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Gang Details Generator

I don't know how I got this idea stuck in my head. I do know that I wasn't all that happy with many of the (admittedly, mostly fantasy-based) bandit gang or detail generators out there. I think this expanded into something a bit larger than I originally wanted, but I still hope it is useful.
Use this to help generate details about the various Bandits, Brigands, Buccaneers, Corsairs, Freebooters, Gangs, Gangsters, Hijackers, Marauders, Mercenaries, Mobsters, Outlaws, Picaroons, Pillagers, Pirates, Privateers, Raiders, Reavers, Robbers, and Rovers that roam the post apocalyptic wasteland.

I recommend rolling 1d4 times on each table to generate gang details.
Roll Armor/Clothing Weapons Gang Traits Gang Leader
01 American Flag Themed Outfits .38 Revolvers & Riot Shotguns Addicted to pain killers Advanced Metal or LazAb Armor
02 Animal Furs & Horned Helmets AK-47s & RPGs Adorfned with horns, claws, fangs, and/or talons Allergic to a specific substance
03 Animal Mascot Suits Anchors & Slungshots Adorned with beads and/or ribbons Ant Horror as mount
04 Barbarian Hero Harnesses Baseball Bats & Baseballs Adorned with bones Bad Luck (-2 on all saves)
05 Baseball Jerseys & Batting Helmets Battle Axes & Maces Adorned with bullets and/or shell casings Broken Nose
06 Beast Scute Armor Bayonets & Pugil Sticks Adorned with chains & necklaces Centaur Cyborg: Legs replaced with robotic horse body (move as warhorse)
07 Bed Sheets with the eyes cut out and Mummy Bandages. Beast Tooth Clubs & Knife-Spears Adorned with feathers Chamelon Armor6
08 Black Robes & Executioner Hoods Beehives & Ant Farms Adorned with shells Charger as mount
09 Bomber Jackets, Pilot Scarves, & Flying Goggles Belaying Pins & Marlinspikes Adorned with skulls Collector of Rare Items
10 Bones & Skulls Big Scary Knives5 & Throwing Axes Adorned with talismans, fetishes, and/or amulets Cyborg Assassin: Light Natural Armor, Retractable Vibro Blade or Vibro Claws
11 Boy/Girl Scout Uniform Billy Clubs & Tear Gas Launchers Amateurs (-1 to initiative) Cyborg Enforcer: Heavy Natural Armor, one Vision Mutation, Increased Strength Mutation
12 Bug Shell Armor & Bug Helmet BlunderBuses & Pirate Cannons Ambush from Spider Holes Disguised as Opposite Sex
13 Business Suits & Yellow Ties Bo Staffs & Sai American Tribal-style Tattoos Drives a Battletruck, Landmaster, or Ark II
14 Butler Suits & French Maid Outfits Boat Hooks & Filleting Knives Baked on berserking/rage drugs Drives a Mega Monster Truck
15 Camouflage Fatigues & Combat Helmets Boomerangs & Blowguns Cannibals Easily Bribed with Sweet Food
16 Chainmail Bikinis & Loincloths Bowling Pins & Bowling Balls Children (half normal hit points) Easy to mispronounce, mishear, or misinterprete name
17 Chaps, Cowboy Hat, & Cowboy Attire Bows & Crossbows Criminal Tattoos EMA7
18 Chef Uniforms Brass Knuckles & Black Jacks Disciplined (+1 to morale) EMP Rifle
19 Chinese Communist Uniforms Brush Cutters & Hay Hooks Distinctive Hair (see table below) Energy Draining Armor6
20 Circus Performer Outfits1 Butcher Knives & BBQ Forks Doped on zombifier drugs Extremely Paranoid
21 College Sweaters & Freshman Beanies Cartoon-style Bombs & Petards Drafted 2d6 War Drummers Force Screen Belt
22 Color Plate Chainsaws & Logging Axes Ear Collectors Force Shield (+2 AC)6
23 Disco Outfits & Lounge Suits Chainswords & Rippers Ear Stretching Piercings Four-Armed Cyborg: Has an exta set of arms (+1 attack)
