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Playing Around

Just an something I thought I'd play around with:

Mutant Future Character Sheet

Post Apocalyptic Domain Level Play Thoughts

I've been thinking lately about the minimal presence of domain level play in post apocalyptic games. A key factor is no doubt the survival oriented nature of post apocalyptic life. However, establishing settlements and rebuilding society is often a key theme in post apocalyptic fiction, so it occurred to me to give some thoughts on the subject. For game play, I think that the players are going to want the experience of four levels of structure in their games. The earliest level of structure is beginning adventures, out exploring the wasteland, scavenging ruins, etc. After some levels of this, I think they're most likely going to want to establish a home base where they can store the accumulated stuff they've scavenged, have a sense of security, protect their loyal followers, maybe make some money in some sort of trade, etc. At somewhat higher levels, this will evolve into controlling and operating a wasteland settlement (though some games make settlement management and improvement part of their basic play). Beyond this, once they've got a secure, growing settlement, they're going to want to expand their borders. which brings us to domain level play.

Naturally, I've been looking at various systems of domain level play, notably BECMI's Companion Set rules, and ACKS modifications to that system. I think there are several usable things that can be used from each system, and some things which can either be discarded, or modified to reflect the post apocalyptic setting. I'll admit, I prefer BECMI's somewhat more detailed domain resource breakdown as opposed to ACKS' more abstract system. Detailed resources means that the domain is going to possess some things and need others to grow, which encourages play directed toward trading what you have for what you need. Having something to help specify the resources makes it easier for the GM and players to know what they have and what they lack. Of course, in a PA setting, the resource breakdowns will be different, so that will have to be taken into account.
Another key mechanic of these systems that I think needs to be addressed or modified, is the civilized/borderlands/wilderness classifications of hexes. Depending on the particulars of a PA setting, there may not be any civilized areas, or even borderlands for that matter. As for the hex scaling itself, I prefer ACKS' 6-mile and 24-mile system to BECMI's 8-mile and 24-mile system, and although I would prefer BECMI's resources per 8-mile hex breakdown over ACKS' resources per 24-mile hex, the larger hex scaling makes more sense in terms of a PA setting. I should also probably note here that in my thinking about PA sandboxes, I've decided to use a larger 24-mile or 30-mile hex size as my standard because of one factor. I like the road warrior post apocalyptic action type, and cars are going to cover those hexes fairly fast (even with crap roads, marauders, biker gangs, and so forth, a 30 MPH travel speed is not unreasonable (and also makes factoring fuel consumption gallon per hex of gasoline).
Probably the biggest area of change is dumping the feudal aspects of BECMI's and ACKS' domain rules. Characters aren't generally going to be getting land grants from some ruling overlord (though that can still be a possibility), they're most likely going to be carving out territory of their own from the lawless wilderness. However, this doesn't mean I want to abandon the titles of nobility aspect of domain rule (though obviously I'd use and create different tables for titles of nobility, while still keeping the feudal titles as an option...after all, there's plenty of PA fiction with (self-proclaimed) barons, counts, dukes, and kings.
Another area of consideration is domain events. While both BECMI and ACKS use a monthly time period of play, there's no reason weekly or daily events can't occur to change things in the settlement or domain. This is where a modified version of Oriental Adventures' Event Tables come in. I'll probably also be checking into some Gamma World adventures (mostly for idea generation on how Cryptic Alliances are doing the domain thing) and Twilight 2000 modules for empire building ideas.
The last consideration is that there are going to be others out there looking to carve out their own domains. This is the post apocalypse after all, every flea-bitten, mohawked, wannabe bandit leader is trying to carve out their own empire. Which gives us lots of options for sandbox play, since their activities can involve the characters who work with or against them, defending settlements or raiding them, even at lower levels of play.

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Thinking about Reaction Rolls

Aside from the obvious dissatisfaction with MF's "roll low" mechanic for Reaction Rolls (obviously "roll high" seems to make more sense), I've been thinking about the main ways to "win friends and influence people." (I think I've even got a copy of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People around here somewhere, but I felt that the whole book boiled down to one point, engage the other person's self interest in order to succeed.) I've been looking through a lot of different systems, from Bethesda's CRPGs, the AD&D DMG, MF, various thoughts on the Blog-o-sphere, and the Top Secret RPG for how reactions are handled and modified. I've been also keeping in mind that any system I'd want to use lets the PCs modify reaction rolls based on their different strengths, rather than just using whoever in the party has the highest charisma.

I've come across maybe six different ways to modify reactions, which I think I can mostly tie to different attributes rather than just relying on charisma. I do have a couple of caveats however. First, I don't equate charisma directly with "physical attractiveness" (I know most systems do, and that it's an accepted game mechanic, but it has always bugged me that physical looks are coupled with a personality trait...even though there is some degree of correlation.*) The second caveat is that I don't see every attribute directly correlating to the ability to modify the reaction of others. For instance, Constitution/health would play some degree of modification to reaction for extreme limits, i.e. physically healthy creatures would get more favorable results than obviously sickly creatures which might spread who knows what (more so in a post apocalyptic setting where the healthy creature is likely doing something right as opposed to Mr. I Bathe in the Radioactive Glow Every Day, however, with racial biases, this may actually backfire, "who does that healthy Pure Human think he is, coming in here to our mutated community and showing off his perfect body"). Third, I'm not advocating replacing player role playing as the means to modify the Reaction Results, just providing alternate methods to adjudicate the results of their attempts. (I call this the "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder" theory.)

For the six reaction modifier methods, I've used the most commonly seen terms and will discuss how I see them being used.

Charm/Seduce is your basic attempt at flirting/sexing up the NPC, obviously this will be based on the Charisma attribute and modified by it. Other modifiers of note would be sexual orientation of the target, which I'd probably roll on a d6 as follows: 1 - Asexual (-2), 2 - Homosexual (-2 if opposite sex), 3-5 Heterosexual (-2 if same sex), 6 - Bisexual (no modifier).

Persuade/Convince is the ability to align the NPCs views with your own through honest discourse. This would most likely be modified by the wisdom (willpower) attribute (using the bonus to saving throw table or adjustment table as applicable) rather than straight up charisma. Though, if I wanted to make a complex ruling, I would say add the bonus from wisdom to the bonus from charisma and divide the results by two.

Intimidate is the ability to physically cow the NPC into doing what is wanted. This would obviously be modified by the strength attribute (using the bonus to hit/damage table), though character level may also be considered for a modifier bonus, though there are two thoughts on this; the difference between PC and NPC level (or Hit Dice), with a penalty for being lower level than the target, and a bonus if higher level than the target, with the modifier based on the difference in level, and a straight bonus by level (say a +1 modifier at every two or three levels or something). There's also the possibility that a critically successful Intimidation attempt causes the target to flee or otherwise fail morale.

