Wednesday, May 25, 2016


So, I was reviewing Mutant Future's listed power sources (page 117 of the revised edition) and a thought occurred to me. What if I used a Power Beltpack or Power Backpack with a "powerful energy weapon?" Conversely, the question of, what happens if I use a Minifusion Cell or Plutonium Clip in an energy weapon that isn't classified as a "powerful energy weapon?" As a caveat, I think I'm going to ignore some things in favor of playability, like can a Minifusion Cell even fit into a weapon it's not made for, since the notation for the power sources table mentions using any of the power sources for "a non-discharged item" (we'll get back to that in a bit). The only thing I am concerned about is that Plutonium Clips see less used for "powerful energy weapons" (though they are) and more for 'radiation spewing weapons.' However, since we still have the note about "non-discharged items", I'm gonna roll with it.

The Power Sources table lists the years of use for each power source, even those typically used to power discharged weapons. This gives us an approximate value of how much energy each power source contains. So going by this, we'd probably see options like this:
Power Source Energy Weapon Powerful Energy Weapon Radiation Weapon
Power Clip 10 1 0
Power Beltpack 25 2 1
Power Backpack 50 5 2-3
Minifusion Cell 80 10 10
Plutonium Clip 160 10 10
Radioactive Battery 330 40 20

1. Radioactive Battery is included mostly for S&G, but also because it gives a rough idea of how many shots androids, cyborgs, and robots would have available.
2. Energy Weapons refers to those weapons listed as being powered by Power clip/Beltpack/Backpack.
3. Powerful Energy Weapons refers to those weapons listed as being powered by a Minifusion Cell.
4. Radiation Weapons refers to those weapons listed as being powered by a Plutonium Clip.
5. The low number of shots available to "powerful energy weapons" makes for an interesting use of low power treasures, in other words, giving the PCs a powerful weapon with only a few shots left, early on in the game.
6. With using Minifusion Cells and Plutonium Clips in standard energy weapons, I might include a chance of the weapon exploding when fired, probably something simple, like rolling a Natural 1 on an attack roll, or some other fumble type mechanism.

Non-Discharged Items
Before my thoughts on alternate power usage in energy weapons, I was actually looking at the power sources and how they'd work in powering robots. Let's face it, in the Post Apocalypse, there's still crazy tinkers, (mad) scientists, whack-jobs, (crazed) inventors and the like who think making robots would be useful, and not all of them are going to have access to a Radioactive Battery. Now sure, I could just say, each type of power source can be used to power a android/cyborg/robot for the listed amount of time, but is that really the case? Also, what happens if the robot maker decided to use several of the same power sources (like, say, five Minifusion Cells) to power the robot?

Note #5 inspires this quick table for how many shots are left in that Power Source (roll 1d6) [Of course, one could always roll 1d10 for most power sources.]:
Roll Shots Remaining (based on base capacity of Power clip/Beltpack/Backpack, Minifusion Cells and Plutonium Clips use the first number)
1   1/2/5
2   2/5/10
3   4/10/20
4   5/12/25
5   9/20/40
6   10/25/50

Monday, May 23, 2016

A Hidden Gem from the Past

I was looking for something else when I came across this site; FATRPG Mutant Future Site, looks like it has quite a bit of good stuff.

I should probably post a link to the good old Post Apocalyptic Forge as well.

Hey folks, leave comments below if there are any other old post apocalyptic game sites that have good stuff.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Post Apocalyptic Gang Name Generator

For post apocalyptic raiders, marauders, bandits, gangs, and other nefarious groups. To determine the group's name, use the following format: "The [Part A] {Part B]." Either roll or pick which A/B table to use (50% chance of each).Note: Optional spellings or additions are listed in paranthesis or after a forward slash.