24 Diving Suits & Brass Diving Helmets Circular Saws & Power Drills Employ an Animal Trainer Gauss Weapon8
25 Doctor & Nurse Outfits Crowbars & Tire Irons Enjoy drugs for sexual pleasure Giant “X” scar on face
26 Elvis Costumes Cutlasses & Flintlock Pistols Enlisted a Cyber-Surgeon Harem Collector
27 Fencing Attire & Mesh Masks Daggers & Chainlocks Enslaved an Armorer Has a Chemical Addiction
28 Firefighter's Bunker Gear & Fire Helmets Dancing & Singing Experienced (+1 to saves) Has a feud with a Rival Gang Leader
29 Football Uniforms, Helmets, & Pads Desert Eagles & Magnum Revolvers Exploit a Healer or Medical Robot Has a lover prone to getting kidnapped
30 Frogman Scuba Gear, Wetsuits, Flippers, & Diving Masks Dynamite Sticks & Lever Action Rifles Finger Collectors Has a parasitic infestation
31 Gladiator Armors Energy Batons & Shock Gloves Flying on speed boosting drugs Has a sizeable bounty (1d100x100)
32 Hard Hats, Safety Vests, & Goggles Fire Axes & Halligan Tools Gang Tattoos Heavily burned skin
33 Hazmat Suits Fire Extinguishers & Fire Hoses Hardened (+5 hit points) Insatiable Cannibal
34 Heavy Metal Fashion & Corpse Paint Flare Guns & Flame Throwers Have 1d10 Death Birds Is a Brain Lasher
35 Hockey Uniforms & Pads Flash Bangs & Fireworks Have 1d10 Stink Beetles Is a Cyborg Commando
36 Inquisitor Outfits: Capirotes & Robes in white, red, black, green, yellow, or purple Freeze Rays & Cryo Grenades Have 1d4 Hideous Boars Is a Flame Salamander
37 Japanese Schoolgirl Sailor Uniforms Fruitcakes & Throwing Pies Have 1d4 Quill Cats Is a Goliath
38 Jeans & T-Shirts Frying Pans & Rolling Pins Have 1d4 Spider Goats Is a Homo Erectus Lord
39 Jester & Harlequin Outfits Gauss Pistols & Rifles Have 2d4 Giant Ants Is a Humanoid Mass
40 Jumpsuits & Sports Pads Golf Clubs & Cricket Bats Have 2d6 Chicken Wolves Is a Man Beast
41 Karate Gis & Kung Fu Outfits H&K G36s & FN P-90s Have 2d6 Vomit Flies Is a Medusoid
42 Keebler Elf & Garden Gnome Costumes H&K MP-5s & Glock Pistols Have 3d4 Leech Rabbits Is a Pumpkin Man
43 Keffiyeh & Thobe Hand Crossbows & Spring Guns Have 3d6 Attack Dogs (stats as Ordinary Wolf)/Rot Dogs Is a Synthetic disgused as a mutant
44 Kendo Armor Hockey Sticks & Pucks Have a contract for a Torturer Is a Vile Slasher
45 Kilts & Woad Hoes & Rakes Have access to a Robot Expert Kaiju Beast as mount
46 Knight Armor & Surcoats Hooks Swords & Flying Hammers Have access to combat drugs Killborg: One arm replacd with Mini-gun
47 Lacrosse Uniforms & Pads Hunting Rifles & Shotguns Head Hunters Laser Sword or Beam Saber11
48 Leather & Sports Pads Ice Axes & Grappling Hooks Head Spike Piercings Laser Weapon9
49 Leathers & Chains Junk Catapults & Scrap Ballista High on happy time drugs Losing one beneficial mutation
50 Leathers & Spikes Knives &Motorcycle chains Hired a Mechanic Maser Weapon8
51 Letterman Jackets & Baseball Caps Kukris & Butterfly Knives Hit & Run attackers Mass Murderer or Serial Killer
52 Mafia Suits & Fedoras Kusari-gama & Chain Whips Inexperienced (-1 to saves) Megalomaniac Conquerer
53 Marching Band Uniforms Laser Pistols & Rifles Limb Spike Piercings Metal plate covers half of head
54 Matador Costumes Lead Pipes & Nail Boards Maori-style Tattoos Minor Cyborg: Metal Jaw & One Hand is Cybernetic (as Power Fist)
55 Mexican Bandito look; Sombrero, Poncho, Bullet bandoliers M-16s & .45 Pistols Mark territory with bodies hanging from chains, gallows, and/or cages Missing a hand, replaced by hook