Bribe is the only method of influence not tied to an attribute or statistic, it is purely based on the amount of monetary value offered. For a simple method, I'd suggest multiplying a base value by the Hit Dice/Level of the target to determine a sufficient bribe. To determine the base value, I would suggest setting a value on each result of the Reaction Roll table (i.e. lower values for more friendly creatures and higher values for hostile creatures) and adjusting from there. For negative bribe results, I would probably have two categories, too low (reduces reaction by one result on the table), and insulting (reduces reaction by two results on the table). Bribes at half the suggested amount would be Too Low, while those of one-quarter or less would be insulting. Bribes that are more than one-half the suggested amount would simply be a fail result, or possibly might result in the target taking the bribe, but still refusing (which I'd probably put in the range of three-fourths or more below the suggested bribe level or giving a 50% chance regardless of the degree of failure of the bribe). Also, I suppose that there's the chance that the target could accept a bribe, but still betray the party/person into a trap or ambush.

Deceive/Fool/Trick/Con/Fast Talk is the ability to convincingly lie to the NPC. Before jumping to the conclusion that since thief types would naturally be adept at this and associate the modifier with the Dexterity attribute, stop and realize that a dumb character isn't going to be able to pull off a convincing lie, therefore the associated attribute would be Intelligence, using (most likely) the Additional Languages Table to adjust the reaction roll result.

Impress/Inspire/Awe is an attempt to influence the target through some means of impressive prowess. I'd probably use this as a catch-all category for using any other attribute's bonuses to modify the reaction roll, such as displaying feats of strength, dazzling displays of dexterity, engaging in an imposing example endurance, etc.

Since I haven't quite finalized which method I'd actually use for the Reaction Roll Table, I've been tinkering with a few variants. Of course, since many systems have racial reaction modifiers, I haven't touched on those either.

2d6 1d20 Simple Method Bribe Value
2 1-4 Attacks 100
3-5 5-8 Hostile, may attack (50% chance) 50
6-8 9-12 Neutral, Uncertain 10
9-11 13-16 Favorable, Accepting (50% chance helpful) 5
12 17-20 Friendly, Helpful 1

2d6 1d20 Complex Method Bribe Value
2 1-2 Attacks 100
3-4 3-5 Hostile, may attack (50% chance) 50
5-6 6-8 Negative, Indifferent, Uninterested 25
7 9-12 Neutral, Uncertain 10
8-9 13-15 Positive 5
10-11 16-18 Favorable, Accepting (50% chance helpful) 2
12 19-20 Friendly, Helpful 1

*I even went and wrote up an attribute table for physical looks years ago that I use just to keep things simple:
1. Grotesque
2. Hideous
3. Disgusting
4. Repugnant
5. Repulsive
6. Revolting
7. Homely
8. Ill-favored
9. Unattractive
10. Unimpressive
11. Plain
12. Fair
13. Comely
14. Cute
15. Pretty
16. Attractive
17. Lovely
18. Beautiful
19. Gorgeous/Handsome
20. Breathtaking

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Arrr Avast Walk the Plank or Give us Booty

Dress (sort of) like a pirate, or something:

Because, Dread Pirate Roberts:

Saving the creepiest for last:

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1000 Books Appendix V

The limited details I have on the rest of the books.

A Bagpiper's Manual of Merry Music
Author: Rankiin Tabah
Contents: a collection of dance tunes along with a few rousing patriotic military marches

A Mummer's Memoirs
Author: Veda the Polite
Contents: a collection of simple skits and sketch comedies, generally approved for performing for children

A Parting Shot
Author: Noces Foamblack
Contents: mounted archery of the north eastern steppes

A Pointed Discourse
Author: Sir Eldan Silveredge
Contents: Details about rapiers, small swords, sword-sticks, single sticks, bucklers, capes, etc

A Wealth of Widows con artist
Author: Laogshaul
Contents: describes how to identify, and, if necessary, create wealthy widows which to bilk of their inheritances

Acrobatic Antics: Back Flipping, Cartwheeling, Jumping, Hand Standing, Leaping, Rolling, Somersaults, Springing, Tumbling, Twirling, and Vaulting
Author: Nune Pintwise
Contents: believed to be the ultimate in illustrated expression of the acrobatic arts, this book has led to numerous injuries, and is believed to cause vertigo in those susceptible to motion sickness

Almanac of the Lands of Jade & Obsidian
Contents: Mayan & Aztec bestiary; Obsidian eagles, Jade Jaguars, Howling Monkeys & Tonsured Maize Spirits

Ancient Airships
Author: Asmai Shokhet

Anecdotes from the Simple Shepherds of the Inner Sea Islands
Author: Domna Catalactus (f)
Contents: slings

Animism Faith Heraldry
Contents: Details 30 different animism faith symbols.

Animus Concordance
Author: Thelma Schnee
Contents: psychic travel & senses

Annotated Home Journal
Author: Maren Bok
Contents: this seemingly innocuous book covers many mundane home activities, with tips and advice on home gardening, cooking recipes, interior decoration, and cleaning tips, however, to a psychic with object reading powers, it acts as a teaching tome to developing one's psionic powers

Apocryphal Agency
Author: Teleki Solm
Contents: developing mental psionic powers

Asphyxiation Annual
Contents: Burking, Smothering, Drowning, & Throttling; other means of asphyxiation

Astrologer's Almanac
Author: Celestra of the Tower
Contents: star charts & data

Contents: Bestiary covering artificial constructs

Avaricial Acquisition in Amusing Pastimes
Author: Narvin the Screamer
Contents: games & gambling

Bank & Bar: A River Rat's Guide to boating and cataract portage
Author: Thanalthanal Nazhhalsdotter

Beast Cults Creeds
Contents: Details 30 cults which worship animals and monsters.

Beliefs of Luddite Faiths
Contents: Detailed beliefs of four groups opposed to technology.

Bestiary of Repugnant Reptilians
Contents: Limbed Reptiles, non-draconic tortoise, newt, salamander, frog, toad, etc

Better Living Through Alchemy
Author: Luckless Losdui the Lucky
Contents: drugs/recreational pharmaceuticals [maybe change to An Alchemist's Guide to Better Living

Better, Faster, Harder, Stronger
Author: Plunkett the Daft
Contents: an exercise guide, hour after hour of working out, remember to practice "one more time"

Bivouac, Lean-to, Tent, Tipi, Wigwam, & Yurt
Author: Skerevon Broadtrunk

Black Death, White Ride
Contents Beast Equines Horses

Black Market Buyer's Guide
Author: Tacharus the Biter
Contents: a guide to locating, identifying, and dealing with black market salespeople

