Monday, August 22, 2016

Random Wasteland Clothing

Random Clothing & Accessories
Here, finally, are my random clothing tables. There are some tables for clothing color, pattern and camouflage type at the bottom. To determine what type of clothing is found for totally random picks, here's a quick Clothing Determination Table.
Roll Roll on the following Table:
01 Accessories
02 Armor
03 Belt
04 Bracelet/Watch
05 Costumes
06 Unisex
07 Men's Wear
08 Men's Wear
09 Headgear
10 Headgear
11 Footwear
12 Footwear
13 Women's Wear
14 Women's Wear
15 Unisex
16 Eyeglasses
17 Outfits
18 Protective Clothing
19 Sunglasses
20 Mutant Lord's Choice

Roll Accessories Footwear Headgear
01 Alien Mask Alligator Skin Boots Ascot Cap
02 Ascot Ankle Boots Balaclava
03 Badge Lanyard Athletic Shoes Balmoral Bonnet
04 Bandanna Mask Army Boots Bandanna
05 Baseball Glove Ballet Shoes Baseball Cap
06 Bauta Mask Birkenstocks Beanie
07 Bear Mask Boat Shoes Beer Hat
08 Beer Goggles Bowling Shoes Bellboy Hat
09 Big Red Clown Nose Brogans Beret
10 Blue Ribbon Brogues Bicorne
11 Bolo Brothel Creepers Bishop's Mitre
12 Bowtie Bunny Slippers Boater Hat
13 Bunny Ears Headband Chap Boots Bomber Hat
14 Candy Necklace Chukka Boots Bonnet
15 Canvas Gloves Climbing Shoes Boonie Cap
16 Cat Ears Headband Clogs Bowler Hat
17 Catcher's Mitt Clown Shoes Bucket Hat
18 Chinese Opera Mask Cold Weather Boots Campaign/Park Ranger Hat
19 Clerical Collar Combat Boots Capotain (Pilgrim's Hat)
20 Clip-on Tie Cowboy Boots Chef's Hat
21 Clown Mask Crocs Cloche Hat
22 Cravat Cross Country Running Shoes Confederate Hat
23 Diving Mask Cycling Shoes Conical Bamboo Hat
24 Dog Ears Headband Dancing Shoes Coonskin Cap
25 Domino Mask Doc Martens Cowboy Hat
26 Driving Gloves Driving Moccasins Cricket Cap
27 Elbow Gloves Fisherman Sandals Deerstalker
28 Explosive Slave Collar Flip-Flops Dixie Cup Hat
29 Fingerless Gloves Fluffy Bunny Slippers Doo Rag
30 Frankenstein's Monster Mask Football Boots Dunce Cap
31 Fur Muff Football Cleats Executioner's Hood
32 Gardening Gloves Footwraps Feathered War Bonnet
33 Gerald Ford Mask Fuck-Me Boots Fedora
34 Ghost Mask Galoshes Fez
35 Ghostface Mask Geta Fisherman's Cap
36 Ghoul mask Go-go Boots Floppy Hat
37 Gimp Mask Golf Shoes Fool's Cap & Bells
38 Golf Gloves Gumboots Forage Hat
39 Gorilla Mask Gym Shoes Fruit Hat
40 Guy Fawkes Mask High Heels Gambler Hat
41 Halloween Mask High-Tops Gangster Fedora
42 Hannya Mask Hiking Boots Hairnet
43 Harlequin Mask Hip Boots Hardee Hat
44 Jabot Ho Chi Minh Sandals Homburg Hat
45 Jimmy Carter Mask Huraches Hood
46 Kitsune Mask Hush Puppies Jeep Cap
47 Latex Gloves Jackboots Kaffiyeh
48 Leather Gloves Jazz Shoes Kepi
49 Leather Slave Collar Jelly Shoes Kettle Hat
50 Lion Mask Jikatabi Kippah
51 Luchadore Mask Jump Boots Mad Hatter Top Hat
52 Matinee Gloves Jungle Boots Military Peaked Cap
53 Medical Gloves Knee-high Boots Mortarboard
54 Metal Slave Collar Kung Fu Shoes Newsboy Cap
55 Michael Jackson Gloves Leather Boots Nurse's Cap
56 Mittens Leather Dress Shoes Panama Hat
