Tuesday, August 16, 2016

C is for Post Apocalyptic Cults

I'll keep this introduction brief. Here are 100 Cults for use in Post Apocalyptic Games. I tried to incorporate a mix of pop culture references, plausible wasteland groups, and factions that haven't generally been seen before.
  1. 893 - This cult is known for their elaborate tattoos, odd code of honor, and punishing failure through the self-removal of fingers for each offense. They typically engage in gambling activities and protection rackets, along with running brothels, bath houses, drugs, and weapons. Known symbols include serpentine dragons, two-horned demons, and the numbers 8, 9, and 3 in a foreign script.
  2. Abbesses of Animosity - A cult primarily composed of medusoids, along with the occasional female snake mutant, disfigured female mutant human, or gynoid. They appear dressed in black and white nun habits, armed to the teeth with firearms and bows and are known to extensively use poison. Mostly they attack bands of primarily male creatures, and can be found in just about any wilderness location or ruin. While they are secretive about their source of worship, their symbol is a full moon flanked by waxing and waning crescent moons.
  3. Akashic Temple of Wisdom - This psychic cult seeks to gain knowledge in all forms, though they especially prefer psychic secrets. Small bands can be found wandering the wastelands. They posses quite a bit of area knowledge and lore and are willing to trade what they know in exchange for new knowledge. Their symbol is a figure with its hands to its head.
  4. Ambulance Chasers - These, strangely well-dressed, though disheveled cultists follow armies and congregate at accident sites to engage in strange discourse and arguments. While they can become rather violent, they are mostly just really pushy about "helping" if they encounter any being involved in an accident. Other than their fairly stereotypical appearance, they have no known symbology.
  5. Ape Ascendant - Mutant primates who advocate a caste system where primates control the world form this beastman cult. Each type of primate (chimpanzee, orangutan, gorilla, monkey, etc) naturally advocates that itself be the top caste. Primarily found in their villages and towns, usually in forested regions, they can occasionally be found in ruined pre apocalypse cities, especially those with zoos. Their symbology, usually a stylized ape head, varies from species to species.
  6. Area 51ers - A strange cult who are looking for the "Lost Area 51 - a gateway to peaceful contact with the universe." They have no known symbology, are generally peaceable, and can be found just about anywhere.
  7. Axe Kings - Drugged out, berserk, axe wielding mutants who work as mercenary assassins. They seek payment in the form of blood, raw meat, drugs, and what else you got, a sister, yeah, how about your watch? Their symbol is the silhouette of black battle axe surmounted by a yellow or gold crown on a field of red.
  8. Believers of the Bitten Apple (iBiters) - These cultists worship an "operating system" whose attributes are ease of use, developing entertainment media (movies, music, and images), and resistance to viruses and bugs. They are opposed by MOTOS. Their symbol is a white apple with a bite taken out of it, on a green field.
  9. Bjorn Brotherhood - Militant mutant bears make up this beastman cult. They tend to be fairly primitive tool users who advocate protecting nature from development by more civilized species. Forest and mountain regions tend to be their homes. Their symbol is Smokey the Bear.
  10. Black Sun - This cult of mutant plants sacrifice animals to the Green Mother, and can be found building temples & pyramids in forests, jungles, swamps. Often encountered as hunting parties for their sacrifices, or, looking for new building materials (though they'll be happy to attack and enslave any beings they come across, as slave porters for their materials (and usually sacrifices when they arrive at the temple)). Their symbol is a black sonnenrad on a green field.
  11. Black Ziggurat - A cult of self-sacrificing Black Lotus-fueled assassins who fanatically worship the "Old One of the Garden of 72 Big-Breasted Houris." Usually encountered when the attack whoever has offended the Old One, or refused to pay him tribute. They can be identified by their stylized step pyramid symbol, worn as a pewter talisman, or flown as a black step pyramid on a tan field.
  12. Brotherhood of Extraterrestrial Mutants (BEMs) - This cult worships bug eyed monsters from outer space. They are enemies of the Devotees of the LGM, but neutral toward the Grey Brotherhood. Occasionally they can be found at space ports and launch sites, but mostly just wander the wasteland. Symbolized by an encephalized, wrinkled head with large eyes.
  13. Brotherhood of Illuminated Spoon Benders - A group of psychokinetic mutants who desire to develop their mental abilities. Mostly harmless, unless their wrath is aroused. They form small villages and communes wherever they can. Their symbol is a bent spoon.
  14. Chantry of Lost Luna - A cult who desires to travel to the "bases on the Moon," where they can live in eternal Paradise. They seek to restore any launch sites or spaceports they can find. Their symbol is a circular representation of a man in the moon overlooking 13 stars.
