Tuesday, July 21, 2015

D is for Defense, part 1

I've never really been happy with Mutant Future's basic armor, so I decided to open up the range of what kind of armors would be available. I decided I wanted a variety of improvised armors in addition to pre-apocalyptic treasure find styles. I also wanted to incorporate armor from mutant sources such as plants and animals as well. I also had a difficult time deciding on the "finalists" as it were, and may end up tweaking this material a bit more. Since this expands the range of ACs (and other factors) available, I recommend making some changes to the more power armor-like armors available as artifacts.
Recommended AC changes for advanced armors and EMAs:
Environmental Armor AC 2
Scout EMA AC 1
Light EMA AC 0
Medium EMA AC -1
Heavy EMA AC -2

Armor Armor Class Weight Damage Absorption
Per Round
Furs 8 10 lbs 5
Vineweave 8 8 lbs 10
Concealed Body Armor 8 5 lbs 5 (bullets) 100
Bone Armor 8 12 lbs 20
Leather/Beast Hide 7 15 lbs 20
Leaf mail 7 12 lbs 25
Spidersilk Armor 7 10 lbs 35
Ballistic Vest 7 10 lbs 10 (bullets) 150
Sports Pad Armor 6 12 lbs 50
Thorn Armor 6 15 lbs 40
Beast Scale 6 18 lbs 45
Stab Vest 6 15 lbs 5 (bullets)
5 (blades)
Beast Scute 5 24 lbs 60
Bark Lamellar 5 20 lbs 65
Shark Suit (mail) 5 25 lbs 250
Tire Armor 5 24 lbs 75
Bug Shell 4 30 lbs 70
Bamboo Splint 4 25 lbs 80
Blunt Trauma PPE 4 18 lbs 10 (blunt) 350
Plastic Plate Sparring Armor 4 20 lbs 10 (blunt) 300
Color Plate 3 40 lbs 200
Plywood Laminar 3 30 lbs 180
Shell Plate 3 65 lbs 140
Riot Control Armor 3 20 lbs 10 (blunt)
10 (bullet)
Heavy Scrap Plate 2 50 lbs 400
Carbon Nanotube Clothing 2 5 lbs 2500
Combat Armor 2 20 lbs 10 (bullet) 600
Heavy Combat Armor 1 35 lbs 20 (bullet) 750
Bomb Suit 1 70 lbs 10 (bullet)
20 (explosion)
Atmospheric Diving Suit 1 600 lbs 1500


Furs are a low level armor that offer little protection, relying instead on mimicking the appearance of a fierce animal. Fur armor is typically made of furs or skins from predatory animals, such as wolves, coyotes, foxes, bears, lions, tigers, panthers, and hyenas. Sometimes the skins horned animals such as cattle, goats, antellope, gazelle, deer, moose, and elk are used. Fur armor typically covers the legs, torsos, and arms with the head typically covered by the animal's head in a sort of covered bone helmet to reflect the appearance of the animal.

A simple form of armor where vines are woven together to form wicker as a protection against damage. Vineweave armor typically only covers the torso and head, though some versions do add a flexible skirt and simple bracers and greaves.

Concealed Body Armor
An uncommon pre-apocalyptic aramid vest designed to be worn under other clothing.

Bone Armor
Common among certain tribals, this form of armor is generally made by plates and strips of bone, as well as intact skulls being attached to a fabric backing. Bone armor is generally made to cover the entire body, though, like many armors, there are gaps left at the joints to improve mobility. Bone helmets made of skulls are particularly favored, though skulls may also be used as spaulders or poleyns, as well as chest, back, and groin coverings.

Leather/Beast Hide
The most common form of basic armor. Usually constructed of layers of thick leather designed as jackets and trousers to cover the majority of the body. Leather helmets tend to be uncommon as there are other, more protective headgears available.

Leaf mail
A type of scale armor, where leaves from the metalleaf tree are joined to a fabric suit. Commonly made as jackets with skirt coverings for the lower body.

Spidersilk Armor
Spidersilk armor is made from the spidersilk produced by giant spiders or spidergoats and is generally a lightweight alternative to leather armor.

Ballistic Vest
A pre-apocalyptic aramid vest with metal or ceramic plates installed in the front and back for added protection.

