Friday, April 29, 2016

Robot Roundup

An odd idea I've been considering, mostly for some rules for a slot machine mini-game.


Hit Dice: 4
Frame: Armature
Locomotion: Special, see below
          Movement: 90' (30')
Manipulators: Lever (NEW)
Armor: Alumisteel Armor (AC 4)
Sensors: Class I
Mental Programming: Programming
Accessories: Electronic Gambling Unit (NEW), Internal Storage Unit, Siren (NEW), Lighting Unit (NEW), Vending Unit (NEW)
Weaponry: None
Attacks: 1 (ram or siren)
Damage: 1d6 (ram) or see below
Save: L2
Morale: Special, see below
Hoard Class: Special, see below
XP: 355

One-Armed Bandits are simple gambling robots, that dispense prizes when they are interacted with. They appear as colorful, box-shaped machines in a wide variety of styles. The most common features of One-Armed Bandits are their array of flashing, rotating, and strobing lights, large displays featuring a variety of symbols, colorful designs, payout tables, and large "treasure dispensing" hoppers. To determine a specific unit's method of locomotion, roll on the following table:
Roll Method of Locomotion
1 Pair of Legs
2 Pair of Treads
3 One Wheeled
4 Four Wheeled
5 Four Casters
6 Thruster

While not combative, One-Armed Bandits can aggressively pedal their "services," depending on how the unit was programmed. How aggressive a unit is, is determined by rolling on the Monster Reaction Table on page 45 of Mutant Future. The number indicated by the die roll on this table also determines that unit's individual morale score, determining the unit's reaction to being attacked by those it encounters.

The "treasure" available from interacting (gambling) with unit is determined by that unit's payout table. To play these slots, determine how many reels and symbols the robot has, then roll the dice listed for how many symbols are present once for each reel. To win a prize, each reel roll has to match (i.e. three rolls of 3 on a Three Reel, 10 Symbol robot) in order to win. Roll 1d4 to determine how many reels each One-Armed Bandit has: 1 - Four Reels, 2 - Three Reels, 3 - Three Reels, 4 - Five Reels. Roll 1d4 to determine number of symbols each unit has: 1 - 12 Symbols (roll 1d12), 2 - 10 Symbols (roll 1d10), 3 - 20 Symbols (roll 1d20), 4 - 16 Symbols (roll 3d6 and add results). Payout other than currency is the one item multiplied by multiplier.
Roll Result (Image Here) Payout
1 Triple Bars
Bet x100 ***
2 Double Bars
Bet x50 ***
3 Bar
Bet x2 ***
4 Bell
Bet x5 ***
5 7
Bet x10 ***
6 Lemon
Bet x20 *
7 Orange
Bet x30 *
8 Watermelon
Bet x40 *
9 Cherry
Bet x75 *
10 No Win
None **
11 Plums
Bet x15 *
12 No Win
None **
13 Apples
Bet x25 *
14 Strawberries
Bet x35 *
15 Bananas
Bet x45 *
16 Grapes
Bet x60 *
17 No Win
None **
18 No Win
None **
19 No Win
None **
20 Wild
As per other results rolled
* Fruit Payout is as follows (roll 1d6): 1 - Alternate Currency (Roll on Currency Table below), 2 - Hard Fruit Candy (as per fruit result), 3 - Rotting Fruit (as per fruit result), 4 - Fresh Fruit (as per fruit result), 5 - Fruit Gum (as per fruit result), 6 - Accepted Currency (The Currency used by the PC).
** "No Win" represents the blank spaces in between the various symbols.
***Payout as follows (roll 1d4): 1 - Alternate Currency, 2 - Junk (roll on a random junk table), 3 - Prizes (roll on Vending Unit Type table below), 4 - Accepted Currency.


Lever (Manipulator)
This 'manipulator' is rarely found on robots, as it is simply a lever that can be pulled to effect a change in status of the robot.