Gange Name Tables
Roll Part A1 Part A2 Part B1 Part B2
01 Alley Ace Alligators/Gators Archers
02 Barrio Armored Barracudas Assassins
03 Basement Arrow Basilisks Bandits
04 Bedeviled Atomic Bats Barbarians
05 Beelzebub(s/'s) Axe Bears Barons
06 Bewitched Blackjack Bee(s/z) Berserkers
07 Black Blade Black Widows Bokors
08 Blood Blizzard Blackbirds Bounty Hunters
09 Blue Calaveras Bloodhounds Boys
10 Bold Carburetor Broncos Brigands
11 Bone Chain Bulldogs Buccaneers
12 Brass Cobalt Bulls Cartel
13 Brimstone Coffin Buzzards Centurions
14 Bronze Combustion Caimen Clowns
15 Burning Corpse Cats Conjurers
16 Burnside Cross Cheetahs Conquistadors
17 Chrome Crossbones Chimeras Corsairs
18 Claw Crowbar Cobras Counts
19 Crazy Crown Cocks Cowboys
20 Crimson Crypt Condors Crazies
21 Cursed Cyclone Condors Crew
22 Damned Dagger Crocodiles/Crocs Crowns
23 Dark Dart Crows Crusaders
24 Dead Death's Head Demons Cutthroats
25 Deadly Deuce Devils Czars
26 Death Diamond Dogs/Dawgs Destroyers
27 Devil(s/'s) Dice Dragons Disciples
28 Diabolus Eight Ball Eagles Dragonslayers
29 Downtown Engine Electric Eels Dukes
30 Dying Fallout Falcons Earls
31 Eastside Fireball Flamingos Emirs
32 Evil Fission Foxes Enchanters
33 Fang Fuel-Injected Gargoyles Executioners
34 Fighting Fusion Genies Family
35 Flaming Gamma Ghouls Gang
36 Flying Gamma Ray Gorillas Gladiators
37 Ghetto Gas/Gasoline Gremlins Goons
38 Ghost Gauntlet Griffins/Griffons/Gryphons Hangemen
39 Gold(en) Gravestone Hammerheads Hatters
40 Grave Hatchet Harpies Headhunters
41 Green Hook Hawks Hellhammers
42 Grey/Gray Iridium Hellcats Hexenmeisters
43 Grim Irradiated Hellhounds Highwaymen
44 Gypsy Javelin Hogs/Hawgs Hitmen
45 Hell(s/'s) Laser Hornets Hoods
46 Hellborn Lightning Hyenas Hustlers
47 Hellfire Mace Jackals Imperials
48 Highway Martian Jaguars Jesters
49 Indigo Motor Knighthawks Jokers
50 Infernal Nuclear Krakens Killers
51 Insane Nuke Leopards Kings
52 Iron Oil Lionfishes Knights
53 Killer Omega Lions Ladies
54 Loco Pale Lizards Lancers
55 Lucifer(s/'s) Panzer Makos Lords
56 Lucky Pistol Manticores Mafia
57 Mad Pitchfork Marlins Magicians
58 Maniac Plutonium Morays Marauders
59 Mephisto(pheles) Radiation Octopi/Octopuses Merlins
60 Midtown Radioactive Orcas Mob
61 Mighty Radium Ospreys Monarchs
62 Neptune(s/'s) Razor Owls Mongols
63 Night Roadkill Panthers Necromancers
64 Northend Rotary Pegasi/Pegasuses Nobles
65 Orange Saber Pelicans Outlaws
66 Phantom Scepter Pythongs Pagans
67 Pit Scythe Raptors Pharoahs
68 Pukin' Shamrock Rats Posse
69 Purple Sickle Rattlesnakes Presidents
70 Red Slingshot Ravens Psychos
71 Riverside Space Razorbacks Queens
72 Road Spade Roaches Raiders
73 Satan(s/'s) Spade Rooks Rangers
74 Satanic Spear Sawfishes Reapers
75 Savage Star Scorpions Rebels
76 Scarlet Stilletto Sealions Regulators
77 Sea Storm Serpents Renegades
78 Shade Strontium Sharks Rogues
79 Shadow Switchblade Shrikes Royals
80 Silver Sword Snakes Sentinels
81 Skeletal Tailpipe/Taillight Spiders Shiekhs
82 Skeleton Thorium Stallions Sorcerors
83 Skull Thunder Stingrays Spartans
84 Sky Thunderbolt Swordfishes Squad
85 Slum Tire Tarantulas Stompers
86 Soul Tire Iron Thunderbirds Sultans
87 Southend Tomahawk Tiger Sharks Syndicate
88 Specter Tombstone Tigerfishes Thaumaturges
89 Steel Torch Tigers Thugs
90 Stoned Tornado Unicorns Tribe
91 Street Totem Vampires Trojans
92 Talon Totenkopf Vipers Turks
93 Uptown Trey Vultures Vikings
94 Vice Trident Wasps Voodoo Kings
95 Violet Tusnami Werewolves Voodoo Queens
96 Wasteland Typhoon Wolf Spiders Warlocks
97 Westside Uranium Wolverines Warlords
98 White Venusian Wolves Warriors
99 Winged Wheel Wyverns Witches
00 Yellow X-Ray Yellowjackets Wizards