  15. Children of Atomic Fire - The deranged anarchists of this apocalyptic cult believe that atomic fire cleanses all it touches and seek to find, make, and detonate any nuclear weapons they can. They can be found in highly irradiated ruins, particularly former military bases, searching for their tools of destruction, in order to use them against the newly formed communities of the wasteland. Their symbol is a red mushroom cloud on a black field.
  16. Church of Fire & Brimstone - A cult where the priests and priestess preach about how the post apocalyptic world is the result of their deity's judgment and how the survivors are eternally damned unless they repent. They can be identified by their stark, simple clothing. They are known to be quite violent against "evil and wickedness," and are know to physically attack those who commit criminal acts. Additionally they often are the inspiring leaders behind lynch mobs which can result in accused victims being hanged, beaten, stoned, crucified, burned at the stake, tarred & feathered, placed in stocks, fetters, or cages, or even imprisoned outright. They are generally intolerant of other cults, and will often preach against them, with very few exceptions (such as healing or peaceful cults who espouse no special worship).
  17. Church of the Computer - This cult believes that computers are divine manifestations or angels, sent to guide mankind into a peaceful existence. Ancient cities and scientific research facilities is where they can generally be found. Any site they find with computers, mainframes, or servers will be regarded as a holy location, and fiercely defended. They worship items such as "The Mainframe, " "The Holy Circuits," and "Divine Logic".
  18. Church of the King - This cult worships a strange mythical deity known variously as "The King," "Elvis," "The Great Press Lee" and believe that everyone should be cast in his image. They can be found in strange costumes, with strange hairstyles, sunglasses, and either singing or talking in strange cant. While they are open to new members, their initiation consists of plastic surgery or face shaping in order to resemble their great deity. They can often be found searching for the holy city of Lost Vegas, believed to be the home of their deity. (If they ever learn about Graceland, they are likely to make it their new holy capitol.) A wide variety of symbol artifacts are related to this cult, but the most coveted is known as the "Velvet Painting."
  19. Church of Vegetology - A cult of mutant plants who believe in holistic healing. They are willing to use or create herbal cures, tisanes, root medicines, and other vegetable-based cures for a variety of ailments and conditions. Fairly altruistic about healing, with no regard to the supplicant's alignment, as long as no violence occurs in their presences. Identified by the ancient RX symbol. Found in or near forests, swamps, lush valleys, high mountain vales, and occasionally small tribal villages.
  20. Cognition Inquisition - Telepaths and mind reading mutants who seek out, monitor, and punish beings who have thoughts detrimental to public order. Inquisitors of this cult seek out subversives, heretics, apostates, deviants, political or religious agitators, dissidents, revolutionaries, and other trouble makers. They can be found just about anywhere, but tend to be concentrated in settlements with strict political, ideological or religious controls. Their symbol is the "all-seeing eye".
  21. Colonia Murcielago - A beastman cult for mutant chiropterans. While they can be incited to vigilantism, they primarily just protect the caves and ruins they inhabit against attacking forces and creatures. Their symbol is a stylized black bat on a yellow background.
  22. Congregation of the Holy Radio Wave - This technology cult espouses the use use of radio and televised communication systems to enhance the world. Fierce defenders of facilities with any communication systems, they can be found armed with Tesla weapons and technologies. Their symbol is the RKO Transmitter Logo.
  23. Cult of the Gazebo - These cultists worship strange temples, a freestanding roofed structure or belvedere, usually open on the sides. They will savagely defend any such existing structures, fearing the wrath of the "Dread Gazebo" if these structures are damaged. Commonly found in ruined suburbs and former park areas where gazebos can be found.
  24. Cyberchurch - A cyborg cult dedicated to improving themselves through the use of cybernetic implants. There are two main sects, The Bionic Men and the Cyber-Reavers. The Bionic Men seek out implant centers and cybernetic clinics which they seek to restore and use, and are generally not hostile, except in self-defense or when defending these facilities. Cyber-Reavers on the other hand seek out and to attack other cyborgs, androids, and robots in order to harvest their parts for themselves. Both sects are open to new membership, though the Cyber-Reavers are much more difficult to join, which is usually accomplished by defeating an existing member and adding their parts to oneself. Highly visible cybernetic implants, bionic parts, and robotic components mark members of this cult.
  25. Damnation Army - An apocalyptic cult firmly rooted in the goals of loot, pillage, and plunder. Found attacking settlements and communities throughout the wasteland. Often regarded as little better than common marauders or raiders. Their symbol is a red shield with "The Damnation Army" in black, a cruel mockery of the symbol of The Salvation Army.
