Saturday, July 30, 2016

Gas Station Forts

Castles are an odd beast in post apocalyptic settings, mostly consisting of fortified towns or villages, or pre-apocalypse hypercity-fortresses, with the occasional military/milita base or bunker. Fallout New Vegas’s Honest Hearts DLC gave me the wonderful idea of petty warlord controlling Gas Station Forts. Any road warrior knows that they’re gonna need fuel, and enterprising types will take advantage of that to rule through the scarcity of fuel resources. I pretty much hand wave the degredation of gasoline through a combination of advanced fuel additives, and Fuel Merchants that operate as the middle men between still working refineries and fuel stations. There are about 150,000 gas stations in the US, half of those offer diesel fuel. While the majority of these are no doubt corner gas stations, there are still plenty of other places that have been taken over and (mostly) fortified, creating a D&D-like castle effect. I believe that this concludes my Raiders and Marauders project.
There are four main types of Gas Station Forts, in order of size: Filling Stations, Rest Areas, Truck Stops, & Tourist Traps. (I may add a fifth type, Fuel Storage Yards/Fuel Depots.) Filling Stations are the common corner gas station (often with a mini-mart or convenience store, and maybe a couple of other ammenities) and rural highway gas stops. Rest Areas don’t commonly have fuel pumps, but the possibility is there. Truck Stops are larger versions of the corner gas station, and often have several ammenities. Tourist Traps are the largest and busiest roadside fueling areas, and include the largest truck stops as well as purpose built tourist diversions. Some of these locations have a roadside attraction or design theme to help attract visitors.
To determine the size and make-up of a Gas Station Fort, Roll 1d4 on the following table and consult the listed results:

Gas Station Fort Size
Roll Size Features
1 Filling Station Roll 2d12 for parking spaces, has a 50% chance of accommodating a semi/big rig. Has 2d8 fuel pumping stations. Has a 50% chance of either a convenience store or a fast food restaurant. 25% chance of Roadside Attraction. Roll once on the GSF Defenses Earthworks, Walls, Towers (1d4+2 present), and Other Defenses Tables and roll 1d2 times on the GSF Defenses Weapons Table (1d4 weapon emplacements present). There are 1d6x10 Mininons present, and 1d4x10 Servants or Slaves.
2 Rest Area Roll 1d4x10 for parking spaces, roll 1d4 for semis/big rig spaces. Has 1d4 fuel pumping stations. Roll 1d4 times on the Rest Area Features Table. 10% chance of a Roadside Attraction. Roll once on the GSF Defenses Earthworks, Walls, and Towers (1d6+2 present) Tables and roll 1d2 times on the GSF Defenses Weapons (1d6 weapon emplacements present) and Other Defenses Tables. There are 2d6x10 Minions present and 2d4x10 Servants or Slaves.
3 Truck Stop Roll 1d10x10 for parking spaces, roll 5d4x10 for semi/big rig spaes. Has 2d10 fuel pumping stations. There is one restaurant; 50% are Fast Food and the other 50% are Other Restaurant. Roll 1d4 times on the Shops Table and 1d4 times on the Vehicle Ammentities Table. Roll once on the GSF Defenses Earthworks and Walls and roll 1d4 times on the GSF Defenses Weapons (2d6 weapon emplacements present) and Other Defenses Tables. Roll 1d2 time on the GSF Defenses Towers Table (2d6 towers present). 20% chance of a Roadside Attraction. There are 3d6x10 Minions present and 3d4x10 Servants or Slaves.
4 Tourist Attraction Roll 1d4x100 for parking spaces, roll 1d10x100 for semi/big rig spaces. Has 1d4+2x10 fuel pumping stations. Roll 2d4 times on the Shops Table. There is a 50% chance that there is a food court with 1d4+2 Fast Food restaurants. Roll 1d4 for other restaurants: 1 – Roll on Other Restaurant Table, 2 – Roll on Ethnic Restaurant Table, 3 – Roll 1d4 times on Other Restaurant Table, 4 – Roll 1d4 times on all three restaurant tables. Roll 2d4 times on the Vehicle Ammenities Table and 1d6 times on the Misc Featues Tables. 40% chance of a Roadside Attraction. Roll once on the GSF Defenses Earthworks and Walls and roll 1d4+2 times on the GSF Defenses Weapons (5d4 weapon emplacements present) and Other Defenses Tables. Roll 1d4 time on the GSF Defenses Towers Table (2d10 towers present). There are 5d6x10 Minions present and 5d4x10 Servants or Slaves.