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Friends of Dogmeat

A whole bunch of tables for those mutant animals out there, more to come.
Roll Male Cat Names Female Cat Names Horse Names Cattle Names
01 Ajax Abby Aladdin Abby (f)
02 Ash Amaretto Apache Abigail (f)
03 Bagheera Amber Apollo Aggie
04 Bandit Angel Applejack Angus (m)
05 Batman Athena Bandit Annabelle (f)
06 Bear Bella/Belle Barnum Asterion (m)
07 Blackie Blossom Beauty Apis (m)
08 Blackjack Boo Big Red Babe (m)
09 Bomber Bubbles Biscuit BB (m)
10 Boomer Buttercup Blaze Bellflower (f)
11 Boots Callie Blue Ben (m)
12 Buster Calypso Bonnie Bertha (f)
13 Caesar Camilla Bowie Bessie (f)
14 Casper Candy Brandy Betsy (f)
15 Catbert Chanel Buck Bevo (m)
16 Charlie Chloe Buckshot Big Mac (m)
17 Chester Cinnamon Bucky Big Tex (m)
18 Colonel Cleo/Cleopatra Calamity Bodacious (m)
19 Cosmo Coco Carson Bubba (m)
20 Crookshanks Cookie Cayenne Bullsheet (m)
21 Duke Countess Champion Bushwacker (m)
22 Dusty Cupcake Chance Buttercup (f)
23 Earl Daisy Charger Bruiser (m)
24 Edgar Diva Checkers Brutus (m)
25 Elvis Dixie Cherokee Bully (m)
26 Felix Duchess Cheyenne Canobull (m)
27 Fireball Eightball Chief Captain Hoof (m)
28 Fluffy Ellie Chip Caroline (f)
29 Garfield Emma Choctaw Chelsea (f)
30 George Fiona Cisco Chewcudda (m)
31 Gizmo Furball Cochise Chuck (m)
32 Gus Gidget Colton Clarabel (f)
33 Heathcliff Ginger Comanche Daisy (f)
34 Hobbes Gypsy Comet Damona (f)
35 Izzy Isis Cowboy Diesel (m)
36 Jack Jade Dakota Dolly (f)
37 Jaegar Jasmine Dallas Doris (f)
38 Jammer Jewel Desperado Dorothy (f)
39 Jasper Jezebel Diablo Dozer (m)
40 Jax Kabuki Dolly Elsie (f)
41 Joey Kiara Dorado Emily (f)
42 Lazarus Kiki Dreamer Ermintrude (f)
43 Leo Kitkat Durango Farly (m)
44 Lion Lexi Ebony Ferdinand (m)
45 Loki Lilly/Lily Epona Gertie (f)
46 Louie Lola Esteban Gertrude (f)
47 Lucky Lorelei Fargo Gladys (f)
48 Marley Lucky Flicka Grace (f)
49 Max Lucy Fuego Grady (f)
50 Merlin Lulu Gambler Gullibull (m)
51 Midnight Luna Geronimo Henrietta (f)
52 Milo Maggie Gunpowder Herman (m)
53 Murphy Marshmallow Harley Homer (m)
54 Napoleon Maya Hidalgo Istan Bull (m)
55 Noodle Mia Hombre Jorge (m)
56 Odin Milkshake Hoss Lakshmi (f)
57 O'Malley Millie Hot Pepper Madam (f)
58 Oliver Minnie Huck Maggie (f)
59 Oreo Missy Jalapeno Mama Moo (f)
60 Oscar Misty Jazz Marigold (f)
61 Panda Mittens Kemosabe Maximus (m)
62 Patches Molly Lakota Meathook (m)
63 Peanut Moonlight Lobo Milkshake (f)
64 Pepper Muffin Loredo Milky (f)
65 Pharaoh Nala/Neela Majestic Missy (f)
66 Pumpkin Olive Midnite Molly (f)
67 Rascal Peaches Morgenstern Mooby (f)
68 Rex Pearl Navajo Moofasa (m)
69 Rocky Penelope Nevada Moograine (f)
70 Roger Penny Niner Moolan (f)
71 Romeo Phoebe Ninny Moomoo (f)
72 Rusty Poppy Outlaw Mootilda (f)
73 Salem Princess Paco Morgan (m)
74 Sam Queenie Pecos Ollie (m)
75 Sasquatch Roxy Pokey Optimus Prime Rib (m)
76 Sebastian Ruby Poncho Otis (m)
77 Shadow Sadie Prince Pauline (f)
78 Simba Sapphire Ranger Petunia (f)
79 Smokey Sasha Rebel Queenie (f)
80 Snickers Sassy Renegade Ribeye (m)
81 Snowball Savannah Ringo Risha (f)
82 Socks Sienna Rocinante Rocky (m)
83 Solomon Skittles Rocky Sampson (m)
84 Spike Smudge Rustler Shelby (f)
85 Spock Snowflake Scout Sir Loin (m)
86 Sylvester Sooty Shadowfax Sizzler (m)
87 Taz Sparkle Shooter Slim Jim (m)
88 Thor Stella Silver Snowdrop (f)
89 Tiger Tabitha Spirit Spartan (m)
90 Tigger Talia Star Sunshine (f)
91 Toby Tiger Lilly Stormy Sweetpea (f)
92 Tom Trixie Sugar T-Bone (m)
93 Tucker Venus Tabasco Tank (m)
94 Voltaire Vera Tinker Taura (f)
95 Wadsworth Vicky/Viki Tomahawk Terribull (m)
96 Whiskers Willow Tonto Toro (m)
97 Yeti Xena Trigger Whopper (m)
98 Yoda Yolanda Whiskey Yvonne (f)
99 Zeus Zelda Whisper Zorro (m)
00 Ziggy Zoe/Zoey Zorro Zuzela (f)

