Thursday, September 8, 2016

Revised Mutant Future Firearm Trigger Types

I was checking on some stuff, since my Energy Weapons Project is next up to bat (as firearms was mostly completed), and ended up double checking the fire rates for firearms in Mutant Future (page 49 for those of you following in the book). The number of shots per round is ridiculously low. I mean seriously, an (fully) automatic weapon fires two shots in 10 seconds!?! That doesn't work for me at all. So I decided to make some changes, especially since I had to add a category for gatling guns. So here's my slightly revised and expanded Rate of Fire rules.

Trigger Type
Number of
Shots per Round
Rapid Fire
1. Normal, Automatic, and Rapid Fire use the same rules for the option to fire fewer rounds, multi-barrel weapons do not.
2. Multi-Barrel covers micro-guns, mini-guns, gatling guns, maxi-guns, gatling automatic weapons, hotchkiss revolving cannons, nock guns, Mitrailleuses, organ guns, Nordenfelt guns, volley guns, etc.
3. Some weapons, such as double barrel rifle or shotguns can fire two times per round (or less), and derringers, which often have four barrels, can fire up to four times per round. The Mutant Lord may make similar rulings for three barrel weapons at their discretion.
4. Multiple weapons mounts, such as dual machine guns or quad machine guns, generally fire twice or four times the listed amounts. And yes, there are dual gatling gun mounts (the Russian CIWS has a dual 30mm gatling version), but they are extremely rare.