Monday, August 31, 2015

Fetish Treasure Tables

Here are the Fetish Treasure Tables for the previously posted M.A.G.E. line of robots. There's quite a lot of entries, so this will be a large post.

Roll Accessories Baubles Body Parts
01 3D Glasses Agate Document Seal Alligator Tooth
02 Alice Band headband Alabaster Egg Ankylosaurus Club Tail
03 Ascot Tie Amber Monkey Figurine Armadillo Scute
04 Attache Case Amethyst Flower Paperweight Bat's Wings
05 Bandana Aquamarine Sea Horse Statuette Bear Claws
06 Beanie Azur-ite Demitasse Beaver Tail
07 Bottle Opener Key Fob Beer Bottle Beaver Teeth
08 Bowtie Blue Glass Float Bird Skull
09 Briefcase Blue Jadeite Olmec Mask Boar Tusk
10 Bucket Bag Bocksbeutel Bottle of Blood
11 Bullet Belt Bologna Bottle Brain in a Jar
12 Calculator Key Fob Boston Round Bottle Camel's Toe
13 Calculator Watch Bottle of Perfume Caterpillar Cocoon
14 Camera Bag Brass Door Knocker Chicken Wishbone
15 Can Opener Key Fob Bronze Acorn Chiton Shell
16 Cell Phone Charm Bronze Bear Figurine Clam Shell
17 Cigarette Case Candle Stick Cockle Shell
18 Clerical Collar Carnelian Unicorn Cane Head Condor Talons
19 Coin Purse Cast Iron Flying Pig Figurine Cow Skull
20 Compact Cosmetic Case Christmas Lights Cow's Hoof
21 Compass Key Fob Christmas Ornament Cowry Shell
22 Corsage Chrome Trailer Hitch Ball Crab Pincers
23 Cravat Chrysoberyl Star Crocodile Teeth
24 Cummerbund Coffee Mug Deer Skull
25 Digital Watch Cola Bottle Donkey Ears
26 Doctor's Bag Copper Cow Bell Dried Frog
27 Dog Collar Coral Dragon Figurine Eagle Talons
28 Dog Cone Collar Crystal Skull Elepant Trunk
29 Dog Harness Diamond Badger Figurine Elephant Tusk
30 Dog's Muzzle Diamond Egg Elk Antlers
31 Doo Rag Disco Ball Fibia Bone
32 Eye Glasses Ebony Fly Figurine Fox Tail
33 Eyepatch Elegant Glass Brandy Snifter Frog Legs
34 Fanny Pack Emerald Frog Figurine Goat Eye
35 Feather Boa Erlenmeyer Flask Goat Skull
36 Fishnet Stockings Florence Flask Hawk's Eye
37 Flashlight Key Fob Glass Dolphin Figurine Head of a Grass Mud Horse
38 Garage Door Opener Key Fob Glass Flacon Horse Tail
39 Goggles Glass Flower Horse's Hoof
40 Gold Watch Glass Onion full of Brandy Horseshoe Crab Carapace
41 Gym Bag Gold Bar House Cat Ears
42 Hachimaki Golden Apple Human Eye
43 Hair Bow Hand Bell Human Femur
44 Hair Brush Heliodor Sunflower Paperweight Human Foot
45 Hair Comb Ivory Statue of Liberty Figurine Human Hand
46 Hair Pin Jade Cthulhu Statuette Human Nose
47 Hand Fan Jade Snake Figurine Human Pelvis
48 Hand Mirror Jade-ite Teacup Human Scalp
49 Handbag Jasper Church Seal Human Skull
50 Handkerchief Jasper Tiger Statuette Humerus Bone
51 Hip Flask Jack Daniels Bottle Jackalope Antlers
52 Hydration Pack Klein Bottle Leopard Tail
53 Key Ring with 3D4 Keys Lapis Lazuli Elephant Figurine Lion Tail
54 Keychain Large Ball Bearing Lion's Paw
55 Lapel Pin Large Pinecone Lizard Tail
56 Laser Pointer Key Fob Loggerhead Llama Teeth
57 Leather Belt Marble Elephant Figurine Lobster Tail
58 Messenger Bag Mason Jar Monkey's Paw
59 Money Clip Milk Bottle Moose Antlers