Blessings of the Healer Sects
Contents; Covers 8 healer sects

Bog & Fen
Author: Anarien the Outlander
Contents: swamp survival

Bones & Skulls
Contents: Undead of the Ocean

Bones in the Casque
Contents: Bone Monsters

Book of Brute Bugs
Contents: Giant Insects

Book of Magic by Fanamur
Author: Fanamur, Named Elementalist

Bottom Sounding Basics for Bottom Feeding Land Lubbers
Author: Tufnell Wharf-rat

Brawling & Bouncing: The Warrior's Guide to Tavern Etiquette
Author: Troth Shuv
Contents: information on the proper methods of body flips, throws, strangle & sleeper holds, knockout punches, incapacitating kicks, grabs, bear hugs, as well as how to inflict damage with tavern dishes, mugs, drinking horns, flagons, tables and chairs, heated pots and pans; and how to avoid being damaged by such objects, curiously, also includes information on drinking responsibly, as well as methods to identify different types of drinkers with a particular focus on problem drinkers and how to calm or otherwise diffuse tense situations

Bringing in the Bounty
Author: Jubal Fett
Contents: man tracking

Bunko Shill's Guide to Disreputable Dodges
Author: Kravin Moregold
Contents: cons & swindles

Burnin' Down the House
Author: Ignitia Torchdancer
Contents: a very detailed guide to burning down all kinds of buildings and structures, includes some interesting pyrotechnic recipes, ignition devices/contraptions, and other useful tools and apparel

Caitiff Codex
Contents: Underworld/Hell Beasts

Care & Maintenance of Griffon/Gryphon/Griffin & Hippogriffs
Author: Tharnha Sharralfressa

Cartwright Chronicles
Author: Hoss & Little Joe

Cat, Bear, and Wolf
Author: Misarurog
Contents: tracking predatory animals

Catch & Cook: 101 Recipes for the Ranger
Author: Danik Stagsoul

Caving: The Dwarven Guide to Spelunking
Author: Doric son of Durur

Cerebral Scroll
Author: Brij Kumar
Contents: psychic mysticism/sensitive psionics

Chantries of Spiritual/Mystic Faiths
Contents: Details 12 spiritual chantries and mystic monasteries.

Charlie's Crematorium
Author: Andrew McGee
Contents: pyrokinesis

Cloisters of the Imperial Cults
Contents: Covers three imperial cults

Compendium of Forged Letters
Author: Stalkellum Banegray

Concordance of Siege Engine Construction
Author: Gardian Helmcleaver
Contents: catapults, onagers, trebuchets, perriers, rams & bores, siege towers, counter mining, gallery sheds, use of incendiaries

Confessions of a Funambulist
Author: Perthus Nimblefoot
Contents: the crime spree of a cat burglar who began his career as a cabin boy on a sailing ship, where he gained great proficiency at walking on and swinging from ropes, an unfinished work due to his untimely demise in falling off a horse, the last section contains ponderings and musings on whether or not it would have been easier to make acquisitions by bashing people in the head

Crag & Tor
Author: Anarien the Outlander
Contents: mountaineering

Creatures of the Primal Agents Lexicon
Contents: Elementals - Volcano/Lava, Arctic/Polar, Earth, Air Creatures

Cthonic Sects of the Utter South 4

Cutlasses of the Corsairs
Author: Killer Kaor
Contents: a pirates guide; while primarily covering cutlasses, sabers, small-swords, gaffs, boat hooks, boarding pikes and boarding axes, grappling hooks, marlinspikes, slung-shots, and some other naval type weapons are covered

Dark Rites of Ebony
Author: Arkanikus, Named Death Mage

Darkness & Shadow
Author: The Serpent's Fang
Contents: guide to 30 assassin guilds, cults, and groups

Dead Reckoning by the power of the lodestone
Author: Richard Blackburne

Death From Above & Below
Contents: assassination tactics using three dimensional approaches

Death From Above; Harpies, Sirins, Tengu, Strix, Stymphalians, Three Legged Crows, Zhenniao poisonfeather birds and other aerial antagonists
Author: Kuruth Vahlnackhanson

Delphic Spirit Companion
Author: Grey the Ghosttalker
Contents: mediumship & seance

Demon Worship Cult Bible
Contents: Lists 15 demons and the cults that worship them.

Devil Worship Canon
Contents: Details the worship of 15 different devils.

Diary of a Snake Charmer and Sword Swallower
Author: Gupta Singh

Diary of Destitution
Author: Sprigg Uncouth
Contents: beggar, also known as The Beggar's Bowl; literally a beggar's bowl inscribed in the beggar argot/cant with the life story of an unsuccessful beggar

Diary of One Who Has Travelled Beyond
Author: the Enigmatic Cognizance
Contents: irrational ravings of a mad psychic whose powers left them open to many possessions, gives some hints as to combating possession

Dire Beasts & Cave Creatures
Author: Zolumb Dwarf Crusher
Contents: goblinoid guide to mount selection

Dire Dirges for the Minstrel
Author: Farik Bluedancer
Contents: a collection of elegies, funeral marches, laments, requiems, and dirges, all of a somewhat sinister nature, concerning lost loves, fallen comrades, stillbirths, and the "accidental" deaths or entombments of cantankerous old men, harping wives, harridans, viragos, and crone shrews; unsurprisingly, the author was put on trial and burned at the stake for practicing necromancy

Directorium of Confectioners & Chocolatiers
Author: Wil, Earl of Wonka

Directory of Sky Swarms
Contents: Avian Predators

Dismemberment and Decapitation: A Polearm Primer
Author: Gair, Earl of Gygax

Dowsing for Dunces
Author: Scaredusk the Drowned

Draconic Hoards of the Western Kingdoms
Contents: Western Dragons

Dwarven Amusements
Author: Dwoim Axebeard
Contents: a collection of dwarven drinking and gambling games

Dwarven Liminal Faiths
Contents: Covers seven dwarven cults that worship deities of thresholds, gates, and doorways.

Dwarven Tunneling Machines, Cave Carving Contrivances, and Mining Mechanisms
Author: Chamic Stonebeard

Eagle & Dragon: Aerial Dogfighting
Author: Balin of Farkrag

Ebanir's Phantasmanomicon
Author: Ebanir, Named Illusionist

Ego Whip & Id Barrier
Author: Gromkos, Brain Duelist
Contents: offensive & defensive mental psionics

Elemental Cult Traditions
Contents: The details of nine different elemental worshiping cults.

Elven Guide to Edible Berries & Nuts
Author: Ruudrim Kethavarash

Elven Hedonistic Sects
Contents: The lurid details of five elven sects dedicated to hedonism, gluttony, debauchery, epicureanism, and pleasured indulgence.