Note: All Gas Station Forts roll on the Food, Fuel, Water, and Lodging Tables. Roll 1d6 (may change to 1d8) and 1d4 to determine Gas Station Fort Inhabitants.

Shops & Restaurant Tables
Roll Shops Fast Food Ethnic Restaurant Other Restaurant
01 Motorcycle Shop Chinese Take-Out Russian Pancake/Waffle House
02 Truck Accessory Store Pizza Parlor Japaese Lunch Counter
03 T-Shirt Store Ice Cream Parlor Greek Family Restaurant
04 A/V Entertainment Shop Donut Shop Italian Cafeteria
05 Trading Post Chicken Chinese Barbecue/Grill
06 Convenience Store Burger Joint Steakhouse Diner
07 Gift Shop Tex-Mex Mexican Greasy Spoon
08 Auto Parts Store Deli French Cantina
09 Drug Store Hot Dog Stand Indian All You Can Eat Buffet
10 Vehicle Appliance Shop Juice Bar Mongolion Fast Casual Restaurant
11 Barber Shop Coffee House Thai Casual Diing
12 Book Store Fish & Chips Korean Full Service Restaurant

Services & Other Features
Roll Vehicle Ammenities Rest Area Features Misc Features 1 Misc Features 2
01 DOT Office Drinking Fountain Arcade Library
02 Laundromat Scenic View Bar Lounge
03 Maintenance Garage Gazebo Batting Cage Massage Lounge
04 Mechanic Garage Highway Patrol Station Bowling Alley Medical Clinic
05 Restrooms Large Picnic Area Brothel Mini-Carnival
06 RV Hookups Medium Picinic Area Casino Mini-golf Course
07 Service Center Restaurant/Convenience Store Dental Clinic Outdoor Pool
08 Showers Restrooms Driving Range Paintball Center
09 Specialist Repair Shop Small Picnic Area Gym Sauna/Steam Room
10 Tire Center Telephone Center Indoor Pool Shooting Range
11 Truck Scales Vending Machines Jacuzzi/Hot Tub Theater
12 Vehicle Wash Visitor Center Laser Tag Arena Wedding Chapel

Food, Fuel, Water, & Lodging
Roll Food Source Fuel Source Water Source Lodging
01 None, cannibals None, advertise fuel as trap None, reduce creatures & plants to water in water extraction machine Bed & Breakfast
02 None, raid for food Raiding None, raid for water Cabins
03 None, trade for food Trading with Fuel Traders None, trade for water Capsule Hotel
04 Foraging, Hunting, and/or Fishing Primitive still to create alcohol Limited supply in water storage tank or wastewater treatment Flophouse
05 Primitive farming & ranching Vegetable oil processing Marshland or contaminated water source Hotel
06 Decent store of rations/preserved foods Large fuel storage tanks Shallow well and/or rain collection Huts
07 Farms & Ranches grow just enough for fort Advanced alcohol still Cow pond or stream Inn
08 Soylent processor or goo tube dispensers Methane gas production Deep drilled well or ice caves Junk Shacks
09 Farms & Ranches grow slight surplus of food Vast fuel storage tanks Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit or Aquifer Spring Love Hotel
10 Farms & Ranches grow abundant surplus of food Advanced bio-fuel processor Large pond or irrigation canal Motel
11 Hydroponic Gardens CNG or propane production Minor lake or river Scrap Lean-tos
12 Food Processing Robots Oil Well & Refinery on site Major lake or river Tents & Tarps