  26. Dark Sibyls - Female mutants with mental mutations or psionic powers make up this cult. While their primary area of focus is divination, they use their abilities to sow hate, fear, envy, and discord among those who consult them. They particularly enjoy foretelling disasters. Their symbol is a stylized wheel of the zodiac.
  27. Dee Aitch Ells - This yellow-garbed package delivery cult is fairly small, but carries on a fierce battle with the Messengers of the Ups and the Fedexers. The letters "D," "H," and "L" in red upon a yellow field is their symbol.
  28. Devotees of the LGM (Little Green Men) - Adherents of this cult worship stereotypical green extraterrestrials. Enemies include both the Grey Brotherhood, and the Brotherhood of Extraterrestrial Mutants. Rarely encountered, as their holy sites are often shrouded in ancient lore and mystery. Their symbol is a green head with two antenna and a row of three eyes.
  29. Disciples of Doomsday - Worshiping the metaphysical nature of the end, this apocalyptic cult preaches the joys and luxuries brought about by the "Day of Doom" and seek to convert all other sentients to their beliefs, through proselytizing and preaching in every community. Their symbol is a reversed doomsday clock image.
  30. Discordian People's Front - One of the many cabalistic and schismatic cults who worship chaos in the form of Eris. Extremely secretive in their worship and beliefs, their only symbol is an Apple of Discord, usually worn as a small pin or badge. They are particular enemies of the People's Front of Discordia.
  31. Divine Order of His Pastaness (Pasta Pirates) - Often mistaken for a cult dedicated to the worship of the Old Ones, this cult worships the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster, and his pirate saints. Their symbol is the FSM Emblem.
  32. Donkeycrats - Donkey worshiping advocates of something called "democracy." They oppose the Elephanticans. Symbolized by a stylized donkey, the top half blue with four white stars and the bottom half red.
  33. Elephanticans - Elephant worshiping advocates of something called "the republic." They oppose the Donkeycrats. Their symbol is a stylized elephant, the top section in blue with three white stars, the bottom portion in red.
  34. Esoteric Order of Dixie - Hill-country dwelling cult dedicated to distilling and drinking intoxicants, fire guns and blowing stuff up, waving the Confederate Navy Jack (often misconstrued as the confederate flag), banjo plucking, inbreeding, and making outsiders 'squeal like a pig.' They might be worshipers of Dagon, if they could find out where the ocean is.
  35. Etheric Cenobites (Morphic Resonance) - A cult formed by mutants with psychic powers and mental mutations. Mostly composed of hermits who live apart from other sentients in order to enhance their abilities. They are infrequently willing to aid others with their abilities, and can sometimes be found wandering the wastelands looking for something only they know. Their symbol is an upraised hand.
  36. Fast Food Worshipers - These cultists can be found just about anywhere, worshiping a strange icon, roll 1D8 on the following table:
    1 Golden Arches
    2 Jack
    3 Ronald McDonald
    4 The King
    5 Ovenmitt
    6 White Castle
    7 The Colonel
    8 The Taco Bell
  37. Fedexers - Another mail delivery cult which wears blue & white clothing and have an ongoing war with the Messengers of the Ups and Dee Aitch Ells. A white field displaying "Fed" in blue and "Ex" in orange is often regarded as their symbol.
  38. Fist of the North Gods - A mystic warrior cult dedicated to the old Norse Pantheon. They can be found in northern coastal regions. Their symbol is an upright fist.
  39. Fold of the Purification - Cult which seeks to destroy all technology above Tech Level 2 (Iron Age), believing such technology is soul destroying and evil. Most commonly encountered on destructive sprees in ruins of pre apocalypse communities and besieging technologically advanced post apocalyptic settlements. Their arms and armor tend to be primitive, but they can often be met in vast numbers. A hammer smashing a machine is their symbol.
  40. Followers of the Shielded Cross - An oddly militant cult which is composed of healers. They strongly advocate the healing of sick, injured, or ill without regard to compensation. While they tend to only heal Lawful or Neutral creatures, they may be willing to heal those of Chaotic alignment. Their militarism stems from their fierce protection of patients under their care, as well as the restoration and safe operation of medical facilities. Typically, they wander the wasteland looking for healing facilities as well as beings needing to be healed. A white shield with a red, blue, or green cross upon it acts as their symbol.
  41. Frolicking Flora - Sentient plants of this cult can be found in forest regions. Typically garbed in tunics in green, brown or red, green or brown hose or braies, green or red "ranger archer hats", brown monk robes, and forest green cloaks; armed with bows, swords, and quarterstaffs. They engage in robbery and banditry to some degree, but rarely injure or kill their victims, seeking only to relieve them of their goods. Espousing the ideal of "robbing from the rich, to give to the poor," they more typically keep the loot they obtain for themselves. Symbolized by an archery but with one arrow splitting another in the bulls-eye of the target.