56 Military Dress Uniforms Machetes & Bolas Mark territory with crucified bodies Missing a leg
57 Motorcycle Leathers & Motorcycle Helmets Maglights & Chainlocks Mark territory with impaled bodies on poles Missing or damaged teeth, likes to smile a lot
58 Catgirls & Playboy Bunny Girls Mallets & Morning Stars Mark territory with piles of skulls/heads Monster Cyborg: Appears as fierce monster, same attacks and damage. Random Roll
59 Musketeer Outfits Meat Cleavers & Meat Hooks Mark territory with severed heads on poles Night Goat as mount
60 Nazi Uniforms, Gas Masks, & Stahlhelms Molotov Cocktails & Pipe Bombs Military Tattoos Pet Chitterling
61 Ninja Costumes & Chainmail Monk Spades & Tiger Tridents Neck or Lip Stretching Pet Gamma Sloth
62 Ocktoberfest Lederhosen MP-40s & Lugers Only attack at night Pet Insectoid Eye
63 Parachute Pants & Jean Jackets Nail Guns & Sledgehammers Only attack from behind their victims Pet Kamata
64 Park Ranger Uniforms Nunchaku & Tonfa Paint themselves as Clowns and/or Mimes Pilots a Combat Mech
65 Pimp Suits2 Plasma Pistols & Rifles Paint themselves as Crow-style reventants Pilots a Construction Mech
66 Pirate Outfits3 Pool Cues & Beer Bottles Paint themselves as Harlequins and/or Zannis Pilots a Crab Tank
67 Plastic Tarps made into Coats & Capes Pruning Shears & Lawn Mower Blades Paint themselves as War Boys Pilots a Giant Humanoid Robot
68 Police Uniforms Pub Darts & Tranquilizer Guns Paint themselves in Ganguro style Pilots a Mining Mech
69 Postman Uniforms Radiation Guns & EMP Bombs Paint themselves like Juggalos Pilots a Robot Tank
70 Priest & Nun Outfits Rapiers & Main Gauches Paint themselves like KISS members Pilots a Spider Tank
71 Racecar Driver Outfit & Helmet Roman Swords & Pilum Paint themselves with Blackface Plasma Weapon8
72 Rapper Clothing & Bling Rubber Chickens & Hand Buzzers Paint themselves with Corpse Paint Porcine Devourer as mount
73 RCMP Uniforms Saiga Shotguns & PP-2000s Paint themselves with War Woad Power Fist
74 Riot Armor & Riot Shields Samurai Swords Pierced Ears Powered Exoskeleton6
75 Robot Plates & Robot Head Helmets Saw Blades & Clay Pigeon Traps Pierced Lips & Tongues Radiation or Fusion Rifle
76 Roller Derby Costumes Scythes & Sacrificial Knives Pierced Navels & Eyebrows Reflec Armor6
77 Roman Armor & Shields Shivs & Shanks Pierced Nipples & Genitals Ritually Sacrifices Victims
78 Russian Fur Look & Ushankas Shovels & Pick Axes Pierced Noses Ritually scarred
79 S&M Bondage Outfits Shuriken & Kunai Polynesian-style Tattoos Robobrain: Human brain in robot body
80 Safari Outfits & Pith Helmets Sickles & Hammers Prison Tattoos Roll for Random Drawback Mutation10
81 Sailor Uniforms & Life Vests Slingshots & Clubs Run with a Spy Runs around naked
82 Samurai Armor & Kabuto Spear Guns & Harpoons Russian Mafia-style Tattoos Scar across one eye, eye missing
83 Scrap Plate Armor, Soup Pot Helmets, & Road Sign Shields Staves that split into Three-Piece-Rods Set Traps for victims Self-Styled “Baron/Baroness”
84 Prison Uniforms, Orange or Black & White Striped Sticks & Stones Skilled (+1 to damage) Self-Styled “Count/Countess”
85 Shriner Vests & Fezzes Street Sign Pole Spears & Cinderblock Hammers Slave Tattoos Self-Styled “Duke/Duchess”
86 Silver Jumpsuits & Bubble Helmets Stun Batons & Neural Whips Sneak attack utilizing Stealth Gear Self-Styled “Emperor/Emperess”