Road Side Attractions
Roll 1d4 to determine type: 1 – World’s Largest Object, 2 – Novelty Architecture, 3 – Statue, 4 – Mutant Lord’s choice
Roll World’s Largest Object Novelty Architecture Statue
01 8 Ball Big Chicken restaurant Abraham Lincoln
02 Anchor Big Duck House AFLAC Duck
03 Apple Basket Blue Whale (of Catoosa) AOL Running Man
04 Axe Bowling Pin House Aunt Jemima
05 Ball of Twine Can of Beer water tower Betty Crocker
06 Barbell Castle Hotel Big Boy
07 Baseball Bat Cave Convenience Store Boo Berry
08 Baseball Glove Coffee Pot Cafe Bugs Bunny
09 Bear Trap Coffee Pot Water Tower California Raisins
10 Beer Bottle Corn Cob Water Tower Cap’n Crunch
11 Binoculars Dinosaur Gift Shop Captain Hook
12 Birdhouse Dinosaur Observation Tower Charlie the Tuna
13 Boomerang Dog-shaped House Chef Boyardee
14 Boot Fishing Bobber Water Tower Chester Cheetah
15 Bowl Gas Can water tower Chicken of the Sea Mermaid
16 Bowling Pin Giant Boot House Chuck E. CHeese
17 Brown Derby Giant Shoe House Colonel Sanders
18 Candy Cane Ice Cream Cone ice cream parlor Coppertone Girl
19 Champagne Glass Keebler Tree House Cornelius the Rooster
20 Charcoal Grill Ketchup water tower Count Chockula
21 Cheese Wheel Leaning water tower Daffy Duck
22 Chess Set Longaberger Basket HQ Dig ‘Em the Frog
23 Chili Can Lucy the Elephant Domo Kun
24 Cigarette Pack Milk Bottle dairy store Energizer Bunny
25 Cigarette & Ash Tray Milk Bottle water tower Franken Berry
26 Clock Miniature London Bridge Frosty the Snowman
27 Clothespin Miniature Mosque of the Prophet Fruit of the Loom Guys
28 Clothes Iron Miniature Angkor Wat Fruit Pie the Magician
29 Coffeepot Miniature Bran Castle GEICO Gecko
30 Coffee Cup Miniature Chichen Itza Godzilla
31 Cola Bottle Miniature Conwy Castle Gordon’s Fisherman
32 Corkscrew Miniature Disneyland Grimace
33 Covered Wagon Miniature Eiffel Tower Hamburger Helper Helping Hand
34 Cow Skull Miniature Empire State Building Headless Horseman
35 Cowboy Hat & Boots Miniature Forbidden City Hello Kitty
36 Crochet Hook Miniature Golden Gate Bridge Jack (in the Box)
37 Crutches Miniature Great Sphinx Joe Camel
38 Crystal Ball Miniature Great Wall of China Jolly Green Giant
39 Cuckoo Clock Miniature Hagia Sophia Kachina
40 Doghouse Miniature Himeji Castle Keebler Elf
41 Donut Miniature Kremlin King Kong
42 Fiddle Miniature Lincoln Memorial Kokopelli
43 Fish Hook Miniature Machu Picchu Kool-Aid Man
44 Fire Hydrant Miniature Mount Rushmore Land O’Lakes Indian Maiden
45 Flashlight Miniature Palace of Versailles Lone Ranger
46 Fork Miniature Pyramid of the Sun Lucky the Leprechaun
47 Fying Pan Miniature Roman Colosseum Mario
48 Gas Pump Miniature Space Needle Marlboro Man
49 Gavel Miniature St. Basil’s Cathedral Max Headroom
50 Golf Putter Miniature St. Peter’s Basilica Maytag Repairman
51 Golf Ball Miniature St.Louis Gateway Arch Michelin Man
52 Grandfater Clock Miniature Sydney Opera House Mickey Mouse
53 Hammer Miniature Taj Mahal Miss Chickita Banana
54 Hockey Stick Miniature Topkapi Palace Morris the Cat
55 Icosohedron Miniature Tower of London Morto Salt Umbrella Girl
56 Ketchup Bottle Miniature White House Mr Clean
57 Kettle Mortar & Pestle drugstore Mr Mucus
58 Lava Lamp Orange-shaped orange stand Mr Peanut
59 Light Bulb Pagoda observation tower Mrs Buttersworth
60 Lugnut Peach water tower Orville Redenbacher
61 Mailbox Peppermint water tower Paul Bumyan & Babe the Blue Ox
62 Map of Old Route 66 Pineapple house Peter Pan
63 Milk Bottle Pirate Ship restaurant Pillsbury Doubhboy
64 Miner’s Hat Red Caboose motel Popeye the Sailor Man
65 Office Chair Replica Alamo Porky Pig
66 Oil Funnel Replica Big Ben Punchy the Hawaiian Punch Guy
67 Paint Can Replica Blarney Castle Quaker Oats Man
68 Paper Airplane Replica Cadillac Ranch R2-D2 & C-3PO
69 Pencil Replica Grauman’s Chinese Theatre Rip Van Winkle
70 Penny Replica Hollywood Sign Ronald McDonald
71 Pez Dispenser Replica Jefferson Memorial Rosie the Riveter
72 Picnic Table Replica Kronberg Castle Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
73 Piggy Bank Replica Leaning Tower of Pisa Sailor Jack and his dog Bingo
74 Pitchfork Replica Lincoln’s Log Cabin Santa Claus
75 Porch Swing Replica Montezuma Castle Scrooge McDuck
76 Radio Flyer Wagon Replica Parthenon Smokey the Bear
77 Rocking Chair Replica Pyramids of Giza Snoopy
78 Rocking Horse Replica Stonehenge Snuggle Bear
79 Rollerskate Replica Washington Monumehnt Sonny the Cuckoo Bird
80 Root Beer Mug Replica Welcome to Las Vegas Sign Spock
81 Rubber Chicken Riverboat restaurant/casino Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
82 Rubber Ink Stamp Rocketship observation tower Sunmaid Raisin Lady
83 Scales of Justice Ship restaurant Sylvester the Cat
84 Shoe Shutter Shack Camera The Burger King
85 Skateboard Strawberry water tower The Gerber Baby
86 Soda Bottle Teacup & Saucer water tower The Great Root Bear
87 Soup Kettle Teapot water tower The Hamburglar
88 Spinach Can Tiki hut The Most Interesting Man in the World
89 Spoon Tooth house The Noid
90 Sundial Tree house Tony the Tiger
91 Teapot UFO-shaped building Tootsie Roll Owl
92 Tennis Racket Warner Bros water tower Toucan Sam
93 Thermometer Watermelon water tower Travelosity Roaming Gnome
94 Tire Wine Bottle water tower Trix Rabbit
95 Treasure Chest Wizard’s Tower observation tower Trojan Man
96 Wagon World’s Largest Barrel Building Tweety Bird
97 Weathervane World’s Largest Teepee Twinkie the Kid
98 Wine Bottle World’s Largest Toilet building Uncle Sam
99 Yoyo World’s Largest Wigwam Vlasic Stork
00 Totem Pole Zepplin house Willy Wonka