Roll Gorilla Chimpanzee Orangutan Monkey
01 Aldo Beany Abang Abu
02 Amy Bear Ah Meng Ai Ai
03 Bingo Bobo Azy Albert
04 Bokito Bonzo Bam Bam Beppo
05 Bollo Bubbles Belawan Binks
06 Bushman Buttons Bijak Blip
07 Charles Caesar Bobo Boots
08 Colo Charles Bogey Britches
09 Colossus Charlie Bonnie Carl
10 Conga Cheeta C. J. Chip
11 Congorilla Chim-Chim Cha Cha Crap
12 Donkey Kong Clara Cheyenne Curious George
13 Freddie Congo Chickie Dodger
14 Gargantua Cornelius Chinta Dr Rizzo
15 Gerald Diddy Kong Clint Ete-kichi
16 Goliath Dusty Clyde Finster
17 Grodd Enos Dora Francine
18 Gust Evie Dunstan Gleek
19 Guy Fiben Bolger Flynn Glen
20 Iron Kong Fifi Heran Grease
21 Ishmael Heebie Indah Hanuman
22 Jabari J. Fred Muggs Jahe Hellion
23 Jambo Jacob Jasper Jack
24 Judy Jeebie Jenny Jake
25 Jumoke Jiggs Jupiter Jep
26 Kala Jonah Kalbu Jonny
27 Kerchak Judy Katy Kiddles
28 King Kong Lancelot Link Ken Allen Kiki
29 Koko Louie King Louie Konga
30 Kookoo Mason Manis Lazlo
31 Kwanza Mikey Maurice Minka Mark
32 Magilla Mogwi Mawas Miss Baker
33 Massa Mojo Jojo Melati Miss Sam
34 Master Rilla Mr Nesmith Mila Mona
35 Max Mr Teeny Muong Nicu
36 Melanie Napolean Nurse Precious Nikko
37 Michael Oliver Rocky Nkima
38 Mighty Joe Young Oscar Rowan Ozymandias
39 Optimus Primal Peggy Sam Pipsqueak
40 Pattycake Phil Sultan Ramu
41 Paul Raffles Suryia Ricky
42 Prof Bobo Sal Minella Suzanne Salsa
43 Ranko Sally Tango Sarutobi
44 Samson Santino Temara Semos
45 Silver Sarah Tom Specter
46 Snowflake Tanga Tombak Spike
47 Solovar Travis Towan Sun Wukong
48 Titus Washoe Zaius Ukiki
49 Toto Yeroen Zakhar Zephyr
50 Willie B Zippy Zoey Zimbu