  42. Gamma Seekers - Fervent survivalists make up this apocalyptic cult. They believe that the end times represent the start of a great trial and seek to develop the means and methods for individual survival in the wasteland. Protection from radiation hazards is a particular focus of this cult, they actively seek out protective gear like gas masks, air filters, hazmat suits, dosimeters and Geiger counters. They a particularly excited by chemicals, agents, organisms, and devices which can eliminate or cure radiation. Marking radioactive ares with clear warning signs is also a tactic this cult engages in, though they are more of a loose collection of like-minded rugged individualists than a true organized group. Their symbol is a black atom symbol on a white background.
  43. Geist Totentanz - A cult which seeks to gather spirit entities and ghosts in order to attack the living and bring about death of all living things. They achieve this through elaborate rituals of chanting and dancing, while preparing corpses to be reanimated. Commonly found among mass graves, burial sites, cemeteries, and death houses. Their symbol is a stereotypical white-colored sheet ghost on a black field.
  44. Grand Knights of Pep-Psi - These blue-armored knights are violently opposed to the Coke Gang, their battle cry is "Take the Challenge!" Generally armed with lances and morning stars, they eschew shields and tend to ride mutant lizards. Their surcoats are red on top and blue on bottom, emblazoned with the word "PEPSI" in blue letters on a white banner.
  45. Great White Cult - This cult worships a great white being, believed to be the source of all goodness. Roll 1D4 for specific being; 1 Michelin Man
    2 Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
    3 Mr Clean
    4 Pillsbury Doughboy
  46. Greatful Deadites - A cult dedicated to free love, psychedelic and psychoactive intoxicants, listening to psychedelic music, and generally just being groovy. They can be identified by the bell-bottom pants, vests, tie-dyed shirts, headbands, blouses, dashikis, and long skirts. Accessories include beads, flowers, and scarves. Found wandering the wasteland in search of their deity, the Purple Sage. He is believed to make his home in the great paradise of Woodstock. Symbol is the Steal Your Face Skull (a grinning skull with a lightning bolt on the frontal bone; filled in opposing red & blue).
  47. Greens - Green clothed, advocates of something called "recycling." Mostly found scavenging the ruins in order to repair the artifacts of the ancients. The Peace Symbol identifies members of this cult.
  48. Grey Brotherhood - Worshipers of extraterrestrials known as "Greys." These aliens can be recognized by their short stature, grey skin, and large eyes. Adherents believe that the Greys will be able to uplift them to a peaceful and superior existence among the stars. The Grey Brotherhood is at war with the Devotees of the LGM. Their symbol is a stylized "alien grey" head.
  49. Holy Order of the Jedi - A new cult religion that believes an "All-powerful Force" ties everything together and provides supernatural powers. They espouse bringing peace and justice to all sentients. While recognizable by their brown robes and use of laser swords, they mostly interact with others through peaceable dialogue and negotiation, though they are quite capable of defending themselves. Masters of this order will often have mental mutations which enhance their capabilities. Supposedly their enemies are known as the Darth Empire of the Sith, but this cult has yet to appear. Their symbol is a stylized pair of wings spreading up from the base of a light or sword-like object.
  50. Horn & Hoof - A beastman cult composed of mutant farm animals, primarily cows, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, chickens, ducks and geese. They are primarily a vegetarian agricultural cult consisting of farming communes. Their symbol is the Horn and Hoof (see Animal Farm).
  51. Human Purity League - Dedicated to the concept of the superiority of pure humanity, this cult seeks the extermination of all other species, and brutally attacks any mutants they come across. Found scouting the wasteland from their hidden bases in order to find mutant settlements to attack. Victims of this cult will often be found crucified on fiery crosses or hanged from convenient trees or ruins. These cultists can be recognized by the white robes and masked capirotes adorned with a the symbol of a black swastika upon a white circle, surrounded by a red field, usually worn as an armband. Leaders of this cult can be identified by their red robes and masked capirotes, though rumors persist that their highest leader, the Dragon Fuhrer, wears black robes and a masked capirote.
  52. Imperial Order of Mt Dew Chevaliers - These knight cultists wear armor in shades of dark and light green with yellow and red highlights. Commonly armed with crossbows and axes while mounted on riding birds. Their battle cry is, "Do the Dew!" Surcoats of this order bear the letters "Mtn" in red above the word "DEW" in green upon a white or green background.
