Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Post Apocalyptic Gang Name Generator

For post apocalyptic raiders, marauders, bandits, gangs, and other nefarious groups. To determine the group's name, use the following format: "The [Part A] {Part B]." Either roll or pick which A/B table to use (50% chance of each).Note: Optional spellings or additions are listed in paranthesis or after a forward slash.

Gange Name Tables
Roll Part A1 Part A2 Part B1 Part B2
01 Alley Ace Alligators/Gators Archers
02 Barrio Armored Barracudas Assassins
03 Basement Arrow Basilisks Bandits
04 Bedeviled Atomic Bats Barbarians
05 Beelzebub(s/'s) Axe Bears Barons
06 Bewitched Blackjack Bee(s/z) Berserkers
07 Black Blade Black Widows Bokors
08 Blood Blizzard Blackbirds Bounty Hunters
09 Blue Calaveras Bloodhounds Boys
10 Bold Carburetor Broncos Brigands
11 Bone Chain Bulldogs Buccaneers
12 Brass Cobalt Bulls Cartel
13 Brimstone Coffin Buzzards Centurions
14 Bronze Combustion Caimen Clowns
15 Burning Corpse Cats Conjurers
16 Burnside Cross Cheetahs Conquistadors
17 Chrome Crossbones Chimeras Corsairs
18 Claw Crowbar Cobras Counts
19 Crazy Crown Cocks Cowboys
20 Crimson Crypt Condors Crazies
21 Cursed Cyclone Condors Crew
22 Damned Dagger Crocodiles/Crocs Crowns
23 Dark Dart Crows Crusaders
24 Dead Death's Head Demons Cutthroats
25 Deadly Deuce Devils Czars
26 Death Diamond Dogs/Dawgs Destroyers
27 Devil(s/'s) Dice Dragons Disciples
28 Diabolus Eight Ball Eagles Dragonslayers
29 Downtown Engine Electric Eels Dukes
30 Dying Fallout Falcons Earls
31 Eastside Fireball Flamingos Emirs
32 Evil Fission Foxes Enchanters
33 Fang Fuel-Injected Gargoyles Executioners
34 Fighting Fusion Genies Family
35 Flaming Gamma Ghouls Gang
36 Flying Gamma Ray Gorillas Gladiators
37 Ghetto Gas/Gasoline Gremlins Goons
38 Ghost Gauntlet Griffins/Griffons/Gryphons Hangemen
39 Gold(en) Gravestone Hammerheads Hatters
40 Grave Hatchet Harpies Headhunters
41 Green Hook Hawks Hellhammers
42 Grey/Gray Iridium Hellcats Hexenmeisters
43 Grim Irradiated Hellhounds Highwaymen
44 Gypsy Javelin Hogs/Hawgs Hitmen
45 Hell(s/'s) Laser Hornets Hoods
46 Hellborn Lightning Hyenas Hustlers
47 Hellfire Mace Jackals Imperials
48 Highway Martian Jaguars Jesters
49 Indigo Motor Knighthawks Jokers
50 Infernal Nuclear Krakens Killers
51 Insane Nuke Leopards Kings
52 Iron Oil Lionfishes Knights
53 Killer Omega Lions Ladies
54 Loco Pale Lizards Lancers
55 Lucifer(s/'s) Panzer Makos Lords
56 Lucky Pistol Manticores Mafia
57 Mad Pitchfork Marlins Magicians
58 Maniac Plutonium Morays Marauders
59 Mephisto(pheles) Radiation Octopi/Octopuses Merlins
60 Midtown Radioactive Orcas Mob
61 Mighty Radium Ospreys Monarchs
62 Neptune(s/'s) Razor Owls Mongols
63 Night Roadkill Panthers Necromancers
64 Northend Rotary Pegasi/Pegasuses Nobles
65 Orange Saber Pelicans Outlaws
66 Phantom Scepter Pythongs Pagans
67 Pit Scythe Raptors Pharoahs
68 Pukin' Shamrock Rats Posse
69 Purple Sickle Rattlesnakes Presidents
70 Red Slingshot Ravens Psychos
71 Riverside Space Razorbacks Queens
72 Road Spade Roaches Raiders
73 Satan(s/'s) Spade Rooks Rangers
74 Satanic Spear Sawfishes Reapers
75 Savage Star Scorpions Rebels
76 Scarlet Stilletto Sealions Regulators
77 Sea Storm Serpents Renegades
78 Shade Strontium Sharks Rogues
79 Shadow Switchblade Shrikes Royals
80 Silver Sword Snakes Sentinels
81 Skeletal Tailpipe/Taillight Spiders Shiekhs
82 Skeleton Thorium Stallions Sorcerors
83 Skull Thunder Stingrays Spartans
84 Sky Thunderbolt Swordfishes Squad
85 Slum Tire Tarantulas Stompers
86 Soul Tire Iron Thunderbirds Sultans
87 Southend Tomahawk Tiger Sharks Syndicate
88 Specter Tombstone Tigerfishes Thaumaturges
89 Steel Torch Tigers Thugs
90 Stoned Tornado Unicorns Tribe
91 Street Totem Vampires Trojans
92 Talon Totenkopf Vipers Turks
93 Uptown Trey Vultures Vikings
94 Vice Trident Wasps Voodoo Kings
95 Violet Tusnami Werewolves Voodoo Queens
96 Wasteland Typhoon Wolf Spiders Warlocks
97 Westside Uranium Wolverines Warlords
98 White Venusian Wolves Warriors
99 Winged Wheel Wyverns Witches
00 Yellow X-Ray Yellowjackets Wizards


  1. What, no entries for Sharks or Jets ?

  2. ooops spotted the sharks just after i clicked "Publish"

    1. I could probably make another two 100 entry tables just from the stuff in my research notes, but I just can't get behind some of the names like; "gaylords," "school boys," "ponies", "cotton pickers," and "escargots." I do have to admit, I should have had the "Hobo Lords" be a possibility though. There are also some real oddities that I just couldn't fit in like; "666 Club," "Colt 15s," "Club Illusion," and "Deuces Wild." Hmm...I should get a short supplemental table in for those college secret societies like "Skull & Bones" though.