Roll Pigs Rabbits Rodents Bears
01 Ace Acorn Amos Aloysius
02 Arnold Alba Basil Baloo
03 Babe Benjamin Bunny Brain Barney
04 Bebop Bianca Cheddar Bart
05 Big Bill Bigwing Cheesy Basil
06 Big Norm Blackavar Chuck E. Cheese Benjamin Franklin
07 Coursey Blackberry Daroach Beorn
08 Curly Boy Blossom Diego Beppo
09 Freddy Bluebell Dinkan Biffo
10 Gouger Buckthorn Fievel Binky
11 Grunt Bucky O'Hare Handpan BooBoo
12 Gryllus Bugs Bunny Jefferson Bozo
13 Gullinbursti Bun-Bun Jenner Bruin
14 Hamilton Buster Bunny Jerry Bruno
15 Hamm Captain Camion Mappy Cindy
16 Hamton Captain Carrot Mercurio Corduroy
17 Hen-Wen Dandelion Mickey Flocke
18 Henry Fiver Minnie Fozzie
19 Hog Kong Flopsy Mitron XIII Gentle Ben
20 Hogzilla Frank Monterey Jack Gus
21 Khanzir General Woundwort Mortimer Hercules
22 King Neptune Hawkbit Mr Jingles Hotfoot
23 Maude Hazel Mrs. Frisby Inuka
24 Miss Piggy Holly Nicodemus Jasper
25 Napoleon Judy Hopps Noggs Knut
26 Old Major Jumpy Ghostface Oozy Kuma
27 Peter Porker Kevin Dewclaw Pad Lars
28 Pigasus King Kazma Penelope Mary Plain
29 Piglet March Hare Pinky Misha
30 Porkchop Max Hare Pipsy Monarch
31 Porky Mimzy Ralph Old Ephraim
32 Professor Strangepork Miyamoto Usagi Ratbert Old Majesty
33 Puddle Mr Bunnsy Ratty Oliver B. Bumble
34 Pumbaa Mr Floppy Reepicheep P.T. Bridgeport
35 Punt Mr. Bun Rizzo Paddington
36 Rasher Oolong Roland Pipaluk
37 Rooter Pantoufle Setsuko Pooky
38 Salomey Peter Cottontail Slade Rocky
39 Sir Oinksalot Peter Rabbit Slowpoke Rodriguez Rupert
40 Snobben Pipkin Snips Siku
41 Snouter Pookie Speedy Gonzales Smokey
42 Snowball Ralph Spike Ted
43 Squealer Roger Rabbit Squeak Teddy Robinson
44 Squigley Silver Stewart Terrible Ted
45 Tirpitz Speedwell Templeton Victor
46 Ton Pig Squint Tilo Whopper
47 Toot Stampy Timothy Winnie-the-Pooh
48 Tusker Thumper Twitch Winnipeg
49 Wilbur Trix Rabbit Washington Wojtek
50 Zhu Bajie Uncle Wiggily Whisker Yogi

Roll Frogs/Toads Turtles Lizards Snakes Gators/Crocs
01 Baron Silas Greenback Adelita Abraxas Apophis Al
02 Billious Slick Adwalta Ajax Asmodeus Aldo
03 Bufo Alfie Alphys Atilla Allie
04 Bugweiser Bently Bad Bill Balthazar Axl
05 Bunda Bert Balerion Basilisk Baloditis
06 Callista Croak Bowser Barnabas Boomer Ben Ali Gator
07 Commander Toad Cassiopeia Beaver Caotlicue Bog
08 Constantine Cecil Bluebeard Cleopatra Bratty
09 Crazy Frog Crush Charmander Coils Brutus
10 Dapylil Devan Shell Chet Echidna Bull Gator
11 Dig'em Donatello Chuck Genghis Carmine
12 Flip Franklin Davarus Gorgon Cassius
13 Flipper Freda Dave Hista Catchum
14 Flyswatter Gamera Dinozzo Jafar Christopher
15 Freddo Genbu Draco Jake Claude
16 Freddy Harriet Drago Jormungand Cranky
17 Frogger Howard Dragonbait Ju-Ju Daisy
18 Froggy Hun Drake Kaa Dil
19 Gorf John Durango King Tut Dr Wani
20 Heqet Jonathan Gaspar Knot Floyd
21 Hoppity Hooper Leonardo Gex Kukulkan Francisco
22 Hypnotoad Lonesome George Gibbs Lady Pryditor Gomek
23 Jean-Bob Maturin Godzilla Lamia Gretchen
24 Jeremiah Michaelangelo Gojiro Medusa Gustave
25 Judy Morla Greedo Milo Jolene
26 Kerero Mr Turpen Ichoris Nagaina Killer
27 Kermit Mudface Izzard Nagini King Gator
28 Lilybet Orn Jabberwock Ouroboros King K. Rool
29 Michigan J Frog Owen Jax Pliskin Leathrhead
30 Mr Croak Raphael Joanna Rajah Lolong
31 Newtrailizer Shelley Kimono Riddle Louis
32 Pepe Skalman Knuckles Rocky BalBoa Mama Croc
33 Philbert Slash Leon Rumplesnakeskin Mr Vile
34 Pimple Speed Liz Salazaar Mz Ruby
35 Prince Charming Spotty Lizzie Salmissra Nero
36 Puddocky Tamachan Nessie Serpico Pocho
37 Raleigh Tardy Pascal Shesha Reggie
38 Rash Tetsudo Puff Sir Hiss Renekton
39 Rin Rin Tim Rango Slyder River
40 Robin Timmy Raptor Slytherin Roger
41 Skippy Timothy Rex Snape Shiro
42 Throg Tippi Roderick Thanatos Smiley
43 Tibbir Tiptup Sharptooth Titanoboa Sobek
44 Trevor Toby Snallygastor Typhon Stan
45 Wart Tokka Spyro Ushari Alligory
46 Winky Tuck Steve Vinnie Swampy
47 Yggorf Venus Toothless Vritra Sweetheart
48 Zippity Verne Varan Wadjet Tick-Tock
49 Zitz Yertle Yoshi William Snakespeare Victor
50 Zoich Zaratan Zilla Zobique Wally Gator