  53. Injurious Ambition Guild - Ruled by The Goblin Sovereign, who is assisted by a Council of Twelve, the Guild oversees organized havoc through the use of intelligence gathering and deals made with law enforcement groups. They provide access to hirelings and technological artifacts that aid raiders, pirates, and marauders, as well as offering benefits like dental and health insurance. Their symbols is a heraldic dragon atop a globe wreathed with poison ivy and bearing a fusion of the letters I, A, and G.
  54. Interweb Syndicate (Cyber-Spiders) - This technology hoarding cult is organized along criminal lines. They primarily engage in locating and securing technological artifacts, especially robotic and computer systems through a system of paid informants and agents. If they can't quietly acquire the artifacts, usually through the use of mercenaries or intrepid ruin explorers and scavengers, they will pay to have the artifact stolen. It is not known if this cult has a symbol, as they layer themselves behind cutouts and middlemen to protect their techno-treasure troves.
  55. Kemetic Temple - Found in desert and wasteland regions, this cult is composed primarily of beastmen, particularly those dedicated to building stone monuments, statues, pyramids, as well as cultivating the land for the agriculture to support these works. They worship the animal-headed deities of the ancient Egyptian Pantheon. They do not get along well with the Paramount Dodekatheon, often competing with them for building resources and worshipers. The ankh is generally seen as their symbol, though the Eye of Horus, Feather of Maat, and other symbols associated with minor sects also appear.
  56. Khan Syndicate - Carnivorous mutant plants make up this cult. The basis of their worship is the transportation of goods in exchange for meat. Their members can regularly be found with heavily guarded trader caravans traversing the wastelands between settlements. Incongruously, there symbol is a bengal tiger wearing a business suit.
  57. Kildara (Church of Oak) - A cult of neutral-aligned mutant plants who sacrifice animal sentients or fertility of plants and to restore nature. They are not very aggressive, and their sacrificial rites are tied to seasonal events like eclipses, equinoxes, and solstices. Their victims tend to be 'voluntary' and selected from groups that have a mutually beneficial relationship with the cult (usually consisting of healing and curative services, occasionally blessings of harvests or food gathering). Of course, the sacrifices are still quite brutal and generally consist of sacrifices being strangled or hung from trees, drowned in bogs, or burned in elaborate wicker man constructs. Their symbol is a golden sickle.
  58. Knochen Hexen (Bone Witches) - Witches who form a coven dedicated to the mystical use of skulls and bones. While they don't generally offer any services, being more likely to curse (using 'corpse powder' to poison their victims) or attack those they come across, they can be bargained with, in exchange for bones and skulls, the rarer, the better. They can usually be encountered in caves, forests, and swamps, occasionally inhabiting ruined buildings of pre apocalypse cities. Their lairs are often marked by bone fetishes and sticks tied or arranged to resemble bones. Rivals to Los Tiburon Brujahs, who they feel are snobbish upstarts. Their symbol is a white totenkopf on a black field.
  59. League of Mind Masters - Mental mutation gifted mutants who have banded together to impose their mental controls on slave groups. Popular among Brain Lashers and Humanoid Masses. They use the icon of the global world as their symbol (a circle with lines and arcs representing latitude and longitude).
  60. Lone Star Republicans - A cult organized around the concept that their homeland is a righteous, god-fearing, independent republic. The ideal Lone Star Republican is true to his or her word, clever, minds his or her own business, courageous in defense of self and friends, and shoots straight. However, every Republican isn't ideal, and that's where the law enforcement among this cult comes in, badged "Rangers," led by a Marshal handle problems and trouble makers. These Rangers are quite effective at their jobs, able to track down criminals across long distances and capture or kill them. A five pointed star with a single point at the top is their symbol.
  61. Los Tiburon Brujahs (Shark Witches) - Urbanized cult primarily composed of covens of cannibalistic female mutant sharks, who perform rituals in secret wilderness locations in the dead of night under the direction of their Brujah Mayors (High Witches). They are known to eat sentients, drink their blood, steal property, engage in carnal acts, cause disease, communicate with evil creatures, shapeshift, kill infants, steal sexual organs, and cast curses which cause harm. While more feared than respected, this cult is known to barter alcohol, candies and sweets, candles, cannabis, coins, gemstones, gold, incense, jewelry, money, pure water, special herbs, and tobacco in exchange for curses cast on love rivals, love potions (or, more likely, micky finns), abortions, and other unsavory activities. They are bitter enemies of the Knochen Hexen, who are regarded as ancient solitary crones with more bark than bite. Their symbol is a female skeleton wielding a scythe and carrying a globe in one hand.
  62. Lucky Charms Cult - This cult believes that by collecting certain holy items such as, green clovers, yellow moons, blue stars, purple horseshoes, red hearts, and pink balloons, they can summon forth "Lucky the Leprechaun" who will give them limitless wealth. A green, four-leaf clover is their symbol.