Elven Rhetoric
Author: Nuisarik Sylorael f
Contents: the majority of which consists of allegorical legal wrangling amidst amusing discourses condemning the elven predilection toward poetry

Elven Toxophilite
Author: Ansildir
Contents: archery

Encyclopedia of Exotic Weapons
Author: Shadorayth the Collector
Contents: an illuminated manuscript detailing 250 weapons, mostly chain-type weapons; flail, mace & chain, sectional chain whips, two & three piece rods, kusarigama, kyoketsushoge, though parrying bars, forked weapons, multiple bladed knives, claws, tridents, mancatchers, fans and throwing stars as well as bolas, are also included

Encyclopedia of Village Lockups
Contents: a guide to guard houses, round houses, watch houses, blind houses, bone houses, bridewells, and pinfolds

Erotic Verses
Author: Lusty Ocelot (Lusty Ocelot is believed to be a pen name for a high noble lady known for being less than discreet about her selection and multitude of lovers.)
Contents: mainly erotic illustrations

Evaluating Horses & Cattle
Author: the author of Charter of the Royal Horse Leech, Shadmir Talamar the XIV
Contents: while this manual nominally covers judging the value and health of horses and cattle, information on changing brands, stealing livestock, disguising livestock, reselling livestock to unscrupulous buyers, and methods of evading detection/tracking efforts while doing so; is all encoded into the border art

Explorer's Guild Charter
Author: Prepared for the guild by Triahm Blackhill

Fairy Wings of the Forest Lords
Author: Seftillan Silverpen
Contents: Elven Gliders

Fakirs, Mountebanks, Snake Oil Salesmen
Author: Harl Quinn
Contents: Identifying false psychics

Feral Fauna
Contents: Plant Monsters 2

Ferd the Foppish Footpad
Author: Snivler of the Alley
Contents: a pseudo-biographical book about the monkeyshines, shenanigans, and tomfoolery of a notoriously bad dressing fop

Field Guide to the Dark Fey of the Fell Forest
Contents: Sylvan Beasts 2

Folio of the Fearsome & Fantastic
Contents: Animals/Beasts

Freshwater Fishing in the Western Kingdoms
Author: Porphia Kindheart

Forgotten Temples of the Vestige Cults
Contents: Describes seven forgotten temples to lost deities.

Gally's Practical Navigator
Author: Gally Sternmann
Contents: considered a valuable handbook on navigation, though much of the information is cribbed from an older work Art of Navigation by Jafar ibn Hamid which was notable for it's many illustrations and models for making navigational instruments, it consists of six parts;
1 Overview of Maritime Navigation featuring using and updating charts, as well as maintaining the ship's logbook
2 Piloting, or navigating a ship in restricted waters
3 Navigational Mathematics, includes chapters relating to such topics as basic navigational mathematics and abacus use in the solution of navigation problems.
4 Direct navigation, the use of the lodestone compass to determine magnetic north/south, pelorus to determine bearings relative to the ship's heading of landmarks, other ships, etc., Chip log and sand glass serve to measure the ship's speed through the water, and Sounding line used to measure the depth of the water and to pick up samples from the bottom,
5 Indirect Celestial Navigation; use of the back staff, cross staff, kamal, mariner's astrolabe, quadrant, octant, & sextant, nocturnal/horologium nocturnum, and ring dial
6 Weather Forecasting
# Dividers used for measuring lengths of lines and approximate lengths of non-linear paths on a chart.
# Nautical almanac used to determine the position in the sky of a celestial body after a sight has been taken.
# Parallel rules used for transferring a line to a parallel position. Also used to compare the orientation of a line to a magnetic or geographic orientation on a compass rose.

Gardens from the Sky
Author: Nayleen the Herbalist
Contents: how to use materials provided by certain aerial steed in order to aid gardening efforts, and where to locate such gardens so as to receive the best results i.e. close enough to steal aerie/nesting materials, and located in a prime position to be manured well by droppings

Ghillie's Guide Book
Author: Haggis Cruickshanks

Ginrik Shaw's Guide to the Hansom Cab & Hackney Carriage
Author: Ginrik Shaw

Glossary of Krakens, Leviathans, and Ketus
Contents: Sea Creatures 2

Gnomish Sky Globes
Author: Donk
Contents: Lighter Than Air Devices

Goblin Poems
Author: Maglevek the Backstabber
Contents: average poetry more notable for the non-rhyming twist deliveries at the end of the poems

Goblin Totem Faiths
Contents: Describes over 30 different goblin totemic creatures.

Greatest Chariot Chases of the Utter South
Author: Kadija

Grimoire of Volrath
Author: Volrath, Named Weather Mage

Hammer & Axe: The Dictionary of Dwarven Fighting Weapons
Author: Nuraunt Axeoath
Contents: colloquially known as Clash! Clang! Hammer! Ding Dong!; one and two handed hammer and axe weapons of the dwarves

Handbook of the Bullwhip
Author: Henry Walton Jones the Younger

Haruspex Codex
Author: Axius Gaianus
Contents: divination psionics

Heister's Handbook
Author: Alyas Greybane f
Contents: a fairly useful guide to quickly determining which loot to steal while burglarizing, based on a weight/value ratio of the item

Hermit Sects of the Frozen North
Contents: List of nine notable hermits and curmudgeons.

Heroes and Heroines of the Hero Cults
Contents: Inspiring stories of 24 heroes & heroines.

Holy Vows of Saint Sects
Contents: A scholarly index of 36 sects dedicated to various saints.

Home Sweet Hole
Author: Yetho Bopo
Contents: goblin survival techniques

Humorous Troll Tales
Author: Tarlok the Troubled
Contents: mainly a small selection of jokes about trolls, such as "how many trolls does it take to change a torch bracket?", "What's the toll on a troll bridge?" and "how can you identify a troll miner?". unfortunately for the author, this book has been translated Author: Mogrog The Vindictive to Trollish

Ice & Snow
Author: Anarien the Outlander
Contents: arctic survival

Illuminated Manuscript of Locksmithing
Author: Agmar the Upright
Contents: This exquisitely detailed and illustrated manuscript is highly valuable to thieves, extensively detailing the operation of over 50 lock types, as well as diagramming their interiors, and providing general layouts for their associated skeleton keys. It also includes information on trapping locks and methods to foil lock picks. Ironically, this tome was written by a Guildmaster of a prominent thieves' guild

In the Darkness: Jungles of the Utter South
Author: Shadura Dreamerbow

Incarcerations & Executions
Contents: a punitive guide to impalement, the bilboe, boiling, use of the brazen bull, ducking stool, crucifixion, gallows, guillotine, gibbet, iron maiden, judas cradle, laqueas, pillory, pranger, stocks & whipping post

Inner Eye Diagnostics
Author: Maree LeBeau
Contents: psychic healing

Inscrutable Cognition
Author: Itzhaak Chomsky
Contents: inner self powers/mind over matter

Jain's Guide to Mechanical Monstrosities of the Deep
Contents: Sea Dragons of the Mysterious East, Dwarven Turtle Ships, Elven Ray Ships, Leviathan & Whale Submersibles of the Western Kingdoms, Gnomish Crab Walkers, Lobster Launches, the rare Squid & Kraken craft of the Frozen North, Orcish Shark Torpedoes, Goblin Diving Balls & Bladders-Jellyfish, Crocodile Diving Suits of the Utter South, artificial animaloid vessels used as submarines, kobold, gnomish, dwarvish & human inventors

Jalbert's Guide to Donjon Departure
Author: Jalbert Jailjumper
Contents: how to escape jails, donjons, & prisons; includes tunneling methods, faking death, arranging tools to be smuggled in, as well as concealing such tools, bribing guards or fellow inmates, touches on contortionism, climbing & swimming, disguised themselves as guards, workmen or women, sneaked away through sewer drains, and even planned to use a glider to get over the wall.