Gas Station Fort Defenses
Roll Earthworks Walls Towers Weapons Other
01 None Adobe Wall3, 4 Air Traffic Control Tower Simple Artillery (Catapults & Ballista) Advanced Alarm System6
02 A Canal Bremer Wall Alarm Tower Light Artillery (Mortars & GLs) Anti-Tire Spike Area
03 Abatis Brick Wall3, 4 Beacon Tower Medium Artillery (Cannons & AA Guns) Bunker
04 Berm Cactus Barrier Hedge Bell Tower Heavy Artillery (Howitzers & Surface to Surface Missile Launchers) Caltrop Fields (1d6)
05 Boiling Mud Pools (2d6) Chain Linke Fence2 Blockhouse Robot Combat Drones (1d4+2 per emplacement) Flaming Gas Jets (1d4)
06 Car Pits or Tank Traps (2d4) Chicken Wire Fence2 Clock Tower Sentry Guns (holds any Heavy Weapon) Fortified Building
07 Ditch Concrete Wall3, 4 Grain Silo Immobile Robot Tanks Junkyard Electromagnet & Car Crusher
08 Dry Moat Heavy Junk Wall3, 4 Heavy Weapons Tower12 Robo-Turrets Minefield7
09 Field of Attack Plants Light Scrap Wall4 Lighthouse Immobile Tanks Motion Detectors (2d4)
10 Furmaroles (3d4) Picket Fence Minaret or Steeple Heavy Weapons (MGs & Gatling Guns) Pillbox
11 Irrigated Farm Fields Sandbag Wall Observation Tower Heavy Weapons (Flame Throwers) Primitive Alarm System8
12 Lava Moat Shipping Container or Flipped Semi Trailer Wall Power Transmission Tower Heavy Weapons (Volley Guns & Organ Guns) Radio Jammer
13 Pits (25% have stakes) Spiked Iron Fence2 Radio Tower Heavy Weapons (LAWS & RPGs) Rubble/Scrap Block Dropper9
14 Quicksand Patches (2d6) Steel Barrier Wall3, 4 Robot Turret Tower Heavy Weapons (Micro or Mini-Missile Launchers) Satellite Warning System
15 Sangars (2d6) Stone Wall3, 4 Scaffold Lookout Tower Heavy Weapons (AMRs & ATRs) Searchlights (1d6)
16 Tar Pit Moat Thorny or Living Hedgerow Scrap Armored Tower Heavy Weapons (Missile Launcehrs Security Cameras (2d6)
17 Toxic Moat Welded Wire Mesh Fence2, 3 Searchlight Tower Energy Weapons (Laser Cannons)5 Security Checkpoints (1d4)
18 Trenches Wire Fence1, 2 Sentry Tower Energy Weapons (Plasma Cannons)5 Sentries or Animal Patrols10
19 Water Filled Moat Wooded Stockade Fence4 Watchtower Energy Weapons (Gauss Cannons)5 Snares & Traps (2d6)11
20 Roll Twice Wooden Palisade4 Water Tower Energy Weapons (Maser Cannons)5 Stake or Punji Stick Areas (1d6)

