of random tables

Methods for writing d100 tables

and an older classic

How to write d100 tables

Random Table Goodness
Where possible I've posted links directly to the random table posts, however some sites aren't tagged or labeled (as far as I can tell), and some sites are just so chock full of awesome tables that you might as well just pick a blog post and go.

These are probably the biggest collections of random tables on the blogosphere:

The Dungeon Dozen

Elfmaids & Octopi

Save vs Dragon

I consider these blogs as "go to" sources for random tables of inspiration. There are tons of other blogs out there with random tables, and I've no doubt forgotten a few that I hit up for material, but these are some of the ones that I think have really useful material. Not all of these blogs have a lot of random tables, but the ones that they do have are generally pretty awesome in one way or another. Also, some of these have more tables in their download sections.

Aeons & Augauries

Applied Phantasticality

Blessings of the Dice Gods

Dungeon of Signs

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Goblin Punch

Hack & Slash


I Don't Remember That Move

Jeff's Gameblog



Last Gasp Grimoire

Monsters and Manuals

Planet Algol

Playing D&D with Porn Stars

Roles, Rules, and Rolls

Tales of the Grotesque & Dungeonesque

Telecanter's Receding Rules

Ten Foot Polemic


Wampus Country

There are a lot of automated random generator sites out there, some good, some bad. Here's three sites that I think are worth checking out for automating generators:

Abulafia Random Generators



Thursday, April 13, 2017

Something to think about

What if Dragon Magazine predicted the future? Dragon Magazine #121 posted (1987):
Genndy Tartakovsky posted (2001):