  63. Magic Eight Ball Prophets - This cult relies on a 'mystic' object known as the "Magic 8 Ball" to make predictions of the future. Their symbol is a black billiard ball with a black number eight inscribed in a white circle.
  64. Masked Mob - Composed of kleptomaniac mutant racoons and mutant rodents, this beastman cult tends to act primarily as bandits and smugglers, dealing in whatever catches their fancy. They can be traded with, but tend to mark those they encounter for acquisition raids. A black domino mask is their widely recognized symbol.
  65. Messengers of the Ups - These cultists favor carrying messages, mail, and packages between post apocalyptic communities. They are always garbed in brown and have an ongoing war with the Fedexers and Dee Aitch Ells. A gold and brown shield bearing the letters "u," "p," and "s" in gold is recognized as their symbol.
  66. Minions of the Metallic Metamind (Borgs) - Cyborgs with blue tooth implants that allow them to have a collective consciousness ruled by the Cyborg Queen. They believe all beings should be as they, seek to add cybernetics/bionics to those they encounter. Symbolized by a humanoid head bearing an obvious cybernetic implant over the left eye from which projects a green or red laser.
  67. Minotauran Order - A beastman cult composed of mutant cattle, buffalo, bison, oxen, and the occasional water buffalo or yak. These bovine mutants form a warrior society that militantly opposes pure humans and humanoid mutants. Their symbol is the double-headed axe.
  68. Missionaries of the One True Operating System (MOTOS) - A strange cult which worships the strange entity know as "Mike Row Soft" which is believed to have the ability to control everything. The violently oppose the Believers of the Bitten Apple . Worshipers in this cult often attack other cults with the battlecry of "Resistance is Futile." A flag quartered in red, blue, yellow, and green is their symbol.
  69. Mourners for the Lost Twinkie - These yellow-robed cultists scour the land for the lost holy food known as twinkies. They are symbolized by a yellow lozenge-shaped snack cake.
  70. Opus Robo - A robotic cult indentified by their robot body mortification, robo confessors, secret masses, and robo-rosaries constructed of circuit boards and micro-chips. While many aspects of their worship are cryptic and kept secret, they are known to engage in daily prayers and working to support their fellow robots through circuit restorations and mechanism maintenance. Their symbols is a robotic version of Vitruvian Man.
  71. Order of Cyborg Protectors - A cyborg cult who worship the great "Murphy." Enemies of this cult include the Ed-209, Ed-260, Zed-309, Em-208, Body-Cur, and Kane. Their symbol is a concentric set of octagonal letters O, C, and P. They follow four commandments.
    1. Uphold the Law.
    2. Protect the Public Trust
    4. Preserve OCP (who or what OCP is they have no clue)
  72. Order of the Third Eye - Mutants with mental mutations and psionic powers who focus on divination and clairsentient powers. Sought out by those who know of them for their ability to locate people, places, and things, they ask only for a modest fee (often in the form of food, drink, or daily necessities) in return. Their symbol is a head with three eyes arranged in an upward pointing triangle.
  73. Owlwhigs - Owl worshiping advocates of strong defense, fiscal responsibility, and morality free from government interference. An owl depicted in blue with four white stars for the top half, and red on the bottom half symbolizes this cult.
  74. Paramount Dodekatheon (Temple of Olympia) - A primarily mutant human cult who worship the ancient Greek Pantheon, and are known to be great partiers. Their symbols include a winged sandal, a stylized thunderbolt, a stylized trident, a scallop shell, a lyre, a Greek helm, a crossed bow and quiver of arrows, an olive branch, a cornucopia, a drinking cup, a three-headed dog, a hammer and anvil, and a lotus tipped staff.
  75. People's Front of Discordia (Pee Eff Dee) - This cult worships Eris in the form of Discordia. Enemies of the Discordian People's Front, Popular Front of Discordia, and Discordian Popular People's Front, they are somewhat more open about their contradictory forms of worship and beliefs. Their symbol is the Sacred Chao.
  76. Piscine Lodge of the Deep Ones - Predatory mutant fish tend to make up the majority of this beastman cult, which preys primarily on land dwelling creatures, particularly those who live on the coast and especially those who still sail the oceans and seas. Targets of their attacks are dragged to their temples deep beneath the ocean's surface for sacrifice. The Order's symbol is a shark's head below a swimming human (ala Jaws).
  77. Radioactive Riders - Believed to be formed from old motorcycle clubs, rodeo riders, and equestrian clubs, this apocalyptic cult is made up of various bands of nomadic wanderers traveling the wasteland on their mutant mounts and scavenged vehicles. They tend to raid settlements for supplies, slaves, and sport while they travel the wasteland in what they believe is the ultimate form of freedom. Their symbol is the ISO 21482 ionizing radiation symbol (triangular depiction of a trefoil with lines radiating down to a skull & crossbones and running person with exit arrow).