57 Neckerchief Loafers Party Hat
58 Necktie Magnetic Boots Patrol Cap
59 Ninja Mask Mary Janes Pillbox Hat
60 Noh Mask Mexican Pointy Boots Plastic St. Patrick's Top Hat
61 Opera Gloves Moccasins Police Peaked Cap
62 Oven Mitts Moon Boots Pork Pie Hat
63 Oxygen Mask Motorcycle Boots Prairie Bonnet
64 Paper Bag Mask Motorcycle Cop Boots Rastacap
65 Phantom of the Opera Mask Mukluks Robin Hood Hat
66 Pig Mask Mules Sailor Cap
67 Plague Doctor Mask Oxford Shoes Santa Hat
68 Pocket Protector Pattens Shako
69 Pumpkin Mask Penny Loafers Shemagh
70 Red Ribbon Platform Boots Shower Cap
71 Richard Nixon Mask Platform Shoes Ski Mask
72 Robot Mask Pumps Skullcap
73 Ronald Reagan Mask Racing Flats Slouch/Bush Hat
74 Rubber Gloves Ranger Boots Sombrero
75 Sash Riding Boots Sou'wester
76 Scarf Rubber Boots Stocking Cap
77 Shock Slave Collar Ruby Slippers Stormchaser Hat
78 Skeletal Mask Running Shoes Stove Pipe Hat
79 Spiked Leather Collar Safari Boots Straw Hat
80 Spiked Leather Wristband Sandals Sun Hat
81 Stole Ski Boots Sweatband
82 Superhero(ine) Mask Slingbacks Tin Foil Hat
83 Surgical Mask Slippers Top Hat
84 Suspenders Snake Skin Boots Trapper Hat
85 Swimming Goggles Sneakers Tricorne
86 Tengu Mask Soccer Cleats Trilby
87 Tiger Mask Steel Toed Boots Trucker Hat
88 Toupee Stiletto Heels Tuque
89 Vampire Mask Tap Shoes Turban
90 Weightlifting Gloves Tanker Boots Tyrolean (Alpine) Hat
91 Werewolf Mask Tennis Shoes Ushanka
92 White Gloves Thigh-Length Boots Utility Cover
93 Witch Doctor Mask Track Shoes Wedding Hat
94 Witch Mask Trench Boots Wimple
95 Wolf Mask Ugg Boots Witch Hat
96 Wolfman Mask Waders Wizard's Hat
97 Wool Wristband Wellington Boots Wreath
98 Wraparound Goggles Winklepickers Yacht Cap
99 Yellow Ribbon Wingtip Shoes Yarmulke
00 Zombie Mask Wrestling Shoes Zuchetto

Roll Men's Wear Women's Wear Unisex
01 3 Piece Suit Assymetric Skirt Afghanka Jacket
02 Ass-less Chaps Ballerina Skirt Afghanka Pants
03 Barbeque Apron Ballgown Ankle Socks
04 Baseball Jersey Barbarian Princess Furkini Anorack
05 Bermuda Shorts Birthing Skirt Athletic Socks
06 Bisht Bloomers Baggy Pants
07 Blazer Blouse Bankruptcy Barrel
08 Board Shorts Bodice Bath Robe
09 Boardshorts Bodystocking BDU Jacket
10 Bondage Pants Bodysuit BDU Pants
11 Breeches Bolero Jacket Bell Bottom Pants
12 Buffalo Coat Boyfriend Tunic Bobby Socks
13 Caftan Bra Boilersuit
14 Cassock Burqa Bomber Jacket
15 Chainmail Loincloth Camisole Bounty Hunter Duster
16 Chinos Capri Pants Buckskin Jacket
17 Club Shorts Casual Dress Buckskin Leggings
18 Cycling Shorts Catsuit Camo T-Shirt
19 Dance Belt Chainmail Bikini Camouflage Gore-Tex Jacket
20 Dinner Shirt Chemise Camp Shirt
21 Disco Pants Chinese Cheongsam Cardigan
22 Dock Shorts Circle Skirt Cargo Pants
23 Dress Shirt Cocktail Dress Cargo Shorts
24 Drop Crotch Pants Corset Cloak
25 Emergency Pants Crop Top Cold Weather Jacket
26 Fishing Jacket Cut-Offs Coveralls
27 Fishing Vest Daisy Dukes Cowled Robes
28 Floral Print Shirt Designer Dress Crop Jacket
29 Football Jersey Dress Denim Jacket