87 Spacesuits Swords & Lances Snipe at victims Self-Styled “General”
88 State Trooper Uniforms T-Squares & Yard Sticks Steroid Abuse/Strength Boosters Self-Styled “King/Queen”
89 Superhero/Supervillain Costumes Tazers & Stun Guns Teeth Collectors Self-Styled “Master/Mistress”
90 Tire Armor Tec-9s & Mac-10s Teeth Filed into Points Self-Styled “Overlord”
91 Trenchcoats & Dusters Thuribles & Croziers Tripping on mental mutation boosting drugs Self-Styled “Sheriff”
92 Trashy Army Surplus Attire4 Tomahawks & Entrenching Tools Tyros (-1 to damage) Self-Styled “Warlord”
93 Trenchcoats & Sunglasses Tommy Guns & Sawn Off Shotguns Undisciplined (-1 to morale) Stun Weapon8
94 White Overalls, Black Bowler Hats, Codpieces, & Combat Boots Torches & Pitchforks Use Camouflage and/or Ghillie Suits to ambush victims Thinks self a Vampire
95 Wingsuits Umbrellas & Parasols Use hallucinogenic drugs Trauma Harness6
96 Witch Doctor Costumes & Masks Uzis & Mini-Uzis Use jamming equipment to hide from victims Vibro Axe or Grav Hammer12
97 Wizard & Witch Robes & Hats Vibro-Swords & Warp-Field Maces Use mental mutation illusions to trick victims Wasteland Survival Armor6
98 Wrestling Tights & Luchador Masks Walking Sticks & Switchblades Veterans (+1 attack) Winged Cyborg: Light Natural Armor, Complete Wing Development
99 Yellow Rain Slickers & Sou'westers Whips & Nets With a Blacksmith or Weaponsmith Xeno Battle Cattle mount
00 Zoot Suits Zip Guns & Potato Guns Yakuza-style Tattoos Zunicorn as mount

Note 1: Clowns, Ringmasters, Circus Acrobats, Lion Tamers, Daredevils (human cannonballs, sword swallowers, fire-eaters/breathers, etc), Strongmen/women, Stage Magicians, Dancing Girls
Note 2: Large brimmed hats decorated with feathers, excessively large sunglasses, tall platform shoes, lots of bling, a brightly colored suit often trimmed in fur or zebra/leopard patterned.
Note 3: Tricorne Hats, Bicorne Hats, Bandanas, Breeches, Simple Shirts (generally striped), Buckles, Bandoliers, Sashses, Vests, Naval Jackets, Buccaneer Boots, Thigh High Boots; may have eye patches, peg legs, and/or hook hands. Keep an eye out for skull and/or crossbone decorations.
Note 4: US ARMY WWII uniforms, Hunter camouflage, “Urban” Camouflage, Tacti-cool vests/webbing,
Note 5: Big Scary Knives: Rambo-style Survival Knives, Knives with spiked knuckle dusters, sacrificial knives, etc.
Note 6: See D is for Defense, Part 4.
Note 7: Roll 1d4: 1 – Scout EMA, 2 – Light EMA, 3 – Medium EMA, 4 – Heavy EMA.
Note 8: 50% chance of either a pistol or a rifle.
Note 9: Roll 1d4: 1 – Blaster Rifle, 2 – Laser Pistol Mk 1, 3 – Laser Pistol Mk 2, 4 – Laser Rifle.
Note 10: Random Drawback Table:
Roll Drawback Roll Drawback
01 Atrophied Cerebellum 13 Phantasmal Damage
02 Bizarre Appearance 14 Phobia
03 Dual Cerebellum (Defective) 15 Pituitary Deformation
04 Epidermal Susceptibility 16 Poison Susceptibility
05 Fraility 17 Prey Scent
06 Hemophilia 18 Reduced Immune System
07 Increased Caloric Needs 19 Reduced Oxygen Efficiency
08 Mind Reflection (Defective) 20 Sensory Deficiency
09 Negative Empathy 21 Simian Deformity
10 Obese 22 Slow Mutant
11 Pain Insensitivity 23 Vision Impairment
12 Pain Sensitivity 24 Weak Will

Note 11: Laser Sword or Beam Saber: 6d6 damage, 1 lb weight, Minifusion Cell (30 minutes run time).
Note 12: Vibro-Axe 1d10+20 damage, 10 lbs weight, Minifusion Cell (30 minutes run time), Grav Hammer: 10d6 damage, 30 pounds weight, Minifusion Cell (20 minutes run time).