Jihads of the Purity Sects
Contents: A history covering great battles and holy quests of nine racial purity groups.

Jokes & Juggling
Author: Scudamore Gestour

Journal of the Wildmaster
Author: Torvan Huntswell

Known Death Cults
Contents: Scant descriptions of 13 death cults.

Kobold Cargo Cults
Contents: The bizarre worship of five different kobold cults.

Kything & Kenning
Author: Gareth "Fire-Eye" Kirkham
Contents: sensory psionics; ESP, Telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc.

Lapidary Lectionary
Contents: On Silversmiths, Gem cutters, Goldsmiths, Schrimpschongers, & Intaglio Makers

Ledger of Lake and River Scourges
Contents: Lake & River Monsters

Limbic Literacy
Author: Yuri Blavatsky
Contents: automatic writing & reading of objects

Liturgy De Supplicationibus et Exorcismis
Author: Tiberius Carius Romanus
Contents: liturgy of supplications and exorcisms; exorcism rituals

Livy's Legionnaire Lessons
Author: Aulus Publicius Vestinus Thrax
Contents: basically a guide on how to train, maintain, and operate a roman-style military legion, includes information on weapon usage, armor selection, care of the same, fortification & fortified camp construction, logistics, and how to maintain discipline through the use of unit punishments and keep the legionnaires with a uniform appearance

Logbook of the Astral Voyager
Author: Jarhkel Inalapirk
Contents: purports to be tales of astral travel

Lords of Rain, Sea, Fire, and Sky
Contents: Eastern Dragons

Love Sonnets for the Minnesinger
Author: Lyrsar
Contents: a repertoire of love songs cribbed from other sources, all changed so that the object of one's desire can easily be inserted into the songs

Lyrical Limericks of the Gleeman
Author: Eslin the Tawdry
Contents: contain a wide variety of carnal chants, sensual songs, lascivious lays, lewd lyrics, obscene orations, racy readings, spicy sonnets, suggestive serenades, titillating tunes, ribald roundels, perverse paens and vulgar verses; all of which rhyme. A proscribed work which is widely circulated

Mace Mathematics
Author: Nazergl The Inedible
Contents: goblin weapon selection detailed concerning one and two handed clubs, cudgels and maces, though adzes, stone axes, picks, goads, stone knives and spears make an appearance and combat tactics; of interest regarding clubs are the differentiation between club, bludgeon, truncheon, cudgel, baton, bat, board, billy clubs, axe/pick handle, stick, knoberrie, shillelagh, studded war club ala tetsubo, spiked war club, & bladed war club; also interesting is the inclusion of the Goblin Nail board and it's more impressive cousin, the Goblin Nail Bat, maces are differentiated as flanged, spiked, studded/knobbed, or other including animal headed, melon-headed, cube-headed, octagonal-headed, and ring headed and some detail is given to the discussion on the merits of cylindrical mace heads over spherical mace heads as wells as the acquisition and care of ceremonial maces & virges to indicate degrees of leadership among goblin tribes.

Magic Carpet Ride
Author: Stephen Farkas

Manual of Monstrous Mounts

Manual of Mount Maintenance
Contents: Chilton's; primarily covers horses, donkeys, mules, asses, onagers, and cattle oxen

Mass Transportation
Author: Guineamen
Contents: palanquins & sedan chairs

Master of Arbalesters Manuscript
Author: Kirsha Silverbone f
Contents: crossbows, arbalests, ballista, stone bows, belly bows, and gastraphetes

Masters of Forest and Mountain
Contents: Beast Ursines

Memoirs of a Merry Highwayman
Author: Lytle Jonsson
Contents: describing a life devoted to brigandage, poaching, and robbing travelers through methods such as charging "tolls" for guiding through the wilderness, crossing a ford or bridge, etc.; also discusses the use of such infamous catchphrases as 'stand and deliver' and 'your money or your life'

Memorable Muggings
Author: Trobius Pickaxe
Contents: scant depictions of 1,112 robberies and 185 murders including the killing of 32 town guards

Meteormantic Heraldry
Author: Saulalyrn the Sighted
Contents: discussion of auras and psychic manifestations

Monastic Sects of the Western Kingdoms
Contents: A guidebook to the 18 most known monasteries of the Western Kingdoms.

Monstrous Mutatations in Humanoid Form
Contents: Eye/Face/Hair/Head Monsters

Mooncusser's Memoirs on the Circumvention of Customs, Duties, Embargoes, Excises, and Levies
Author: Agriyaegek the Greedy
Contents: a smuggler's guide to choosing which commodities typically alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gems, furs, precious metals, and weapons to move where, how to corrupt customs officials, how to disguise or conceal one's cargo, and the use of tunnels, smuggler's coves, and identifying overland smuggler routes

Morphic Records
Author: Joysel Geller
Contents: a collection of dreams interpreted and discussed

Mysteries of the Sylvan Wood
Author: Throola Ruabrarrae

Mysteries of the Trickster Sects
Contents: Depictions and details about the rituals of six different cults who worship trickster deities.

Narrative of Inveris the Mind Lord
Author: Inveris the Mind Lord
Contents: pseudo-biographical history of a practicing psychic

Nature Faith Beliefs
Contents: Beliefs of a dozen different nature worshiping groups.

On Locating and Constructing Campsites
Author: Cygna Nightguard

On Swimming in Different Bodies of Water
Author: Richard Blackburne

One Horse Open Sleigh: Winter Travel in the Frozen North
Author: Asgaut Starkadsson

Author: Selburr Shadowdreamer
Contents: dream divination & interpretation

Orcish Belly Dancing
Author: Yoralg Fleshtearer
Contents: believed to be the erotic mating dances used by female orcs to attract a mate, though such dances traditionally end when two female orcs vying for the same male orc get into the ritualistic cat-fight involving bagh nakh

Orcish Fetish Faiths
Contents: 16 different orcish fetishes and their meanings.