60 Monocle Moonstone Crescent Moon Nautilus Shell
61 Nail Clippers Moonstone Rabbit Figurine Octopus Arm
62 Nail File Music Box Octopus Eye
63 Necktie Nutcracker Opossum Tail
64 Parasol Obsidian Horse Figurine Owl Carcass
65 Pet Leash Obsidian Orb Paperweight Parrot Feathers
66 Petticoat Onyx Dog Figurine Pig Ears
67 Pill Organizer Onyx Horse Figurine Pig's Foot
68 Pince-nez Opal Cat Figurine Pigeon Feathers
69 Pocket Protector Pair of Ben Wa Balls Pronghorn Horn
70 Pocket Watch Pair of Golden Lion Figurines Quahog Shell
71 Police Duty Belt Periodot Bead Rabbit Ears
72 Purse Pewter Dragon Skull Rabbit's Foot
73 Rabbit's Foot Key Fob Plasma Ball Rattlesnake Rattle
74 Reading Glasses Porcelain Goldfish Reindeer Antlers
75 Safety Glasses Porphyry Snake Figurine Scorpion Pincers
76 Sash Quartz Human Brain Sculpture Scorpion Tail
77 Satchel Reagent Bottle Shed Snake Skin
78 Scarf Retort Shrunken Head
79 Shoe Horn Ruby Heart Silkworm Cocoon
80 Spiked Collar Rum Bottle Snail Shell
81 Sporan Sake Cup Snake Eye
82 Sports Watch Sapphire Teardrop Snake Fangs
83 Stockings Sardonyx Girl Figurine Spinal Column
84 Studded Leather Armbands Seltzer Bottle Squid Tentacle
85 Studded Leather Belt Serpentine Owl Figurine Stegosaurus Thagomizer
86 Suitcase Ship in a Bottle Stingray Tail
87 Sunglasses Silver Carp Figurine Three-Headed Dog Heads
88 Suspenders Silver Hershey's Kiss Ornament Tibia Bone
89 Sweatband Snow Globe Tiger Claws
90 Tote Bag Souvenir Spoon Toad Carcass
91 Toupee Teacup Trilobite Fossil
92 Umbrella Tiger's Eye Kitten Figurine Turkey Feathers
93 USB Flash Drive Key Fob Topaz Pear Turtle Shell
94 Utility Belt Tourmaline Turtle Figurine Two-Headed Bear Heads
95 Veil Trio of Ivory Goat Figurines Two-Headed Cow Heads
96 Walking Cane Uranium Glass Marble Two-Headed Gecko Carcass
97 Wallet Wedding Cake Topper Vampire Bat Fangs
98 Wallet on a chain White Marble Bull Figurine Walrus Tusks
99 Web Belt Wine Bottle Warthog Tusks
00 Wig Witch Bottle Whelk Shell

Roll Jewelry Junk Novelties
01 Anchor Pendant Necklace Ashtray Alcohol Shot Gun
02 Ankh Pendant Necklace Baby Bottle Alien Head in a Jar
03 Barbed Wire Bracelet Bar of Lead Amazing Hypno Glasses
04 Bear Claw Necklace Barometer Arrow in the Head
05 Bicycle Chain Necklace Baseball Glove Arrow in the Knee
06 Bicycle Tire Choker Baseball Trophy Back Scratcher
07 Birthstone Ring Basketball Bald Wig
08 Bling “$” Sign Necklace Bathroom Scale Banana Phone
09 Bling Ring Bicycle Seat Bang Flag Gun
10 Bottlecap Necklace Billiards 9 Ball Beer Hat
11 Broken Heart Pendant Necklace Bird Cage Big Momma Undies
12 Bullet Necklace Blow Dryer Big Mouth Billy Bass
13 Burger King Crown Bottle of Blue Nail Polish Bobblehead Doll
14 Cameo Necklace Bottle of Brass Polish Bright Red Maraca
15 Cameo Ring Bottle of Laundry Detergent Broken Window Sticker
16 Chain Necklace Bowling Ball Bubble Pipe
17 Chainsaw Chain Necklace Box of Crayons Bullet Hole Stickers
18 Championship Ring Brass Nameplate Canned Unicorn Meat
19 Charm Bracelet Bug Zapper Chainmail Bikini Bottom
20 Class Ring Busted Jewel Case (CD) Chattery Teeth
