Post Apocalyptic Resources

Just an area where I can put up links of interest or utility.

20 Questions
20 Quick Questions Rules (Necropraxis)
This is not that list of Questions (Monster Manual Sewn from Pants)
22 Quick Questions for your Post Apocalyptic Setting (A Field Guide to Doomsday)
Twenty Quick Questions for your Campaign Setting (Jeff Rients)

Armor Links
Aeons & Augauries: Shroud and Cowl Armoring
Aeons & Augauries: Xorish Armors
Dungeon of Signs: Strange Armor Alternatives
Hereticwerks: Beginning Armor and Weapons for Joy
Tempora Mutantur: Expanded Armour Rules
The Tower of the Silent Sorcerer: Revised Swords & Wizardry Armor Table (For more Conan-like armor)

Food/Rations Links
D100 Rations
Deep Tucker Delver Chow Troll Munchies
Pill Rations
Random Earth Man and Algol Foodstuffs
Random Iron Rations

Post Apocalyptic Sites
ASMRB (Morrow Project)
Dazed (save ends) (Gamma World)
Digital Fortress: Gamma World
FATRPG Mutant Future Site
Gamma World 2754
Morrow Project Ideas
Mutant Bastards (Gamma World)
Mutant Future Wiki
Post Apocalyptic Forge
The New West (Gamma World)
The Supply Bunker (Morrow Project)
Twilight 2000 Wiki

Other Sites of Interest
Dungeon Dozen Index

Post Apocalyptic Videos worth watching:
Fallout: Nuka Break
Fallout: Nuka Break - Complete First Season
Fallout: Nuka Break - Complete Second Season
Fallout: Red Star
State Zero

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