Electronic Gambling Unit (Accessory)
Found on a wide variety of stationary and mobile robots designed to handle all aspects of a particular gambling game. Generally composed of four distinct parts, a Currency Detector designed to accept one or more forms of currency (see currency table below), the Gaming Unit which is typically a device or video display on which the game is played, a payout hopper where currency and/or prizes are dispensed, and an illustrated graphic giving a basic overview of how to play the game. The most common games are as follows:
Roll Type of Gambling (roll 1d4 to determine individual game)
1 Machine Based Gambling (Pachinko, Slots, Video Poker, Pinball)
2 Random Number Based Gambling (Bingo, Keno, Ball Lottery, Raffle)
3 Card Based Gambling (Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Faro)
4 Dice Based Gambling (Craps, Pai Gow, Liar's Dice, Yahtzee)
5 Wheel Based Gambling (Roulette, Wheel of Fortune, Game of Life, Lottery Wheel)
6 Sports & Racing Based Gambling (Team vs Team, Animal Race, Vehicle Race, Humanoid Race)

Roll Currency Validated
1 Bottle Caps
2 Poker Chips
3 Tokens (50% chance metal, 50% chance plastic)
4 Metal Coinage
5 Electronic Currency (Credits, Money Cards, etc.)
6 Accepts all forms of currency

Siren (Accessory)
This device comes in a variety of forms and generally produces a loud noise of some sort. This accessory covers sirens, foghorns, vehicle horns, klaxons, and other noise-making alarms. It acts as a variable strength Shriek Mutation, roll 1d20 and multiply by 10 to determine the range of the attack. On a roll of 1, the siren is just loud and/or annoying, but does no damage.

Lighting Unit (Accessory)
Another robot device that comes in a variety of forms (see table below). To determine the intensity of the light, roll 1d20 to determine intensity of the light, the result multiplied by 20 gives the range in feet that the light covers. The intensity result also determines the saving throw vs blinding (as per the Optic Mutations power), with each increment of 10' of range from the source reducing the saving throw by one point. (i.e. a target that was at 50' from an intensity 10 light source would have a saving throw of 5 against being blinded).
Light Type Table
1 Solid Light This is a single source of light such as a car headlight, spotlight, lamp, etc.
2 Rotating Beacon A single source of light in a dome, that either rotates or has a rotating mirror allowing the light to appear to flash when viewed.
3 Flashing Light A single source of light that is designed to turn on and off at regular intervals.
4 Strobe Light A more advanced version of the Flashing Light, that is generally distinguished by a high rate of flashes of light. This type of lighting has an additional -1 penalty to the saving throw vs blinding.
5 Indicator Light This single light source is generally set to a specific shape in order to indicate a special condition or intention of the device the light is mounted on. There is a 50% chance that the Indicator Light is of the flashing light type.
6 Lighted Sign Similar to the Indicator Light, except a more general image, word, or phrase is used to advertise something.
7 Multipurpose Lighting A system of lights that can fill a variety of rolls, such as flashing, strobbing, indicating, or messaging.
8 Decorative LightingThis variety of lighting consists of several solid, flashing, or indicator lights mounted the the device in a decorative pattern.
Optional Light Color Table
Roll Color
1 Green
2 Blue
3 White
4 Amber/Yellow
5 Red
6 Blacklight

Vending Unit (Accessory)
This device dispenses one or more items based on the amount of currency submitted to it's Currency Detector (see table above for accepted currency). A typic unit will have 1d20 different items available from the vending unit type. Roll 3D6 to determine the total amount of each item. There are several types:
Vending Unit Type
1 Snack Food Items (Includes such items as crackers, chips, various types of candy, etc.)
2 Cold Beverages (Including bottled water, soda, fruit juice, tea, milk, and alcohol)
3 Hot Beverages (Includes coffee, tea, chai, cocoa, cider, and alcohol)
4 Cold Food Items (Typically ice cream, popsicles, freezer pops, and ice)
5 Hot Food Items (A variety of heated meals, such as burritos, pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs/corn dogs, popped corn, heated/TV dinners, etc.)
6 Power Sources (Mutant Future, page 108)
7 Gizmos (Mutant Future, page 109)
8 Drugs & Chemicals (Mutant Future, page 109; reroll for Diagnostic Scanner and Regeneration Tank or substitute your own entries)
9 Trinkets (I recommend rolling on the various Fetish Treasure Tables)
10 Clothing (Still working on my random clothing tables, until then I recommend hitting up Abulafia's Clothing Generators)
11 Live Animals (I reccommend Beastmen 1 and Beastmen 2, but there are tons of others out there if you prefer)
12 Other (ML Choice) (even in real life, there are tons of things that can be found in vending machines (especially in Japan))