Overland Cartography
Author: Velar the Cartogropher

Pack Predators
Contents: Beast Canines

Palik's Libram
Author: Palik, Named Sorceror

Palik's Progeny
Author: Palik the named sorcerer
Contents: Subterranean Dwellers 2,

Pathfinders of the Frozen North
Author: Urthclub Thikson

Peltast Poetry
Author: Demosthenes Kourniakis
Contents: javelins & war darts

Phantasmic Dwellers
Contents: Dream & Nightmare Creatures

Picture Book of Prestidigitation
Author: Houdini Sharesall
Contents: prescribed by the prestidigitator guild as exposing over 200 "magic tricks" complete with exquisitely detailed illustrations and diagrams for the construction of magic boxes, trick coins and rings, sleeve pockets, folding swords, and self extinguishing flaming devices

Pillow Book of the Mysterious East
Author: Kuriyama Miyako
Contents: details the love life of a courtesan

Pilot Book of Portolan Charts of the Southern Sea
Author: Morgan the Deckape

Poultice Preparation of the Mysterious East
Author: Kai Shun

Pretty Ponies & Flourishing Pennants
Author: Tellian Lancebearer
Contents: this guide is broken into six chapters. The first chapter details the selection based on age, general health, and personality, training, currying, hoofing, and grooming of horses. The second chapter details the selection, proper use, and maintenance of horse tack and barding. Chapter three covers riding techniques, training, and tactics. The fourth chapter explains the arms & armament of light cavalry primarily lightly armored mounted archers and their employment in combat as harassment, scouts, and screening. Chapter five covers the accouterments of medium cavalry dubbed lancers for their medium armor, shields, and use of spears or light lances as well as their tactical employment as skirmishers and raiders. The last chapter details the use of heavily armored and armed cavalry alluded to as armored cavalry, but the author constantly references knights using heavy lances, swords, maces, picks, and axes with shields to be used as shock troops for direct engagement with the enemy.

Primal Pygmies
Contents: Small Humanoids

Privateering for Fun & Profit
Author: Captain Jack Greybeard
Contents: the detailed account of a 35 year successful career pirate's adventures

Proselytizing Sects Guide
Contents: How the author was annoyed by six different preaching worshipers.

Psychokinetic Domination
Author: Altgräfin Wurmbrand Von Stuppach
Contents: physical psionics

Punsters' Popup Book of Practical Jokes
Author: Staniel the spaniel
Contents: the badly sketched illustrations pop right out at you; included are the bird in the pie, a bucket filled with blue confetti, a pie in the face, the 'Trojan' horse out of which pop little men, clacking teeth, googly eye spectacles, a rubber chicken, joy buzzer, snake in a can, an edition of 78 pickup tarot deck, the tipped outhouse usually filled with some sort of fake doggy doo, a review of the Catapult War which promptly launches it's spongy projectile, a well illustrated series of paintings of a garden gnome in front of famous landmarks--the gnome popups up for each painting,

Purse Cutter's Primer
Author: Sneaky Pete
Contents: a guide on how to filch coin purses and money bags from unsuspecting marks, it includes information on the difficulty in acquiring these containers based on where they are carried around the neck, slung from a belt, in a pocket, under a sash, carried under outer clothes, etc. in addition, there is some discussion as to the type, size, and shape of useful purse-cutting razors & knives, as well as advice on how to approach marks, evade detection, and vacate the area unremarkably

Radiesthesia Readings
Author: Uriah Keller
Contents: aura detection & interpretation

Ramblings of the Zany
Author: Doctor Know
Contents: a collection of political satires included with a collection of badly illustrated sketches of jesters and their paraphernalia; also included is a small flip book depicting death with a scythe and a fool's motley harvesting souls.

Reefs & Shoals of the Inner Sea
Author: Hesyas Seablade

Referendum for Reeves
Contents: Different types of reeves attested before the Conquest include the high-reeve, town-reeve, port-reeve, shire-reeve predecessor to the sheriff, reeve of the hundred and the reeve in charge of an estate.
Revelations of Midnight & Twilight

Author: Lacrisor, Named Augur
Contents: magical detection

Revelations of Kyraeth
Author: Kyraeth, Named Sorceror

Revelations on Inner Art
Author: Jeanne Gris
Contents: book is nominally about creating various artistic effects, but actually serves to focus one's powers and abilities on thought photography, with techniques for developing kirilian images and displaying auras and spirits

Rites & Rituals of Prophetic Sects
Contents: A collection of over 100 prophecies, predictions, dreams, and visions collected from 14 oracles, seers, prophets, sibyls, and stylites.

Roc Riding & Peryton Piloting
Author: Jakeld Banehigh & Harad Brownfang

Rogue's Gallery, volume 7
Author: Various authors
Contents: profiles 30 master criminals, covering their modus operandi, "feats", known aliases, physical description, and idiosyncrasies

Rooftop Referendum
Author: Fast Zaus
Contents: cat burglar; information on roof types, wall types, wall and roof defensive measures, as well as how to jump and climb silently

Rope Tying and Knotting
Author: Zelcan Freeclaw

Rousing Dances of the Utter South
Author: Foxxy Shakeshertale
Contents: the spear dance, fire-jumper dance, waha dance a posture dance performed by a group, with vigorous movements and stamping of the feet with rhythmically shouted accompaniment, Okey-cokey which resembles the hokey-pokey, marvelous monkey dance, rain dance, drunken dervish, the Temporal Twist, and the Whipweilder's Walk

Rust & Rot: Sergeant Smiley's Arms & Armor Maintenance Manual
Author: Sergeant Smiley
Contents: written in the simplest of common prose, this easy to understand manual goes into great detail into the amount and time of work needed to properly maintain canvas, leather, iron, and steel accoutrements of war, cleaning, scouring, oiling, and polishing are all given in-depth coverage, with special attention to properly drying and storing one's arms and armor when not in use, while traveling, and after battles. Sergeant Smiley's strict approach to cleanliness is often under-appreciated by officers of combat units, though lavishly respected for the crisp look it provides to parade soldiers. Privates on the other hand, are known to groan and grumble at the thought of one of Sergeant smiley's Special Inspections.

Sailor's Sea Chantey Rutter
Author: Salty Simon
Contents: considered the standard stockpile of sailing shanties, horator tempos, bosun pipings, jig reels, sounding calls, and bell tolling of the watches

Sand & Sun
Author: Anarien the Outlander
Contents: desert survival

Sap & Shiv
Author: Deneth Son of Filch
Contents: a rogues guide to weapons & weapon improvisation; coshes, saps, sap gloves/weighted knuckle gloves, chainlocks, slapjack, blackjacks, shivs, shanks, knuckledusters & fistloads; also included are specialized combat moves such as the "Colombian Neck Tie," "Glasgow Smile," "Fishhook"

Satirical Plays of the Western Kingdoms
Author: Vilhelm Quaking-Spear
Contents: famously funny plays such as Gromeo & Jharkalet concerning two dumb-struck orcish lovers from feuding tribes, Henlek and the Fifth the bumbling life of an alcoholic nobleman, Luigi Kaisar concerning several attempts by an inept assassin to kill a king, Meatbreath a love triangle between a butcher and his son concerning the object of their affections, King Leer the improbable story of how a jester known for his humor happened to marry the king's daughter, and Oh, Hello: the Boor of Veruca one of the more popular plays, this is the story of a great general, his daughter, the boring fop attempting to woo her, and the great general's midget manservant whose duty is to stop the fop

Savage Stalkers
Contents: Beast Felines

Scharfrichter's Mordbuch
Contents: Murder book (Scharfrichter German for executioner)

Scimitars & Sickle-Swords
Author: Hanjar Al-Hafayai
Contents: blades of the near eastern empire; scimitars, sickle swords, kopesh, yataghans, sapara, saif, tulwar, shamshir, and kilij; also included is minor coverage of various curved daggers, such as jambiya, khanjar, and zirah bouk

Scourges from the Sands
Contents: Desert Beasts?