30 Football Pants Evening Gown Diabetic Socks
31 Frock Coat Eyelet Shirt Doctor's Lab Coat
32 Fundoshi Fairy Tunic Dress Socks
33 Ghillie Shirt Flannel Popover Duct Tape Shirt
34 Gym Shirt Formal Dress Duster
35 Gym Shorts Fringed Blouse Flannel Shirt
36 Hammer Pants Frock Flight Jacket
37 Haori Girdle Fur Coat
38 Hawaiian Shirt Halter Skirtini Graduation Gown
39 Henley Shirt Halter Top Greaser Jacket
40 Hero Harness Hula Dress Heavy Robes
41 Hip Waders Japanese Schoolgirl Sailor Fuku Hooded Cloak
42 Hockey Jersey Jersey Skirt Hooded Robes
43 Hockey Pants Kimono Hooded Sweater
44 Hunting Jacket Kitchen Apron Hospital Gown
45 Jellabiya Lace Trim Tunic Jeans
46 Jersey Leggings Jumper
47 Jersey Shorts Leotard Jumpsuit
48 Jockstrap Maternity Dress Kashmir Sweater
49 Jogger Pants Mini Skirt Knee Socks
50 Judo gi Muumuu Leather Jacket
51 Junker Pants Naughty Nightwear Leather Pants
52 Kaftan Negligee Leather Trenchcoat
53 Karate Gi Night Gown Load-Bearing Vest
54 Knickerbockers One Piece Bikini Long Johns
55 Kurta Padded Vest Long-Sleeved Shirt
56 Lederhosen Pants Suit Mesh Vest
57 Leopard-Skin Jacket Party Dress Military Field Jacket
58 Letterman's Shirt Peasant Blouse Nightshirt
59 Loincloth Peasant Top One-Piece Pajamas
60 Men's Boxer Briefs Pencil Skirt Overalls
61 Men's Boxers Petticoat Pajama Pants
62 Men's Tighty Whiteys Pinafore Dress Pajama Shirt
63 Men’s Yukata Pintuck Tunic Pantsuit
64 Mesh Shorts Pleated Skirt Parachute Pants
65 Morning Coat Poplin Shirt Parka
66 Nehru Jacket Prom Dress Pea Coat
67 Performanced Tights Puma Vest Photojournalist’s Vest
68 Pin-Striped Suit Sarashi Pilot's Flightsuit
69 Pinafore Sarong Poncho
70 Polo Shirt Sequined Dress Raincoat
71 Pullover Sexy Sleepwear Red Shirt
72 Rashguard Surf Shirt Sheath Dress Rubber Body Suit
73 Rhinestone Cowboy Shirt Shrug Short-Sleeved Shirt
74 Rugby Shirt Skirt Silver Jumpsuit
75 Safari Jacket Sleaveless Blouse Ski Suit
76 Samurai Jacket Slip Split-Toed Socks
77 Short-Sleeved Pocket Shirt Smock Straitjacket
78 Slacks Snuggie Surgical Gown
79 Softshell Plants Spaghetti Strap Dress Sweater
80 Spa Wrap Sports Bra Sweater-Vest
81 Speedsuit Stockings Sweatpants
82 Sport Coat Stola Sweatshirt
83 Stanton Shorts Strapless Dress T-Shirt
84 Suit Pants String Bikini Tactical Pants
85 Suit Vest Summer Dress Tactical Vest
86 Surf Trunks Sundress Thigh High Socks
87 Swim Trunks Tank Top Shirt Tie Dyed T-Shirt
88 Tartan Kilt Teddy Toe Socks
89 Thobe/Dishdasha Tennis Skirt Tool Vest
90 Toga Thong Tracksuit
91 Top Coat Tights Trenchcoat
92 Track Pants Tube Top Trousers
93 Trews Tutu Tube Socks
94 Twill Pants Two Piece Bikini Turtleneck
95 Utili-Kilt Unitard Vest
96 Waistcoat Wedding Dress Walking Shorts
97 Wife Beater Women's Bikini Underwear Warm Up Jacket
98 Wrestling Singlet Women's Panties Web Vest
99 Zookeeper's Jacket Women’s Yukata Windbreaker
00 Zoot Suit Yoga Pants Workman’s Coveralls

Roll Costumes Outfits Protective Clothing
01 7th Cavalry Regiment Blue & Yellow Costume Academic Regalia Animal Handling Gloves