  78. Ragnarok Knights - An apocalyptic cult dedicated to the destruction of all civilization. They are found attacking communities throughout the wastelands. Their symbol is a black bio-hazard sign.
  79. Red Rocket Men of Mars - A warrior cult that believes their Valhalla can be found on Mars. While most extraterrestrial-worshiping cults use ancient launch sites and star ports as their places of worship, the Red Rocket Men of Mars construct their own launch facilities for the rockets that will take them home to the planet Mars. Their symbol is a red early sci-fi rocket.
  80. Reds - Red-clothed advocates of something called "communism." They can be identified by their yellow sickle & hammer symbol on a red field.
  81. Rossum's Universal Religion - This robot religion focuses on honest, humility and working with one's hands. Robots in this cult eschew adornment, decoration, and paint on their armatures. They can often be found traveling the wastes in their robotic horse & buggies, erecting new barns used as robot factories, and engaged in robo-baptismals, where new cultists are baptized in secret rites. While not antagonistic toward other robotic religions, they rarely interact with them, although they do occasionally engage in religious debates with the Opus Robo. Symbolized by a black horse and buggy on a yellow diamond-shaped field.
  82. Royal Sprite Ritters (Sprite Knights) - These knight cultists wear green color plate armor and use short bows and javelins, advocate "Obeying your thirst." Their lime green surcoats bear the word "sprite" written in white, with a yellow orb dotting the letter 'i.'
  83. Scaled Society - A cult of mutant ophidian assassins and reavers. Most of their members dress in blue military-like uniforms, while elite troops will often be issued crimson uniforms. They are believed to be commanded by a being known as the "Commander," and desire world domination. Their symbol is a stylized cobra's head in red with the fanged mouth open as if it is about to bite, upon a black field (lower ranking members will often have a white-colored version on their blue uniforms (with officer types sometimes having a black-colored version. Occasionally they are known to have an alliance with a group of raiders known as the "Swampnauts," though few details about this gang are known, other than they seem to be some sort of mutants with chameleon powers.
  84. Slughorn of the Scorched Earth - Mutant plants who have banded together to make the wasteland green again by replanting, irrigating, and fertilizing the wasteland. Their name comes from them giving a war-cry (sluagh-ghairm or slughorn) against the desolation of the wasteland. Their symbol is a white silhouette of a mounted knight before a black tower.
  85. Soul Union - Mutant mediums with powers of detecting and interacting with spiritual beings and ghosts. They claim they "ain't afraid of no ghosts, " and seek to restore such spooks and spirits to their eternal rest with liberal application of particle beam weaponry and entity-capturing muon traps. Their symbol is a white ghost on a black background, contained in a red circle with a diagonal line through it.
  86. Sovereign Cavaliers of Dr Pepper - These knight cultists wear magenta color plate and wield flails and their battle cry is, "Be a Pepper too!" Their magenta surcoats are emblazoned with white writing "Dr" above "Pepper" where the "P" takes up two lines, and a smaller "Est 1885" below that.
  87. Supreme Knights of Coka-Cola (Coke Knights) - These knights, mounted on robotic horses and equipped with red color plate, shields, lances and swords, would "Like to buy the world a coke". Surcoats in this order are either red or white, with the words, "Coca-Cola" penned in a cursive script with in the opposite color of the surcoat.
  88. Swamp Sisters - This beastman cult is composed of female mutant alligators, crocodiles, and caiman. An active slaver group, they tend to harass other groups and species by raiding them for slaves. They are generally found in swamps, marshes, bogs, fens, streams and rivers. Their symbol is a black alligator head in a yellow diamond.
  89. Tea Party Loyalists - This ideological cult advocates energy research and lack of government taxes. Symbolized by a tea pot with the top two-thirds blue, containing three white stars, and the bottom third in red with "TEA PARTY" in white letters.
  90. Temple of the Seven Seas - A wide variety of sea-dwelling mutant animals make up this beastman cult. Their primary goals are protection and restoration of the natural wonders of the seas. While not particularly warlike, they will defend their naturalization projects fiercely, though trade seems to be their primary method of interaction with others. Their symbol is a twin-tailed mermaid wearing a seven-pointed crown.
  91. The Sky Lords - While this beastman cult is open to all avians, mutant birds of prey and passerine birds tend to make up the upper echelons of the hierarchy, with other bird species in lesser roles, and flightless mutant birds looked down upon. Their goal is domination of the skies and so they generally oppose all non-avian fliers (such as mutant bats and insects) as well as flying machines. Their symbol is a stylized cloud.