Seaman's Guide to Sailing
Author: Salty Simon

Shew Stone
Author: unknown creator
Contents: aka Prism of Power, this crystal is actually a book which can only be read by psychics who open themselves to the stone

Shinpu Emakimono
Author: Sugawara Hiroyuki
Description: washi scroll
Contents: charms scroll; Japanese paper magic

Ship's Logbook of the Singing Dwarf
Author: Willem Wavefarer
Contents: Flying Dutchman; includes the binnacle list, clean bill of health, & letters of marque
Binnacle List A ship's sick list. The list of men unable to report for duty was given to the officer or mate of the watch by the ship's surgeon. The list was kept at the binnacle.
Clean bill of health – A certificate issued by a port indicating that the ship carries no infectious diseases. Also called a pratique.

Shrines of the Shamantic Cults
Contents: The location and nature of a dozen shamanistic shrines.

Skaldic Sagas of the Frozen North
Author: Skald Víðarr Skallagrimson
Contents: tales of outwitting trolls, ogres, & giants, horror stories of Norse undead, as well as several flytings, a couple of kennings, but mostly "epic" sagas detailing the amount and types of blood and brains splattered on various 'heroes' of the Frozen North, and their famed weapons used, women "wooed", and livestock stolen

Slither and Slime
Contents: Beast Serpents & Worms

Snares & Traps for Small Game
Author: Stilicat Clawsky

Somatic Seals & Instruments of Thought
Author: She Ju
Description: orihon
Contents: mudra & mantra 108 mudra & mantra 56 of each

Stable Management of Human Resources
Author: Getja Dabooti
Contents: This primer details the selection & training of male and female prostitutes from brazen strumpets to haughty courtesans. Also included are chapters on maintaining 'fashionable' attire, the creation and usage of pimp sticks and canes, and an entire chapter devoted to the proper techniques of the pimp slap

Story Teller's Treasury of Engrossing Epics
Author: Solevig Reardon
Contents: interestingly enough, there are no engrossing epics, triumphant tales, yearning yarns, children's bedtime stories, awesome accounts, fantastic fairy tales or other such narratives contained within this work, rather it gives rather detailed information on the art of story telling, how to speak, improvisation and embellishment, the use of symbolism and word selection containing an index of adjectives, as well as a primitive thesaurus, and a vocabularium of onomatopoeias, particularly animal sounds, weather sounds, and the sounds of fighting; it concludes with a rather detailed story classification system for different types of stories with the main categories of Animal Fables, Heroic Epics, Fairy Tales, Religious Parables, Ghost Stories, Stories of the Stupid Ogre, Tales of the Trickable Troll, Humorous Anecdotes, Whodunit's & Murder Mysteries, and Vegetative Allegories; each divided into one hundred separate sub-categories

Surprise Sacks
Author: Shamgakh of Tribe Death Claw
Contents: an orcish guide to looting, plundering, & pillaging; including how and when one should engage in arson, overcoming local garrisons and militias, and the best methods of transporting one's acquired goods

Swimming in Shit: Sewer Survival
Author: Skytt Heckler
Contents: a guide to using a city's sewer, storm drain, cellar, and catacomb networks, with brief chapters on subterranean flora & fauna benign toffsmen & malign...such as sewer rats, sewer gators, wererats, undead, and other criminals, concealing access points, constructing new tunnels to connect the networks, the benefits and dangers of navigating with little/limited illumination or no illumination, and, of course, the problems associated with actually swimming in sewage and how to deal with them

Technology Faiths
Contents: Purported rituals of inventors guilds, "scientists," "mad sorcerers," and automaton creators.

Terrorized to Death: The Dangers of Clowns and Mimes
Author: Cyrillus Dancerbane

Testament of Githkos
Author: Githkos, Named Summoner

The Art of Ambush
Author: Daliurr Wolfwave

The Art of Stilt Walking
Author: Urran Chavarson
Contents: written by a dwarf shepherd of the Moors of the Near North.

The Art of War in the Mysterious East
Author: Ostensibly by Ching Xue
Contents: an unsurprisingly ripped off work from a famous military general of the Mysterious East

The Black Book of Archmagister Shallefex
Contents: necromancy

The Blazing Grimoire
Author: Irradior, Named Fire Mage
Contents; Fire Magic

The Blue Book of Archmagister Shallefex
Contents: incantations

The Brigandage Survival Guide
Author: Bannos Staffclaw
Contents: details the best types of targets to rob/kidnap such as lightly guarded noble coaches & carriages, noble or knightly hunting parties, military pay caravans, prosperous clerics, and wealthy merchants, ambush points along roads primarily at bridges, fords, forest bends, marshland causeways, and mountain passes, and the selection of secure campsites often caves, forest clearings, swamp/bog/fen hummocks & islets, hill tops, & mountain plateaus, and selecting areas of operation based on the proximity to neutral or friendly borders one can cross while fleeing from authorities

The Castaway's Concordance pirate
Author: Nefarious Benedict
Contents: including how to escape being marooned by using back hair to lasso sea turtles into a raft

The Complete Counterfeiter's Concordance
Author: Tirada Slyfang
Contents: despite the title, this text deals primarily with the skills and materials needed to successfully forge documents, though it touches on the etiquette such as it is of being a mercantile forger in the black market, with advice on how to avoid being identified by officials while still making an income

The Deceiving Duck
Author: Shadgith
Contents: This book contains several formula for various medicines of dubious quality, primarily chosen for their tasty exotic flavors, rather than any actual healing properties. Interestingly, most of the formula are directly copied from Secrets of Snake Oil, with the rest being taken from Common Cures. Some of these cribbed formula have added ingredients however, usually the addition of spices or herbs believed to have soothing or healing properties, but primarily selected for their flavor.