Roll Birds 1 Birds 2 Birds of Prey Fowl Passerines
01 Akka Apus Adler Alan-a-dale Allan
02 Augustus Arpeggio Ajax Alectryon Bertok
03 Baba Ava Archimedes Antonio BJ Birdie
04 Boris Goosinov Baalthazar Astarte Azul Bran
05 Brantalis Big Eggo Aurora Basan Brightback
06 Bruce Birdette Baldwin Billina Brooks
07 Cassandra Black Sock Pete Beaky Bone Head Burra
08 Cecil Blufadoodle Bess Booker Byrne
09 Cyril Bonaparte Blathers Brovkin Carc
10 Dovo Boss Cass Blitz Buck Cluck Chogan
11 Dr Nitwhite Buzby Bloodwing Calimero Corbin
12 Dumpy Caco Buzz Canard Corby
13 Feathers Captain Flint Celeste Chanticleer Cormac
14 Featherstone Captain LeFwee Chaddy Charlie Cornix
15 Felix Chobi Challenger Chica Corvus
16 Filemon Coco Chil Chick Norris Crebain
17 Flapper Columba Clockwerk Chickaletta Croonie
18 Flit Conrad Concord Clara Cluck Curbelo
19 Franklin Cuckoo Loca Condorito Cockatrice Deimos
20 Gandy cygnus Coo Conardo Deryn
21 Garcia Eduardo Crimsong Loftwing Conducktor Diablo
22 Gogo Esteban Dahlia Coo Diaval
23 Golly Eyebrow Digger Cornelius Diptail
24 Goodfeathers Ezee Dyna Blade Daffy Draven
25 Goosey Loosey Fawkes Eddie Daisy Dust
26 Gunnar Felipe Eva Darkwing Edgar
27 Gus Flapper Fagin Dewey Elspeth
28 Gusta Flora Falco Lombardi Donald Elwyn
29 Hamir Garuda Farsight Dr Mallard Fechin
30 Hans Gibis Fenghuang Dr Peacock Garm
31 Harry Lepelaar Grus Freddie Drake Mallard General Ironbeak
32 Hatta Mari Guru Freedom Eider Grip
33 Hummingway H. Ross Frieda El Pollo Diablo Grubclaw
34 J. Gander Hooter Iago Frightful Elizabeak Heckle
35 Jitrit Inko Goldie Ernie the Giant Hector
36 John Woo Jacques Gram Foghorn Leghorn Huginn
37 Katrien Jubjub Gwaihir Fowler Hugo
38 Kazooie Jules Gylfie Frankenchicken Ikol
39 Kehaar Kesha Gyoutenmaru General Tsao Jacko
40 Kipo Kiki Hayabusa Gobbler Jeckle
41 Kruppoh Kiko Hedwig Goldie Jim
42 Lapwwings Koke Herky Gyro Gearloose Kakarasu
43 Libia Kuzco Hollow Hanna Kass
44 Lofty Lola Carioca Holly Hardwing Kir
45 Lupe Looney Gooney Hoots Higepiyo Korone
46 Mercury Lory Hooty Howard Korvus Skurr
47 Mighty Sven Loser Hudsan Huey Kos
48 Mort Lovebird Jet Hulga Krakas
49 Morten Madame Upanova Kagero Irwin Kree
50 Mortimer Master Raku Kai Jake Krey
51 Morton Miss Strich Kirby Karoo Kuu
52 Mr Beakman Mr Percival Kojiro Kijigami Lanigan
53 Mr Ping Muffin Landroval Kung Pow Lenore
54 Oona Nigel Loki Helios Kvak Les
55 Opus Nitpicker Lucky Lady Baden-Baden Lucifer
56 Pauline Oreb Marahute Lady Kluck Maggy
57 Pavi Ossie Master Glimfeather Lester Mangiz
58 Pelico Paco Miss Friday Lobo Merla
59 Pelle Page Mr Rutland Lord Shen Merle
60 Pinky Papi Mukuro Lorelei Mordecai
61 Pipo Parakeeta Odus Louie Morphius
62 Pippo Parry Old Man Ludwig von Drake Mr Corax
63 Placido Flamingo Peck Olga Ma Megg Muninn
64 Princess Odette Pete Olier Mallard Filllmore Murkrow
65 Quicky Lorraine Petula Olivia Manley Pointer Orac
66 Rayito Philomena Orson Markies Pearl
67 Rev Plumfadoodle Owlowiscious Mary Grace Phobos
68 Rip Polly Ozzie Mayur Poe
69 Sam McGill Popo Redwing Mike the Headless Professor Knox
70 Scuttle Poppy Rufus Morara Prophet
71 Seamus Professor Pericles Sam Mr Wattle Quickbill
72 Sebastian Pudgy Sammy Murphy Quoth
73 Shirley McLoon Pyoro Schultz Panchito Pistoles Raban
74 Shoebill Pyxis Shimshek Pastafarian Ragwing
75 Sid Quaquail Silver Peabody Raum
76 Silas Quawks Silver Wing Peep Ravenna
77 Sill Rin Simurgh Peyton Remington
78 Sonny Roa Sitka Plucka Renwick
79 Stella Roc Skowl the Startling Plucky Riley
80 Steven Seagull Rocus Slapshot Podkovkin Ruck
81 Stilt Salty Mike Soren Pollito Rukh
82 Storky Sasha Streak Preece Russel
83 Swami Shadoks Strix Puke Boy Sheryl
84 Tern Shuroop Swoop Punky Rooster Sir 71
85 Terrence Skully Takaoka Quacker Jack Speaker
86 Ticktock Snowdrake Throndor Reggie Spike
87 Toki Sprocket Tim Richard Nixon Study
88 Tookie Tookie Squawks Tobias Rurio Toto
89 Towilla Storm Toriri Scratch Valravn
90 Uncle Waldo Suzaku Twilight Sgt Psyclopps Vasco
91 Valiant Sweety Tweety Valor Sgt Turley Vincent
92 Vovo Tiki Venus Sheldon Vrana
93 Wammes Waggel Tipi Vlad Vladikoff Steelbeak Waldron
94 Whistler Tucana Von Vultur Tavas Wingo
95 Whitey Tweety Walter Thomas Gobbles Wit
96 Whoopi Twitter Will Thunderbeak Wolfram
97 Woody Waddlesworth Wiz Tom Wormwood
98 Zac Wattoo Wattoo Woodsy Toy Chica Wrona
99 Zazu Woodstock Zan Wikkan Yatagarasu
00 Zippy Zee D. Zoe Wild Wing Yeil