Roll Head Hair Facial Hair Color
01 Afros Anchor Beards Aqua
02 Cornrows Braided Beards Blue
03 Crew Cuts Copstashes Brick Red
04 Devilocks Dali Moustaches Cherry Red
05 Dreadlocks Frank Zappas Crimson
06 Fauxhawks Fu Manchus Forest Green
07 Flattops Garibaldi Beards Gold
08 Hi-to Fades Goat Patches Jet Black
09 High & Tights Goatees Lavender
10 Jheri Curls Handlebar Moustaches Lilac
11 Liberty Spikes Hitler Moustaches Lime Green
12 Mohawks Horseshoe Moustaches Magenta
13 Mullets Lincoln Beards Orange
14 Pompadours Mario Moustaches Pink
15 Ponyhawks Mutton Chops Powder Blue
16 Ponytails Porn Staches Purple
17 Psychobilly Wedges Sideburns Scarlet
18 Rattails Spade Beards Silver
19 Rizentos Van Dykes Steel
20 Scalplocks Verdi Beards Teal
21 Shaved/Bald Viking Beards Violet
22 Spiked Walrus Moustaches White
23 Surfer Hair Wario Moustaches Yellow
24 Topknots ZZ Top Beards Rainbow, roll 1d4+2 times

These random tables are for determining the modes of transporation for Raiders, Marauders, Pirates, and Traders. Raiders roll on the Land Vehicle Table, Marauders roll on the Military Vehicle Table, and Pirates roll on the Watercraft Table. Traders roll on the Land, Watercraft, or Aircraft Tables, depending on the type of Trader (usually only Air Vehicle Traders will roll on the Aircraft Table).

VEHICLE MIX (I riffed off of Konsumterra’s Wasteland Gangs Tables for this.)
Roll Vehicle Mix
1-4 100% all the same, roll once on the appropriate table.
5-8 80% are one type of transporation, while the other 20% are considered support or auxiliary vehicles, roll twice.
9-11 75% are one type of transporation, while the other 25% are considered support or auxiliary vehicles, roll twice.
12-14 60% are one type of transporation, while the other 40% are considered support or auxiliary vehicles, roll twice.
15 50% are the primary mode of transporation, 25% represent support vehicles, and 25% are auxiliary vehicles, roll three times.
16 40% are the primary mode of transporation, 30% represent support vehicles, and 30% are auxiliary vehicles, roll three times.
17 30% are the primary vehicles, 30% are secondary vehicles, 30% are auxilliary vehicles, and 10% are support vehicles, roll four times.
18 25% are the primary vehicles, 25% are secondary vehicles, 25% are auxilliary vehicles, and 25% are support vehicles, roll four times.
19 20% are the primary vehicles, 20% are secondary vehicles, 20% are tertiary vehicles, 20% are auxilliary vehicles, and 20% are support vehicles, roll five times.
20 20% are the primary vehicles, 20% are secondary vehicles, 20% are auxilliary vehicles, 20% are support vehicles, and 20% are another type of vehicle (for example, if the primary mode of transporation is Land, then roll on the Military, Watercraft, or Aircraft table for this division of vehicles), roll five times.

Roll Land Military (land) Watercraft Aircraft
01 Ambulances & Rescue Squad Trucks Aerosani Airboat Adamski Flying Saucer
02 Armored Bears Amphibious Armored Personnel Carrier Barque Air Car
03 Armored Cash Transport Trucks & Security Vans Amphibious Tank Bass Boat Amphibious Helicopter
04 Armored VIP Limos & SUVs Anti-Aircraft Tank Bathtub Boat Antigravity Barge
05 Baby Carriages & Shopping Carts Armored Bulldozer Bireme/Trireme Antigravity Disc
06 Backhoe Loaders & Bulldozers Armored Car Brig Antigravity Sled
07 Bicycle Rickshaws & Hansom Cabs Armored Command Vehicle Brigantine Assault Helicopter Gunship
08 Bicycles & Quadracycles Armored Engineering Vehicle Bulk Carrier Autogyro
09 Big Rigs/Semis/18-Wheelers Armored Fighting Vehicle Cabin Cruiser Bat-winged Zebras