21 Computer Mouse Necklace Butter Knife Cheesehead
22 Cross Necklace Can of Shoe Polish Clown Nose
23 Decoder Ring Can of Turpentine Coconut Bra
24 Dog Tags CD-ROM Disk Dancing Menorah
25 Dragon Pendant Necklace Ceramic Dinner Plate Deely Bobber
26 Dreamcatcher Necklace Cheese Grater Drinking Bird
27 Engagement Ring Circuit Board DVD Rewinder
28 Finger Bone Necklace Clipboard Emergency Underpants
29 Five Pointed Star Necklace Clothes Iron Fake Dirty Diaper
30 Four Leaf Clover Necklace Computer Keyboard Fake Doggy Doo
31 Gear Pendant Necklace Computer Speaker Fake Giant Ear
32 Gemstone Bracelet Cooking Mitten Fake Moustache
33 Gemstone Pendant Necklace Crutch Fake Shark dorsal Fin
34 Gold Bangles Cutting Board Fake Teeth
35 Gold Chain Necklace Desk Lamp Fake Vampire Fangs
36 Gold Skull and Crossbones Necklace Dirty Sock Fake Vomit
37 Great Seal of the USA Necklace Dust Mop Head Fire Extinguisher Water Squirter
38 Hammer & Sickle Necklace DVD Disk Fly Eye Glasses
39 Heart Pendant Necklace Easel Fur Lined Handcuffs
40 Hexagonal Nut Ring Electric Knife Fuzzy Dice
41 Hospital Wristband Empty Beer Can Garden Gnome
42 Human Teeth Bracelet Empty Soda Bottle Giant Lobster Claw Gloves
43 Identification Bracelet Empty Tennis Ball Can Giant Pencil
44 Keepsake Locket Flour Sifter Giant Size Solar Calculator
45 LED Bangle Bracelet Flower Vase Giant Toothbrush
46 LED Multicolor Necklace Football Gigantic Rubber Fish
47 LED Star Gem Ring Fork Googly Eyes
48 Loot Crown Golf Ball Gorilla Mask
49 Male Symbol Necklace Happy Face Button Grabber Arm
50 Matching His & Her Bracelets High Heeled Shoes Green Beard
51 Medic Alert Necklace Hot Plate Groan Tube
52 Medical Bracelet Label Maker Groucho Glasses
53 Military Award Medal License Plate Hand Buzzer
54 Mjolnir Pendant Necklace Mannequin Head Hand Shaped Fly Swatter
55 Mood Ring Metal Strainer Horse Head Mask
56 Necklace of Ears Oil Funnel Horseshoe Magnet
57 Nose Chain Ophthalmoscope Hula Skirt
58 One Ring Replica Bracelet Pack of Paper Plates Human Organ Lunch Box
59 Ouija Charm Necklace Paintbrush Inflatable Cactus
60 Pacifier Necklace Plastic Bowl Inflatable Monkey
61 Padlock Chain Necklace Plastic Coat Hanger Inflatable Sheep
62 Pay Phone Number Bracelet Plastic Easter Egg Inflatable Turkey
63 Peace Sign Necklace Plastic Flower Inflatable Unicorn Head
64 Pearl Necklace Plastic Spray Bottle Joy Buzzer
65 Plastic Bead Necklace Printer Ink Cartridge Kit-Cat Clock
66 Prayer Beads Red Solo Cup Magic 8 Ball
67 Princess Tiara Restaurant Menu Mexican Jumping Bean
68 Rabbit's Foot Necklace Salt Shaker Mooning Lawn Gnome
69 Razor Wire Necklace Santa Hat Mullet Headband
70 Robot Eye Necklace Shaving Razor Newton's Cradle
71 Rosary Beads Shower Cap Party Paper Tongue
72 Scarab Pendant Necklace Skateboard Wheel Pet Rock
73 Scrap Crown Smoke Detector Pig Mask
74 Shark Tooth Necklace Spark Plug Plastic Flamingo
75 Silver Bangles Spatula Prank Pregnancy Test
76 Silver Necklace Sphygmomanometer Propeller Beanie
77 Silver Skull Bracelet Spork Rainbow Static Duster