Roll Fish 1 Fish 2 Sharks Cetaceans Pinnipeds
01 Admiral Ackbar Abracadabra Amphitrite Alfin Andre
02 Albert Aqua Anarchy Boris Aquamarine
03 Blinky Aquarius Anchor Cetus Arran
04 Chemosh Babel Arlong Corky Atlantis
05 Cleo Ben Fishin Big Slammu Daniel Aza
06 Clifford Bozo Bitey Dawn Banana Slug
07 Cuddles Charlie Bruce Delphinus Bernardo
08 Dagon Coral Carcharo Delta Bletch
09 Dory Cujo Card Dr Blowhole Chumley
10 Eclipse Diva Chum Ecco Clyde
11 Flotsam Einstein Dakuwaqa Flipper Dash
12 Flounder Fin flicker Daruma Freya Decamille
13 Freddi Fina Don Lino George ET
14 Gilligan Finley Dosun Gracie Flynn
15 Glow Finn Flap Grampus Gaston
16 Gnome Fintastic Gantu Gudrun Hercule Moustache
17 Godfather Flapjack Hody Jones Humphrey Hoover
18 Goldilocks Gabriele Hookjaw Kaijo Igor
19 James Pond Garfield Jab Kayavak Johnny Depth
20 Jasconius Gazer Jabberjaw Kayla Kotick
21 Jetsam Gil Jaws Keiko Lord Frederik
22 Klaus Heissler Hydra Jinbei Keto Maximus
23 Kosher Ishmael Kenny Kujiratori Midge
24 Leviathan Lucifer Kisame Laboon Milestone
25 Mack Marshmallow Lenny Lolita Mitik
26 Marlin Master Betta Little Lumpy Luna Mr Frosty
27 Mr Limpet Morose Lone Malia Nerazi
28 Mrs Puff Orange Slice Lucky Migaloo Pakak
29 Muhammad Ali Oscar Maccus Moana Popeye
30 Namazu Rocket Madame Shirley Moby Dick Robby
31 Nemo Sakana Madame X Mocha Dick Rosemary
32 Nunsa Sharkbait Megabite Moe B Dick Salty
33 Oscar Sinbad Misairuzame Monstro Sandy
34 Otto Sir Fishsticks Misterjaw Morgan Sea Vitch
35 Papa Smurf Splash Nanaue Mr Splashypants Seamore
36 PeeWee Splish Nekozame Namu Selkie
37 Phantom Sunny Ninja Old Tom Senior Lobo
38 Poseidon Swim Shady Phamben Orkid Sierra
39 Pudge Tac Ripster Pelorus Jack Sivuqaq
40 Pumpkin Tic Rokea Pinky Stefano
41 Ripjaw Turbo Rosie Shamu Sully
42 Roysten Vader Samebito Snorky Sulola
43 Speckles Velma Samehada Snowflake Tama-chan
44 Squirt Wings Sekolah Spooky Tundra
45 Sushi Yang Sharkuille O'Neil Tilikum Tuskarr
46 Triton Yin Sherman Timor Tom Wal Russ
47 Tropicana Zag Slashfin Willy Waldo
48 Undine Zandor Streex Yaka Wally
49 Wanda Zig Tiburon Yu-Kiang Walpole
50 Wasabi Zorba Zeo Zoom Wilfred