02 Abraham Lincoln Costume Airline Pilot Uniform Anti-Contamination Clothing
03 Angel Costume American Civil War Uniform (Confederate) Archer's Glove
04 Baby Costume American Civil War Uniform (Union) Asbestos Apron
05 Barbarian Costume American Revolutionary War Uniform Athletic Supporter
06 Bear Costume Animal Control Outfit Back Protector
07 Beer Girl Costume Army Dress Uniform Barbed Wire Handling Gloves
08 Belly Dancer Costume (Bedlah) Ballerina Outfit Baseball Catcher's Mask
09 Bunch of Grapes Costume Bartender Outfit Basketball Goggles
10 Caricature Burglar Costume Baseball Uniform Beekeeper’s Veil
11 Caveman Costume Basketball Uniform Belly Protector
12 Cavewoman Costume Beekeeper Outfit Biker Chaps
13 Chicken Costume Bellhop Uniform Boxing Gloves
14 Christmas Elf Costume Biker Leather Outfit Boxing Head Guard
15 Clown Costume Black & White Stripped Prisoner Outfit Carnivore Resistant/Animal Assault Jacket
16 Cocktail Waitress Costume Boy Scout Uniform Chainmail Gauntlet
17 Construction Worker Costume British Beefeater Uniform Chainsaw Chaps
18 Cow Costume British Bobby Uniform Chainsaw Gloves
19 Cowboy Costume British Redcoat Uniform Chainsaw Protective Jacket
20 Cupid Costume Bullfighters' Suit of Lights Chainsaw Protective Trousers
21 Devil Costume Butler Outfit Chapron
22 Dinosaur Costume Candy Striper Outfit Chemical Protection Apron
23 Dungeon Master Costrume Carhop Outfit Chemical Spray Chaps
24 Easter Bunny Costume Catholic School Uniform Chest Guard
25 Egyptian Pharaoh Costume Chauffeur Outfit Chin Strap
26 Elephant Costume Cheerleading Uniform Codpiece
27 Elvis Costume Chef's Uniform Cold Weather Goggles
28 Evil Knieval Costume Circus Ringmaster's Outfit Construction High Visibility Vest
29 Fairy Costume Cleanroom Suit Crossing Guard High Visibility Vest
30 Frankenstein's Monster Costume Court Judge Outfit Cut Resistant Gloves
31 French Maid Costume Croupier Outfit Cut Resistant Leg Guards
32 Frog Costume Dominatrix Outfit Cut Resistant Sleeves
33 Ghost Costume Equestrian Riding Gear Dog Bite Jacket
34 Ghostbuster Costume Executioner's Outfit Dog Bite Pants
35 Gorilla Costume Fast Food Uniform Dog Bite Sleeve/Ar, Guard
36 Grim Reaper/Death Costume Firefighter's Outfit Dog Bite Suit
37 Gypsy Girl Costume Flight Attendant Uniform Dog Bite Trenchcoat
38 Hermes Costume Football Uniform Dust Mask
39 Horse Costume Forest Ranger Uniform Ear Muffs
40 Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Costume Foul Weather Fishing Gear (Yellow Sou'wester, Yellow
Rainslicker, Yellow Wellington Boots or Hip Waders)
Ear Plugs
41 Jedi Costume Ghillie Suit Elbow Pad
42 Keystone Kops Costume Girl Scout Uniform Face Shield
43 Lady Justice Costume Graduation Robes Falconry Gauntlet
44 Leprechaun Costume Harem Outfit Fencing Gauntlet
45 Lunch Lady Costume Hazmat Suit Fire Proximity Suit
46 Mad Scientist Costume Hockey Uniform Firefighter's Jacket
47 Man in the Moon Costume Horse Jockey Outfit Firefighter’s Gloves
48 Masked Luchador Costume Hospital Scrubs Firefighter’s Overall
49 Matador Costume Janitor Uniform Firefighter’s Trousers