The Forester's Folly
Author: Cykes Lytestep

The Gladiator's Guidebook
Author: Sisenna Varius Censorinus
Contents: pretty much standard faire for the roman gladiator

The Green Book of Archmagister Shallefex
Contents: glamours, alteration, & shapeshifting

The Illuminated Manuscript of Fisticuffs
Author: Kwo Chi the Thouthful One
Contents: A martial arts manual

The Indigo Book of Archmagister Shallefex
Contents: conjuring items magic

The Jongleur's Journal
Author: Gylian Vieler (f)
Contents: contains songs that you just can't seem to get out of your head, including some annoyingly addictive and relatively easy, though inane dance numbers

The Kidnapper's Manifesto
Author: Ghostbash the Vivisector

The Luminiferous Aether Letters
Contents: a collection of letters between two persons , Kyraes & Yarcor, discussing the etheric plane

The Mahout Manuscript
Author: Pahan Cornac
Contents: on the types & selection of elephants, training with the ankus, throtti, valiya kol, & cheru kol; building and attaching howdaws; use in warfare, include castled elephants, elephantry, engineering use, armoring & arming i.e. the application of blades to the tusks, heavy iron chains with steel balls at the end were tied to the trunks of war elephants, which the animals were trained to swirl menacingly and with great skill; use as archery platforms & how to avoid being panicked by the use of war pigs pigs covered in oil and set alight

The Merry Highwayman's Quarterstaff Quarterly
Author: Lytle Jonsson
Contents: while primarily focusing on the quarter staff, the singlestick is also covered, as well as improvising with a bow staff

The Northern Book of War
Author: Sven Thorsson
Contents: Saga of the Barbarians of the Frozen North; how to fight with small shield & hand axe, torch/fire log, sword, and spear; describes the roles and armaments of huskarls & hirds of the petty kingdoms of the Frozen North, as well as their feuds, raids, and skirmishes

The Orange Book of Archmagister Shallefex
Contents: magical detection

The Puppet Master's Progeny
Author: Josef Polichinelle

The Red Book of Archmagister Shallefex
Contents: magic grimoire about augmentation magic

The Sanguine Stranger
Author: Burke Throttler
Contents: Garrotte & Strangling Cord assassination guide, with notes on burking, throttling, sanguineous asphyxiation, and carotid restraint

The Southern Book of War
Author: Rachida (f)
Contents: Spears of the Utter South; also covered are shields, hurlbats, and sword-spears; discusses both the tribal wars of the Utter South, as well as the conflicts along the Desolate Desert trade routes, involving dervish, baytouin, and mazigheen raids on camel caravans as well as military outposts and forts protecting the trade routes to Tamboktoh, Zanzarkand, and Axulis

The Stonebender Summaries
Contents: dwarven psychokinetic research, derisively known as "The Spoonbender's Silliness."

The Transluminal Tome
Author: Adele Voynich
Contents: developing psychic powers of the spirit

The Violet Book of Archmagister Shallefex
Contents: enchanting items; talismans, amulets, & curse tablets

The War Wyvern
Author: Uroghok Dark Rock

The White Book of Archmagister Shallefex
Contents: healing magic

The Yellow Gold Book of Archmagister Shallefex
Contents: high wizardry & thaumaturgy

Thespian Tome
Author: Gholson Tague bard
Contents: known for it's infamously bad writing, see William Topaz McGonagall

Toby the Troubador's Rhyming Ballads
Author: the listed author
Contents: various tragic, historical, romantic, and comedic ballads composed in iambic pentameter, using rhyming conventions of the common people; quite popular

Tomb Robber Tales
Author: Henry Walton Jones the Younger
Contents: A collection of 34 tales referenced by artifact, the majority of which are concerned with various pillages of the pyramid tombs of the Utter South; jeweled mask, royal scepter, pharoah's crook & flail, magic staff, canopic jars, book of the dead, gold diamond, ark of the covenant, Seal of Salomon ring, Key of Salomon, King Salomon's Mines, Makeda Balqis (Queen of Saba's) Crown & Throne, Al ad-Din's Djinn Lamp, Al ad-Din's Bronze Ring, the treasure cave of the 40 thieves (primarily focuses on the magic oil jars of concealment), Sindhi the Sailor's Sea Horse Stable; Roc's Egg; Cyclops' Eye; Jug of Endless Water; Wine Amorpha of the Old Man of the Sea; Ruby Cup of Serendipity; Golden Staff of the Heavens, Golden Idol of the cannibals of the Dark Jungle, Eye of Horus, Poseidon's Trident, and the Amulet of Set. A half dozen cover raids on tombs and temples in the Mysterious East; mystical dagger phurba, sacred stones, magic mirror, dragon's pearl, an emperorer's jade burial suit, and a magical spear. And a few deal with the plundering of lost cities of the Western Kingdoms; Atlantis, lance of longinus, & holy grail. Two however, deal with short escapades among the barrows of the Frozen North mjollnir & spear of odin. Some of the stories are apocryphal, and several appear to actually concern other famous tomb raiders. Of note are the accounts of encounters with various undead primarily mummies & skeletons, crocodiles, scorpions, snakes (on which great detail is lavished), spiders (often giant), snake people, lizardmen, cultists of a death goddess, sorcerer-kings, witch-kings, runic cultists from the Western Kingdoms, and criminal syndicates from the Mysterious East

Tome of Corcan
Author: Corcan, Named Dweomermaster

Tome of Sanguine Savagery
Contents: Blood Drinkers

Traditional Faiths of Ancestor Worship
Contents: Covers six different groups which worship their ancestors.

Trailblazer Treatise
Author: Teeve Hardswing

Treatise on Thought Police
Author: Xavier Zenor
Contents: developing mental barriers to resist psychic influences

Under the Shining Moon
Author: Drave the Weasel
Contents: covers the ancient arts of brewing & distilling; including the design & construction of pot stills for the distillation of moonshine, white lightning, & rotgut; the brewing of beer, mead, hard cider, and wine; and how to sell the same in regulated economies

Unliving Survival Guide
Contents: Undead - Walking Corpses

Unsavory Anecdotes of a River Dacoit
Author: Thug Behram
Contents: detailed accounts of over 931 fatal stabbings, ritual strangulations, decapitations, defenestrations, beatings, muggings, and robberies attributed to a notorious dacoit jemadar

Varmint Referendum
Contents: Beast Rodents & lagomorphs

War Wagon of Xyr
Author: Phenn the Adept
Contents: Xyr, Master of Battle Magicks;

Warfare in the Western Kingdoms
Author: Viscount Arygann Shadyassol
Contents: more of a history book than a manual of strategy & tactics, this manuscript covers the more famous battles, sieges and wars of the Western Kingdoms; included are accounts of The Last Stand at the Hot Gates, the Great Skirmish of Kann Hill, the Sacking of Rhum by the Ransak Tribe, the Second Rhummane Civil War, the Slave Revolt of 887, the Naval Duel at Sen Galla, the Southern Conquests of Leomagnos, the Invasions of the Ashmen of the Frozen North, the Clan Clashes with the Border Reivers of the Northern Marches, the Contractor Conflicts of the Papallian City States, The Chivalric Crusades all 6 of them, the 25 Years' War, the Conflict of the Crocuses, the Landsnecht Mutiny, the Conflicts of the Healing Monks & Temple Paladins, the Siege of Byzstantinople, and the Capplain-MacShy Feud

Weaving Bear Baiting Baskets
Author: Ranger Smith

Western Ocean Rutter & Celestial Navigation Almanac
Author: Marner Skipwright

Witching Rod Epigrams
Author: Madame Clio
Contents: dowsing, includes the types & construction of dowsing rods and devices

Yarkos' Book of Secrets
Author: Yarkos, Named Hedge Wizard