Roll Bats Elephants Octopi Tyrannosaurs
01 Bartok Abul-Abbas Billye Blackdeath
02 Batfink Babar Bwyadette Chomper
03 Batty Koda Berillia Dave Dark Varga
04 Blackwing Bo-Tat Fingers Deathrex
05 Camazotz Dumbo Henry Genghis Rex
06 Chernabog Ella Inkling Gon
07 Chichon Elmer Inky Gor-Gor
08 Chiro Fanny Kraken Grimlock
09 Chirox Funkfreed Lorthos Grumpy
10 Dingbat Ganesha Lusca Gwangi
11 Dracula Goliath Mirage Hauzer
12 Duskwing Hannibal Occy Johnny T. Rex
13 Fidget Hathi Octavius King Tyrannus
14 Foxglove Horton Odysseus One-Eye
15 Goth Jumbo Oodako Patches
16 Grimclaw Kala Nag Oswald Poharex
17 Marina Mama Kali Otto Ralph
18 Nightwing Packy Ozuma Red Claw
19 Nosferatu Pellefant Ozy Reptar
20 Pipistrello Raja Pandora Roy
21 Pog Snorky Paul Satanus
22 Pteropus Canor Stampy Spocktopus Sharptooth
23 Quickfang Suleiman Squiddicus T-Bone
24 Rosita Tantor Squiddly Diddly Tyrannor
25 Rouge Thunder Squidward Tentacles Tyrannosaurus Mex
26 Roy Batty Tubul Surume Tyrannosaurus Tex
27 Shade Uncle Tako Tyrannosaurus X
28 Vesper Zebedeus Ten-Tickles Tyrant
29 Vlad Zenobia Tentakill Tyrone
30 Zubat Zulma Ursula Wexter