78 Skull Key Necklace Spray Paint Can (Green) Rear View Glasses
79 Skull Pendant Necklace Steering Wheel Rubber Snake
80 Skull Ring Stethoscope Rubber Spider
81 Soda Tab Necklace Swingline Stapler Scream Mask
82 Spider Ring Taxi Mileage Meter Screaming Flying Monkey
83 Sports Bronze Medal Teen Hearthrob Poster Six-Pack Beer Belt Holster
84 Sports Gold Medal Thermometer Snake Nut Can
85 Sports Silver Medal Tin can Spinning Bow Tie
86 Star and Crescent Necklace Toaster Squirting Flower
87 Star of David Necklace Tobacco Pipe Stress Relief Bubble Wrap
88 Star Trek Insignia Pendant Necklace Toilet Plunger Swiss Cheese Door Stopper
89 Star Wars Galactic Empire Necklace Toothbrush Switch Blade Bottle Opener
90 Star Wars Republic Symbol Necklace Tube of Lip Stick Switchblade Comb
91 Stone Arrowhead Pendant Necklace Tumbling E Chart Tiki Torch
92 Studded Leather Bracelet TV Dinner Tray Toffee Hammer
93 Studded Leather Choker TV Remote Control Truck Nuts
94 Thumb Ring Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle Umbrella Hat
95 Triforce Pendant Necklace Velvet Painting of Elvis Voodoo Doll
96 Wedding Ring Very Large Belt Buckle Wax Kiss Me Lips
97 Wheel of Dharma Necklace Video Game Controller Whoopee Cushion
98 Wonder Woman Tiara Wind Up Alarm Clock Wiper Glasses
99 Yin-Yang Pendant Necklace Wooden Spoon X-Ray Specs
00 Zipper Necklace World Globe Yodelling Pickle

Roll Swag Toys Trinkets
01 Automobile Exhaust Pipe Ant Farm 2D4 Carabiners
02 Aviator's Goggles Army Action Figure Adjustable Wrench
03 Bar of Zombie Repellent Soap Baby Doll Automatic Lockpick Gun
04 Basketball Hoop Bag of Marbles Barbeque Lighter
05 Besom Broom Barrel of Monkeys Barbeque Tongs
06 Billy Can BB Gun Bicycle Pump
07 Bindle Staff Beanie Baby Binoculars
08 Blue Pass Key Bouncy Ball/Super Ball Bottle of Water Purification Tablets
09 Bowling Pin Can of Play Doh Box Cutter
10 Boxing Glove Cap Pistol Box of Fishing Tackle
11 Bubble Wand Chatter Telephone Box of 1d100 Matches
12 Buzzer Module Corn Popper Bread Knife
13 Car Side Mirror Cup-and-Ball Toy Bungee Cord
14 Car Stereo Cymbal-banging Monkey Caliper
15 Cattle Prod Dreidel Can of Insect Repellent
16 Color Changing Wand Easy-Bake Oven Can of WD-40
17 Computer Numeric Keypad Etch A Sketch Can Opener
18 Croquet Mallet Flying Saucer Toy Canteen
19 Dancing Magic Wand Foam Nunchaku Car Battery
20 Deck of Playing Cards Frisbee Cattle Prod
21 Diabetic Test Kit Glo Worm Chef's Knife
22 Differential Pressure Controller Hacky Sack Chisel
23 DNA Extractor Hand Puppet Cigarette Lighter
24 Dosimeter Heroic Action Figure Claw Hammer
25 Electric Cigarette Hobby Horse Combination Lock
26 Electric Toothbrush Horse Action Figure Compass
27 Electronic Flash Wand Jack-in-the-Box Corkscrew
28 Fire Extinguisher, CO2 Kaleidoscope Crampons
29 Flagstaff with tattered flag Kewpie Doll Crimping Tool
30 Flame Sensor Kite Crosspoint Screwdriver
31 Flashing Goat Skull Wand Koosh Ball Crowbar
32 Fuse Laser Tag Gun Diving Mask
33 Gear Shifter Lawn Dart Dog Whistle
34 Geiger Counter Lite-Brite Egg Timer