Note 1: Roll 1d4 for type: 1 – Barbed Wire, 2 – Razor Wire, 3 – Conertina Wire, 4 – Monofilament Wire
Note 2: Thre is a 25% chance that the fence is electrified.
Note 3: There is a 25% chance the fence is topped with wire (see Note 1 for type) or broken glass shards.
Note 4: There is a 25% chance of a firing parapet and a 25% chance of firing ports.
Note 5: Energy Cannons have 10 times the damage and range of the rifle versions, they still get the same number of Shots/Battery, but require a Radioactive Battery power source.
Note 6: Lights, bells & whistles, sirens, etc.
Note 7: Roll on the Grenade Table in the MF Rulebook for type. There will be 1d4x10 mines in an area.
Note 8: Gongs, bells, wooden clackers, wind up air raid sirens, etc.
Note 9: As per Bricks form Ceiling Trap, MF Rulebook, page 137.
Note 10: There will be 1d4+2 sentries in a patrol or 2d6 animals.
Note 11: Roll 1d6 to determine type: 1 – Foot Snare, 2 – Bear Trap, 3 – Deadfall, 4 – Net-Dropper, 5 – Cage Dropper, 6 – Portcullis Trap.
Note 12: Roll 1d6 for Heavy Weapon Type: 1 – Gatling Gun, 2 – Flame Thrower, 3 – Magchine Gun, 4 – Anti-Material Rifle, 5 – LAW or RPG, 6 – Missile Launcher.

Gas Station Fort Inhabitants
Roll Fuel Baron (1) Kingpin (2) Master (3) Overlord (4) Sheriff (5) Warlord (6)
1 1d8 6HD Mutants 1d10 Homo Erectus 1d4 Medusoids 1d4 Gamma Wyrms 1d6 Scurinoids 1d8 8HD Mutants
2 1d4 Hemofowl 1d6 Hideous Boars 1d6 Zunicorns 1d4 Gamma Sloths 1d4 Electrophants 1d6 Accipitoids
3 1d4 Quicken 1d20 Albino Apes 1d4 Pumpkin Men 1d4 Man Beasts 1d6 Leoids 1d10 Homo Erectus
4 1d10 4HD Mutants 1d10 6HD Mutants 1d12 Giant Rhagodessa 1d4 Ant Horrors 2d4 Eye Dogs 1d4 Goliaths
Minions Trader Guards Raiders 1H Scrap Robots 1HD Androids 1HD Mutants Marauders