  92. The Ten Tribes - Ten warrior tribes of sentient plants; Bloodthorns, Briarhearts, Carniferns, Darkvines, Deathtrees, Rageweeds, Stonetendrils, Strangleflowers, Traumaroots, and Witchleaves. While each tribe professes to serve Mother Nature as a deific entity, attacking humans and mutant animals in her name, they can just as often be found feuding against one another. Possessing primitive arms and armor (Tech Level 1) decorated and constructed of fur, feathers, bones, and antlers, their real threat is that many of them have powerful mental mutations in addition to their natural plant abilities. These tribes are generally matriarchal, with controlling power invested in female plants who control powerful male war-chiefs. Each tribe has it's own symbol, often stylized versions of their "type" of plant, in red, green, or black colors. They can be found among the swamps, forests, plains, and hills farthest from civilized settlements, though they do band together from time to time to engage in punitive raids, especially against toxic or radioactive areas that have communities.
  93. The Verdure Cabal - One of the strangest cults of the post apocalyptic wasteland, the Verdure Cabal is composed of mobile, sentient plants with a distinct mutation. Their mutation allows them to drain the fluids of other plants as if they were some sort of vegetarian vampire. While they prefer other sentient plants, particularly carnivorous ones, they can subsist on other plant life, though the have a preference for gene-engineered plants designed to act as meat substitutes. Commonly believed to be nocturnally active and very powerful, little is actually known about this clandestine cult. They have no known symbology and are only known through rumors and "ghost stories."
  94. The Wild Hunt - This beastman cult is composed primarily of mutant carnivores; wolves and other canines, bears, and wild felines make up the majority of membership, with a few mutant badgers, racoons, skunks, and wolverines thrown into the mix. This cult is focused around the hunting of prey, where a suitable victim or victims are selected and made to be the "prey" in a hunt lasting from sunset to sunrise. Their symbol is a black deer on a yellow diamond.
  95. Tophet's Grace - Dark columns of greasy smoke rise from the sacrificial temples of this mutant plant cult. Zealots of this cult raid surrounding settlements for children of all sentient species (including robots, oddly enough) for sacrifices in their great temples. Sacrifices are generally thrown alive into great burning furnaces at the base of bronze, bull-headed statues atop twin ziggurats that are blackened by the perpetual fires of the furnaces. They claim they make these sacrifices to appease the god-kings of fire and storms, who are the most common enemies of plant life. (Though such claims rarely satisfy the victims of these fanatics.) Their symbol is a stylized version of the twin temples they construct for sacrificial rites.
  96. Veiled Viragoes of Zener - A coterie of female-only psychics, mediums, oracles, sibyls, palm readers, fortune tellers, and witches. Mental mutations and psychic powers among the group, when they exist, tend toward those that are divination-based. While they offer their fortune-telling and prognostication services for a fee, many members are nothing more than convincing charlatans. Surprisingly for such a group, they are quick to anger, especially when dealing with males, and will often attack those nominally seeking their services. Their symbol is the five Zener cards arranged in a pentagram.
  97. Viridian Company - Mutant plant cargo cult who act as traders because they believe it encourages life. They are fair traders and they travel with a normal compliment of guards for protection. A silhouette of a scale, one balance holding a stylized bag of money, the other a gift-wrapped box, is their universally recognized symbol.
  98. Wild Talents Society - More unorganized than a truly cohesive group, this cult is open to any mutant with psionic abilities or mental mutations of a beneficial nature. They espouse "freeing one's mind" and "expanding one's power" but are generally neutrally-aligned. Their symbol is the IEC 5009 "Standby Symbol".
  99. Wonderful World of Disney - Cultists in this group worship a wide variety of beastmen deities; "Mickey (mouse)," "Donald (duck)," "Minnie, consort of Mickey (mouse)," "Daisy, consort of Donald (duck)," "Goofy (dog)," etc. They are on a quest to find the fabled "Disneyland," a strongly defended paradise of joy and happiness, where the tasty animals are easy to catch and eat, trees provide smoke-able intoxicants and sweet deserts, rivers of alcoholic beverages and streams of soda pop flow between lakes of mixed drinks, the weather is always mild, free love (sex) is always available, and it rains prepared meals. While individual symbols representing the different deities exist, the primary icon of this cult is the silhouette of a fairy-tale castle.
  100. Wonkas - This cult believes that everlasting life can be found in a hidden location known only as "The Chocolate Factory." Access to this paradise can only be achieved by obtaining the fabled "Golden Ticket." Their symbol is a top hat associated with the word "WONKA."