10 Box Trucks Armored Flamethrower Caique Bell UFO
11 Brachiation Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle Canoe Biplane
12 Car Trailer Wagons/Carts Armored Minelayer Carrack Blimp
13 Chariots Armored Modular Vehicle Carvel or Cog Bush Plane
14 Chopper & Roaster Motorcycles Armored Patrol Vehicle Catamaran/Trimaran C-130 Turboprop Transport
15 Classic VW Bugs & Buses Armored Personnel Carrier Cigarette/Gofast Boat Cargo Tilt Rotor
16 Cruising Motorcycles Armored Recovery Vehicle Coast Guard Cutter Cessna
17 Dire Wolves & Sabre-Toothed Cats Armored Vehicle-Launched Bridge Container Ship Cloud Castle
18 Dirt Bikes Assault Amphibious Vehicle Coracle Conical Hat Flying Saucer
19 Dog Sleds Assault Breacher Vehicle Corvette Corporate Jet (Gulfstream)
20 Double Decker Buses Assault Gun Cruise Ferry Corporate Tilt Rotor
21 Dump Trucks & Concrete Mixers Attack Motorcycle Cruise Ship Crop Duster
22 Dune Buggies & Sand Rails Beam Tank Cruise Submersible Dirigible
23 Farm Tractors & Harvesters Calliope AA System Cruiser Domed Flying Saucer
24 Forklifts & Cranes Combat Engineer Vehicle Cruising Yacht Dragon-class Ornithopter
25 Front Loaders & Steam Rollers Combat Reconnaissance Patrol Vehicle Deep Sea Submersible Dropship
26 Garbage Trucks & Street Sweepers Command Car Destroyer Feathered Serpents
27 Giant Ants Crab Tank (Robotic) Dhow Firefighting Helicopter
28 Giant Beetles Cruiser Tank Diesel-Electric Attack Sub Flat-topped Straw Hat Flying Saucer
29 Giant Crabs Demolition Tank Dock Landing Ship Floatplane
30 Giant Jackalopes Desert Patrol Vehicle Dory Flying Boat
31 Giant Scorpions Drone Control Car Dromon Flying Cocoon
32 Giant Spiders Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle Exploration Submersible Flying Elephants
33 Go-Karts Fast Attack Vehicle Felucca Flying Fortress
34 Golf Carts Fast Reconnaissance Vehicle Fish Processing Vessel Flying Gas Bladder Plant
35 Gymnastics & Acrobatics Flak Trak Fishing Boat Flying Island
36 Hearses & Limousines Flame Tank Fishing Junk Flying Tank Helicopter Gunship
37 Hovercraft & Hovercars Gatling Tank Fishing Trawler Flying Triangle
38 Hovercycles & Rocket Bikes Ground Effect Tank Float Tube Four Propellor Heavy Bomber
39 Ice Cream Vans & Food Trucks Gun Jeep Frigate Gamma Wyverns
40 Jeepneys & Songthaews Gun Truck (Technical) Galleon Gas Balloon Skyship
41 Jeeps & Vans Half-Track Galley Giant Bats
42 Land Sharks Heavy Recovery Vehicle Gondola Giant Bees & Wasps
43 Land Whales Heavy Tank Gunboat Giant Dragonflies
44 Landmasters & Ark IIs High Mobility Artillery Rocket System Houseboat Giant Pigeons
45 Lowriders & Rice Burners Hovertank Hydrocycle Giant Space Cigar Mothership
46 Marching Formation Humvee or Gaz Tigr Hydrofoil Griffon-class Ornithopter
47 Minivans & Family Cars Infantry Combat Vehicle Hydroplane Gyrocopter
48 Monkey Bikes & Mini-Bikes Infantry Fighting Vehicle Ice Breaker Gyrodyne
49 Monster Trucks Infantry Mobility Vehicle Inflatable Life Raft Hang Glider
50 Mopeds & Scooters Infantry Tank Jetski/Jet Boat Heavy Lift Tilt Wing
51 Motorized Trikes & Three-Wheeled Bubble Cars Internal Security Vehicle Jonboat Hippogriff-class Ornithopter
52 Muscle Cars & Hot Rods Jeep Kayak Hot Air Balloon
53 News Vans & Satellite Trucks Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Knarr Jetcopter
54 Parade Floats Landing Vehicle Tracked Landing Craft Air Cushion Jetpack
55 Parkour/Free Running Laser Tank Landing Craft Utility Jumbo Jet
56 Pickup Bed Wagons Light Anti-Aircraft Vehicle Large Patrol Vessel Kite