Sports Pad Armor
This common improvised armor is generally composed of a layer of leather covered with additional protection provided by a variety of plastic covered sports pads with shock absorbing foam such as a protective cup, ankle guards, Ballistic Jerseys/Jackets (includes chest, back/spine, shoulder and elbow protection and a kidney belt), elbow pads, knee pads, neck braces, padded shorts, Roost Deflector (a chest protector designed to deflect 'roost' (rocks, dirt, and mud) thrown onto rider), shin guards, shoulder pads, and wrist protectors.

Thorn Armor
This type of armor comes in two basic types. The first type consists of specially grown and prepared brambles where the thorns are designed to project away from one side of the vine, woven together to form an advanced version of vineweave armor. The other type resembles plate armor in design and is constructed of various hard skinned cacti where the spines project outward from the wearer.

Beast Scale
Another type of scale armor made from the scales of snakes, lizards, and fish, especially those with the moderate Natural Armor mutation. Jackets and trousers tend to be the main covering in this form of armor.

Stab Vest
These pre-Apocalyptic vests are generally made with aramid materials backed by chain mail or other flexible metal materials.

Beast Scute
Laminar armor made from mutated animals with the extreme Natural Armor mutation, such as alligators, crocodiles, caiman, and armadillos. Overlapping bands of scutes (bone or horn materials similar to scales) are joined together to form a segmented cuirass that protect the front and back torse, as well as the upper arms and shoulders. Often, a protective skirt or thigh guards are also incorporated. Because of the weight and awkwardness of this armor movement is reduced to 75% of the regular rate.

Bark Lamellar
A type of armor where small rectangular sections of tree bark (usually from trees with hard bark) are sewn or laced into horizontal rows. Coverage generally includes the torso and a skirt for the lower body, with bracers and greaves for added protection. Because of the weight and awkwardness of this armor movement is reduced to 75% of the regular rate.

Shark Suit (mail)
For whatever reason, post apocalyptic chainmail armor has come to be known as shark suits. Commonly appears as a full body suit with attached chainmail hood (coif). Though it is often constructed of any type of metal wire or chain rather than the water resistant material that shark suits are made of.

Tire Armor
Another type of laminar armor, constructed from old rubber tires. Small metal rivets or spikes may also be added to increase the menacing appearance of this armor.

Bug Shell
A type of plate armor where the material comes from certain giant insects and spiders. Chitin plates from beetles, ants, and the occassional other insect are fairly common, as are the carapaces of a variety of giant spiders. Bug-mimicking helmets designed from the heads of these creatures are especially popular. Because of the weight and awkwardness of this armor movement is reduced to 75% of the regular rate.

Bamboo Splint
Armor made with strips of bamboo attached to fabric backing, with additional padding underneath. Generally consists a torso protector, groin and leg protectors, hand and forearm protectors, and a combined face mask and shoulder protector. This type of armor generally resembles pre-apocalyptic kendo armor.

Blunt Trauma Personal Protective Equipment
Full body armor that essentially combines the protection of a stab vest with sports pads.

Plastic Plate Sparring Armor
This type of armor is essentially and advanced form of sports pad armor, incorporating all the standard pads, as well as a chest protector and a helmet in either barbute or 3/4 style.

Color Plate
An improvised type of armor consisting of metal from various street and road signs over leather or padding. It is generally composed of a laminar torso, shoulder, and upper arm set, with plate bracers, cuisses, and greaves. Because of the weight and awkwardness of this armor movement is reduced to 75% of the regular rate.

Plywood Laminar
Another laminar armor, constructed of molded plywood that covers the torso, arms, legs, and head, with gaps at the joints. Because of the weight and awkwardness of this armor movement is reduced to 75% of the regular rate.

Shell Plate
Plate armor made from the shells of giant mutant turtles or tortoises. Similar to Bug Shell armor, but heavier. Because of the weight and awkwardness of this armor movement is reduced to 75% of the regular rate.

Riot Control Armor
A pre-apocalytic body armor that incorporates ballistic armoring into blunt trauma armor, adding a protective helmet, gas mask, and often a shield. Because of the weight and awkwardness of this armor movement is reduced to 75% of the regular rate.