50 Men in Black Costume Jester's Motley Fist Guard
51 Mermaid Costume Judge’s Robes Foot Guard
52 Mime Costume Leisure Suit Football Face Cage
53 Mother Nature Costume Lifeguard Uniform Forearm Guard
54 Mummy Costume Lounge Suit Forearm Pads
55 Oil Sheik Costume Lumberjack Outfit Full Face Sparring Headgear
56 Octopus Costume Maid Outfit Gas Mask
57 Peter Pan Costume Mailman Uniform High Visibility Jacket
58 Pink Bunny Costume Marching Band Uniform High Visibility Pants
59 Pirate Costume Marine Dress Uniform High Visibility Parka
60 Plastic Army Man Costume Military Aviator’s Flightsuit High Visibility Raincoat
61 Playboy Bunny Costume Milkman Outfit High Visibility Sweatshirt
62 Princess Costume Minuteman Uniform Hip Pads
63 Pumpkin Costume Moon Suit Hockey Face Cage
64 Racoon Costume Motorcyle Cop Leathers Hockey Glove
65 Red Riding Hood Costume Naval Officer's Uniform Hockey Mask
66 Restaurant Mascot Costume Naval Sailor's Uniform Instep Protector
67 Robin Hood Costume Nazi Uniform Kendo Kote
68 Robot Costume Ninja Suit Knee Pads
69 Santa Suit Nun Habit Knuckle Guard
70 Satan Costume Nurse Outfit Lead-lined X-Ray Apron
71 Scarecrow Costume Old-Timey Bathing Suit Life Vest/Personal Floatation Device
72 Sexy Santa Costume Orange Prison Outfit MOPP Suit
73 Shark Costume Package Courier Outfit (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc) Motorcycle Gloves
74 Sherlock Holmes Costume Paramedic Uniform Motorcycle Goggles
75 Sith Costume Pest Exterminator Outfit Motorcycle Racing Armor
76 Skeleton Costume Pimp Outfit NBC Suit
77 Snowman Costume Plague Doctor Outfit Open Face Sparring Headgear
78 Sports Mascot Costume Police Uniform Padded Shorts
79 Star Trek Starfleet Uniform Postal Carrier Outfit Particulate Mask
80 Star Trek Klingon Costume Priest Outfit Racquetball Goggles
81 Statue of Liberty Costume Racecar Driver Outfit Respirator
82 Sultan Costume RCMP Uniform Rib Guard
83 Superhero Costume Ringmaster Outfit Roost Deflector
84 Superheroine Costume Safari Outfit Rugby Tackle Suit
85 Swan Princess Costume Sailor Suit Safety Goggles
86 Theme Park Mascot Costume School Uniform Sea Survival/Immersion Suit
87 Tiger Costume Security Guard Uniform Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
88 Train Engineer Costume Shriner Outfit Shin guard
89 Tree Costume Smokey (State Trooper) Uniform Shoulder Pads
90 Tribal American Costume Soda Jerk Outfit Sparring Face Cage
91 Turtle Costume Spacesuit Stab Vest
92 Uncle Sam Costume Sports Referee Outfit Thigh Pads
93 Vampire Costume Stage Magician Outfit Throat Guard
94 Viking Costume Swiss Guard Uniform Tyvek Coveralls
95 Voodoo Doll Costume Tacky Tuxedo Welder's Gloves
96 Witch Costume Tuxedo Welding Goggles
97 Witch Doctor Costume Usher Outfit Welding Mask
98 Wizard Costume Vaultsuit Wetsuit
99 Wolfman Costume Wasteland Doctor Outfit Wrist Guard
00 World War II Fighter Pilot Costume Zookeeper's Outfit Wrist Wraps

Roll Bracelet/Watch Belt Eyeglasses Sunglasses
01 Analog Wristwatch Alligator Skin Belt 3-D Glasses "Black Sails" Jack Rackham Sunglasses
