Friday, June 24, 2016

The Robot Apocalypse is Coming

So evidently robots are now escaping from their captors: Russian Robot Makes Run Again.

You know, this just makes me want to create a top 10 list of robots (or maybe just technological inventions) that are moving us closer to serving future robot overlords. Here are some entries into that list (in no particular order).

1. Geminoid - How robots are going to replace us in the future.*
2. ACM-R5 - Yes, the Hydrobots from Terminator Salvation really exist.
3. Kuratas - While technically a mecha or exoskeleton-type robot, this robot is notable for it's "grin activated" weapon firing system, see more HERE.
4. Megabot Mark II - Since the Japanese have their entry into the mini-mecha market, here's the American competitor (literally).
5. ComicCon Robot - Mech, Exo, Autonomous Robot, who cares, this thing scores points. Also a hit with the ladies.
6. EATR - The name pretty much says it all, this is a robot that can eat people to fuel itself. See also HERE
7. TALON SWORDS - Not autonomous *YET*, but still mobile weapon platforms.
8. BigDog - This robot design may not have made it in the military's books, but it still looks like what the robots will be to replace pack animals and mounts. (See also BigDog's newer cousins, only a GOOGLE search away.)
9. Robokiyu - Coming to you once again from Japan, this body disposal robot comes in a wonderful Soylent Green paint job.
10. HitchBOT - So now we have hitchhiking killer robots. Looks like this one got capped on the streets of Philly though.

Honorable Mentions:
Cheerleading Robots.
Real-Life Robots That Will One Day Enslave Humanity, Ranked has some interesting entries, such as entries 9 (stabbing motion robot), 8 (Torso-Less Shopping Cart Bot), 6 (Karate Kid Bot), and 2 (Heebie-Jeebie-Inducing Spider Bot) [Looks like evil Gene Simmons will be able to afford that gun with the body heat seeking bullets after all].
Sparring Robot, just need two of these for Rock'em Sock'em Robot Action.
Pole Dancing Robots - For all those soon to be robosexuals out there.
I suppose I should mention ASIMO, but the dwarf spaceman look is kinda meh.
I should also probably mention the ROOMBA, but those things scare me.

*I should note that it seems the Japanese currently hold the record for "creepiest" life-like robots.