Heavy Scrap Plate
This form of improvised armor is a plate armor that recycles various sections of heavy metal plates such as cooking utensils, car body parts, HVAC ducting, diamond plate, corrugated iron, and even manhole covers and metal piping. Because of the weight and awkwardness of this armor movement is reduced to 75% of the regular rate.

Carbon Nanotube Clothing
One of the most advanced forms of pre-apocalyptic armor, this is a set of jacket and pants made from carbon annotubes. It is lightweight and very durable.

Combat Armor
Pre-apocalyptic armor composed of ballistic fiber covering the torso, arms, groin, legs, and neck. Generally also includes a combat helmet.

Heavy Combat Armor
This version of combat armor adds metal or ceramic plate inserts covering the front and back torso, sides, and groin. Because of the weight and awkwardness of this armor movement is reduced to 75% of the regular rate.

Bomb Suit
Constructed similar to heavy combat armor, this armor adds further, overlapping, protection to the neck, groin, and front torso. A larger, reinforced armored helmet is also added. Because of the weight and awkwardness of this armor movement is reduced to 75% of the regular rate.

Atmospheric Diving Suit
Less a type of armor, this suit is more of a wearable submarine composed of glass-reinforced plastics and cast aluminum, with articulated joints and manipulator jaws at the ends of the arms. A powered exoskeleton aids the wearer in moving the suit. Also included is a closed circuit rebreather and battery power supply each of which lasts about six hours. Moves very poorly on land, at a rate of about 25% of the regular movement rate.

Some Incomplete Notes on Armor Styles:

Bone Armor styles: Trophy Hunter, Skull Hunter, Skeleton Warrior, Beast Bones, Great Beast, Rattling Bones

Fur styles: Wolf Scout, Bearzerker, Feline Warrior, Minotauros, Deerstalker, Baphomet (goat)

Leaf Mail styles: Sylvan Elf, Autumn Rainbow, Canadian Red Maple, Pot Leaf, Palm Frond, Four Leaf Clover,

Leather styles: Road Warrior, Aviator, Punk Spike, BDSM Fetish, Skulls & Chains, Stingray, Sharkskin

Beast Scale styles: Cobra Hood, Rattlesnaker, Diamondback, Python, Death Adders, Copperheads, Green Mambas, Cottonmouths, Iguanas, Gila Monsters, Komodos, Geckoskinned, Chameleon Suited, Tuatara

Beast Scute styles: Black Caiman, Gatorskin, Gray Croc, Armadillo Banded, Albino Alligator, Green Croc

Thorn Armor styles: Prickly Cactus, Black Briar, Guns & Roses, Coat of Thorns, Stinging Nettle, Firethorn

Color Plate styles: Stop & Yield Red , Speed Limit 55 White, Yellow Diamond & Arrow, Work Orange, Rest Exit Blue, American Interstate/Interstate Shield (Red, White, & Blue), 1st & Main (Green), RxR (Yellow), Children Diamond (Yellow), Dead End Yellow

Bug Shell styles:
Flyer Chitin; Dragonfly, Firefly, Bumble Bee, Honey Bee, Yellow Jacket, Tarantula Hawk,
Beetle Chitin: Bombadier, Lady Bird, Scarab, Rhinoceros Beetle, Clown Beetle (black or metallic green), Golden Ground Beetle
True Bug Chitin; Aphid, Shield Bug, Cicada, Assassin Bug, Earwig, Minute Pirate Bug
Ant Chitin; Fire Ant, Black Ant, Leafcutter Ant, Bullet Ant, Army Ant, Pharoah Ant
Spider Carapace; Black Widow, Wolf Spider, Trap-Door Spider, Mexican Redknee Tarantula, Thomisus Crab Spider (various colours), Red Legged Purseweb, Happy Face Spider, Joro Spider, Red Widow, Green Lynx, Skeleton Tarantula, Zebra Spider, Magnolia Green Jumping Spider, Silver Garden Spider, Velvet Spider

Sports Pad Armor styles: Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, Paintball, Roller Derby, Skateboard, Motocross, Fencing

Scrap Plate Armor styles: Kitchen, Automobile, Folding Chair, Diamond Plate, Corrugated Iron, Rebar Mesh, Sewage (manhole covers and pipes), HVAC ducting

Tire Armor styles: Tire Pad, Laminar, Lamellar, Scale