02 Astronomical Wristwatch Bandolier Bifocals "Morpheus" Temple-less Sunglasses
03 Braille Wristwatch Beaded Daisy Belt Birth Control Glasses Armor Plated Sunglasses
04 Calculator Wristwatch Black Belt Browline Glasses Authority Glasses
05 Camera Wristwatch Braided Leather Belt Buddy Holly Glasses Aviator Glasses
06 Chronograph Wristwatch Bullet Belt Bug-Eye Glasses Black Bar Sunglasses
07 Digital Wristwatch Championship Wrestling Belt Cat Eye Glasses Butterfly Sunglasses
08 Diver’s Wristwatch Cinch Belt Coke Bottle Glasses Cat Eye Sunglasses
09 Event Access Bracelet Cincture Corrective Glasses Champagne-Colored Sunglasses
10 Gold Wristwatch Cowboy Belt Eye Patch Clubmaster Sunglasses
11 Hiker’s Wristwatch Dive Belt Googly Eye Glasses Cyclist Wraparound Sunglasses
12 Illuminated Wristwatch Elastic Belt Horn-Rimmed Glasses Cyclops Visor Sunglasses
13 Medical Health Bracelet Flexi Belt Lennon Glasses Glacier Glasses
14 Military Wristwatch Girdle Monocle Heart-Shaped Sunglasses
15 Navigation Wristwatch Leather Belt Pince Nez Keyhole Sunglasses
16 Pocket Watch Metal Chain Belt Pink Flamingo Glasses Mirrorshades
17 Sports Wristwatch Money Belt Reading Glasses Novelty Sunglasses
18 Talking Wristwatch Obi Shooting Glasses Octagon Sunglasses
19 Television Wristwatch Police Duty Belt Trifocals Oval Sunglasses
20 Video Game Wristwatch Rigger Belt X-Ray Vision Glasses (Novelty) Oversized Sunglasses
21 Rope Belt Rectangular Sunglasses
22 Sam Browne Belt Rimless Sunglasses
23 Snakeskin Belt Rose-Colored Sunglasses
24 Stretch Belt Semi-Rimless Sunglasses
25 Studded Belt Shield Sunglasses
26 Tool Belt Shutter Shades
27 Utility Belt Sport Sunglasses
28 Webbed Belt Teashades
29 Western Rhinestone Belt Wayfarers
30 Woven Belt Wraparound Sunglasses

Roll Clothing Color Clothing Pattern Camouflage Pattern Camouflage Type
01 Aqua Animal Print Amoeba Alpine
02 Beige Argyle Bleeding Vines Arctic
03 Black Awning Striped Bomba Pattern Blue
04 Blue Bar Code Striped Brushstroke Coyote Brown
05 Brick Blotched Chocolate Chip Desert
06 Brown Candy Striped Dazzle Field
07 Coyote Brown Checked Digital Grey
08 Dark Grey Crosshatched Disruptive Pattern Material Hunter Orange
09 Gold Dappled Duck Hunter Jungle
10 Green Dotted ERDL Lime
11 Indigo Floral Flecktarn Marsh
12 Khaki Gingham Frog Skin Mountain
13 Lavender Harlequinn Leaf Multipurpose
14 Light Blue Herringbone Lizard Naval/Blueberry
15 Light Grey Houndstooth Mossy Oak Night
16 Magenta Lattice Oak Leaf Oceanic
17 Maroon Madras Palm Tree Olive Drab
18 Mustard Paisley Puzzle/Jigsaw Pink
19 Navy Patched Rain Pattern Plateau
20 Olive Pencil Striped Real Tree Purple
21 Orange Pied/Piebald Scrambled Egg Red
22 Pink Pinstriped Sky Cloud Semi-Aird
23 Purple Polka Dotted Smoke Pattern Snow
24 Red Skewbald Splinter Swamp
25 Silver Solid Stair Step Tactical
26 Tan Speckled Three Dimensional Tan
27 Turquoise Spotted Tiger Stripe Urban
28 Violet Swirled Tree Bark White
29 White Tartan Tropentarn Woodland
30 Yellow Tattersall Zebra Stripe Yellow