35 Glass Bong Magic 8-Ball Electric Lantern
36 Golden Ticket to a Chocolate Factory Magna Doodle Entrenching Tool
37 GPS Unit Matryoshka Doll Figure of Eight
38 Halloween Mask Moon Shoes First Aid Kit
39 HEPA Cartridge Filter Mr Potato Head Flint & Steel Firestarter Set
40 Horse Saddle Nerf Gun Folding Grappling Hook
41 Hourglass Ocarina Folding Pocket Knife
42 Input/Output Port Expander Ouija Board Hacksaw
43 IR Emission Sensor Pellet Drum Hand Saw
44 Joystick Pez Dispenser Handheld Fishnet
45 Karate Black Belt Piggy Bank Handheld Spotlight
46 Kayak Paddle Pinwheel Hex Wrench
47 Keytar Pistol Squirt Gun Ice Axe
48 Kitchen Faucet Pixiphone Ice Skates
49 Label Maker Plastic Boomerang Jumar
50 Leather Biker Chaps Plastic Beach Shovel Jumper Cables
51 LED Module Plastic Sword Knife Sharpener
52 Locator Beacon Pogo Stick Ladle
53 Luchre Libre Pinata Pop Gun LED Flashlight
54 Magic Breakaway Wand Pull Dog Toy Load Bearing Vest
55 Magic Wand Massager Radio Controlled Car Locking Pliers
56 Magic Wand: Bouquet of Flowers Rag Doll Lockpick Set
57 Magician’s Novelty Light Up Wand Rock-a-Stack Toy Maglight
58 Metal Detector Rocketship Toy Magnesium Fire Starter
59 Milk Crate Roller Skates Magnifying Glass
60 Motorcycle Handlebar Roly-Poly Toy Mallet
61 Optical Character Reader Rubber Band Gun Meat Cleaver
62 Pinup Poster Rubber Chicken Metal File
63 Plasma Coupler Rubber Duck Mini-Flashlight
64 Plastic Ice Cube Tray Rubik's Cube Multitool
65 Pornographic Magazine Science Fiction Action Figure Needlenose Pliers
66 Processor Widget See 'n Say Pack of 1D6 Chem Lights
67 Radiation Badge Shape O Ball Toy Padlock
68 Red Pass Key Shrinky Dinks Penlight
69 Reflective Warning Triangle Simon Game Periscope
70 Relay Module Skipping Rope Pipe Wrench
71 Road Flare Slinky Pizza Cutter
72 Roll of Caution Tape Snow Cone Machine Plastic Flashlight
73 Rolling Pin Sock Monkey Pliers
74 Rotary Encoder Module Speak & Spell Propane Lantern
75 SCUBA Tank Spinning Top Pruning Shears
76 Security Camera Squeaky Toy Rat Trap
77 Security ID Card Squirting Bath Toy Ratchet
78 Semaphore Flag Stuffed Rabbit Roll of Duct Tape
79 Sleeping Bag T-Rex Figurine Scissors
80 Small Servo Teddy Bear Sewing Kit
81 Smoke Discharger Toy Block Sharpening Stone
82 Sonic Screwdriver Toy Boat Signal Mirror
83 Spirit Level Toy Camera Snake Bite Kit
84 Sports Pennant Toy Car Snorkel
85 Tattoo Gun Toy Cellphone Snow Shoes
86 Temperature Sensor Toy Doctor Kit Socket Set
87 Theodolite Toy Jet Spatula
88 Thrust Control Module Toy Piano Spring-Loaded Camming Device
89 Tire Gauge Toy Rattle Straight Slot Screwdriver
90 Towel Rack Toy Soldier Strobe Light
91 Tracking Sensor Toy Train Swim Fins
92 Traffic Cone Toy Whistle Swim Goggles
93 Tucker Bag Toy Witch's Broom Swiss Army Knife
94 USB Hub Transforming Robot Action Figure Tape Measure
95 Wand topped with Ankh View-Master Tire Iron
96 Wanted Poster Water Rocket Tool Belt
97 Water Chip Wiffle Ball Bat Trowel
98 Weather Vane Wind Up Robot Toy Tube of Sunscreen
99 Webcam Yo-yo Weapon Cleaning Kit
00 Yellow Pass Key Zoetrope Wire Cutters