57 Pogo Sticks & Unicycles Light Anti-Armor Vehicle LASH Carrier Lenticular-shaped Flying Saucer
58 Police Motorcycles & K-9 Transports Light Armored Vehicle Longship/Drekkar Light Utility Helicopter
59 Police Patrol Cars & Rhino SUVs Light Artillery Rocket System Luxury Yacht Manticore-class Ornithopter
60 Prisoner Transport Buses & Paddy Wagons Light Gun Car Man of War Motor Glider
61 Racing Motorcycles & Sports Bikes Light Multirole Vehicle Mega Yacht Nightmare-class Ornithopter
62 Rat Rods & Dragsters Light Strike Vehicle Merchant Submersible Observation Helicopter
63 Riding Ankylosaurians Light Tank Midget Submarine P-38 Twin Boomed Fighter
64 Riding Birds Long Range Patrol Vehicle Minelayer Parade Baloon w/Gondola
65 Riding Cats Main Battle Tank Minesweeper Pegasus-class Ornithopter
66 Riding Ceratopsians Marine Multi-Purpose Vehicle Mini-Submarine Phoenix-class Ornithopter
67 Riding Dogs Medical Armored Personnel Carrier Missile Boat Powered Parachute
68 Riding Grasshoppers Medium Tank Motor Launch Powered Paraglider
69 Riding Lizards Mine Protected All Terrain Vehicle Narco-Submarine Pterosaurs
70 Riding Sauropods Mine Protected Vehicle Ocean Liner Quadcopter
71 Riding Velociraptors Mobiel Repair Vehicle Ocean Research Vessel Ramjet
72 Riot Control Vehicles & SWAT Trucks Mobile Artillery Oil Tanker Roc-class Ornithopter
73 Robot Camels & Llamas Mobile Surface-to-Air Missile Launcher Pirogue Rocket Belt or Rocket Boots
74 Robot Elephants & Mammoths Mortar Carrier Police Boat Rocketship
75 Robot Horses & Unicorns Mortar Cycle Punt Rotorkite
76 Robot Rhinos Multiple Gun Motor Carriage Purse Seiner Sailplane
77 Robotic Reindeer & Elk Multiple Rocket Launcher Reefer Ship Saturn-shaped Flying Saucer
78 Rollerblades/Skates Protected Patrol Vehicle Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat Scramjet
79 RVs & Motor Homes Psychotronic Autonomous Tank (Robotic) River Monitor Search & Rescue Tilt Rotor
80 Sand Sailors & Dune Ships Radar Jammer Truck River Patrol Boat Sky Rays
81 School Buses Radar Truck Riverboat/Paddlesteamer Skycrane Helicopter
82 Sedans & Pickups Recon Motorcycle Rowboat Space Shuttle
83 Shank's Mare Reconnaisance Vehicle Runabout Sphinx-class Ornithopter
84 Short Buses & Dollar Vans Scout Car Sailboat/Cutter Stealth Fighter
85 Skateboards & Kickscooters Self-Propelled AA Gun Salvage Ship Strategic Bomber
86 Sleighs & Sleds Self-Propelled Air Defense System Sampan Strike Fighter Jet
87 Snow Skies & Snowboards Self-Propelled Howitzer Sloop Supersonic Recon Jet (SR-71)
88 Snowmobiles & Snowcats Self-Propelled Mortar Speed Boat Supesonic Transport
89 Sports & Race Cars Siege Tank Submarine Cargo Vessel Swing Wing Fighter-Bomber
90 Stage Coaches & Conestoga Wagons Spider Tank (Robotic) Submersible Yacht Tilt Rotor Gunship
91 Stilts Staff Car Surfboard or Windsurfer Tilt Wing Bomber
92 SUVs & Hummers Stealth Tank Swan or Duck Paddle Boat Tiltjet Fighter
93 Swamp Buggies & Rock Crawlers Surface to Surface Missile Launcher Torpedo Boat/PT Boat Tiltwing Interceptor
94 Taxicabs & Pizza Delivery Pickups Tank Destroyer Tramp Freighter Transport Helicopter
95 Three- & Four-Wheelers Tank Transporter Tugboat Triplane
96 Tornado Intercept Trucks and Stormchaser Vehicles Tankette Vehicle Ferry Troop Transport Tiltjet
97 Touring Motorcycles & Sidecars Tesla Tank War Junk Twin Turbojet Attack Aircraft (A-10)
98 Tow Trucks & Fire Engines Troop Transport Water Taxi Ultralight
99 Velomobiles Vulcan Air Defense System Wetbike Wyvern-class Ornithopter
00 Wheelchairs & Mobility Scooters Walker Tank Xebec Zeppelin

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