Roll Snack Subtable
1 Bag of Chips 1 – Potato Chips, 2 – Tortilla Chips, 3 – Corn Chips, 4 – Cheese Balls, 5 – Cheese Curls, 6 – Grain Chips
2 Bag of Nuts 1 – Almonds, 2 – Pecans, 3 – Peanuts, 4 – Pistachios, 5 – Cashews, 6 – Mixed Nuts
3 Chocolate Bar 1 – Cookies n' Creme, 2 – Nougat, 3 – Dark Chocolate, 4 – Milk Chocolate, 5 – Crisp Wafer, 6 – Chocolate & Peanut Butter
4 Gum Drops (see Fruit Flavor Table)
5 Bag of Shoe String Potatoes
6 Bag of Crackers 1 – Woven Wheat, 2 – Cheese Squares, 3 – Chicken Biscuit, 4 – Round Bites, 5 – Saltines, 6 – Graham Crackers
7 Bag of Cookies 1 – Chocolate Chip, 2 – Raisin Oatmeal, 3 – Peanut Butter, 4 – Sandwich Cookie, 5 – Fortune Cookie, 6 - Gingersnap
8 Bag of Trail Mix
9 Cup of Instant Noodles 1 – Chow Mein, 2 – Low Mein, 3 – Ramen, 4 – Spaghetti, 5 – Udon, 6 - Soba
10 Bag of Seeds 1 – Sunflower, 2 – Sesame, 3 – Pumpkin, 4 – Chickpeas, 4 – Poppy, 5 – Lotus, 6 - Chestnuts
11 Bag of Pork Rinds
12 Bag of Pretzels 1 – Pretzels, 2 – Giant Pretzel, 3 – Mini-Pretzels, 4 – Pretzel Sticks, 5 – Mini-Pretzel Sticks, 6 – Coated Pretzels
13 Bag of Licorice 1 – Red Bits, 2 – Red String, 3 – Black Bits, 4 – Black String
14 Bag of Dried Fruit (see Fruit Flavor Table)
15 Bag of Hard Candies 1-2 – See Candy Flavor Table, 3-4 – See Fruit Flavor Table
16 Bag of Meat Jerky 1 – Venison, 2 – Pork, 3 – Chicken, 4 – Beef, 5 – Goat/Mutton, 6 – Strange Meat
17 Bag of Popcorn 1 – Popped, 2-4 - Unpopped
18 Bag of Gummis 1 – Sour, 2 – Fish, 3 – Bears, 4 – Worms, 5 – Soda Bottles, 6 - Rings
19 Pack of Gum (5 Sticks) 1 – Cinnamon, 2 – Spearmint, 3 – Peppermint, 4 – Fruit, 5 – Bubble, 6 – Nicotine/Licorice
20 Pack of Taffy
21 Toffee Bar
22 Bag of Jelly Beans
23 Lollipop/Sucker See Candy Flavor Table
24 Candy Cane
25 Granola Bar
26 Rice Cake
27 Doughnut 1 – Chocolate, 2 – Powdered, 3 – Cream-Filled, 4 – Custard-filled, 5 – Glazed, 6 - Jelly
28 Snack Cake 1 – Twinkie, 2 – Swiss Roll, 3 – Cupcake, 4 – Devil's Food, 5 – Snowball, 6 – Moon Pie
29 Bag of Snack Mix
30 Hot Dog 1 – Hot Dog, 2 – Chili Dog, 3 – Corn Dog, 4 – Pigs in a Blanket

Roll Fruit Flavor Candy Flavor
1 Apple Boston Baked Beans
2 Banana Bubblegum
3 Blackberry Butterscotch
4 Blueberry Caramel
5 Cherry Chocolate
6 Coconut Cinnamon
7 Grape Coffee
8 Kiwi Cola
9 Lemon Cotton Candy
10 Lime Cream Soda
11 Mango Honey
12 Orange Maple Nut
13 Peach Marshmallow
14 Pear Peanut Butter
15 Pineapple Peppermint
16 Plum Pina Colada
17 Pmegranate Root Beer
18 Raspberry S'mores
19 Strawberry Spearmint
20 Watermelon Vanilla