Monday, August 1, 2016

Death in Anomalous Subsurface Enivronment

After checking, I couldn't figure out what they did with corpses in Denethix (except for that small note about some bodies ending up in the River Efflugent). So I decided to come up with some possibilities for burial customs in Denethix.

D30 Burial Rites of Denethix
01. Sold to Tower of Feretha
02. Sold to Church of Starry Wisdom
03. Sold to League of Flesh Debtholders (or a particularly enterprising merchant) to be turned into slave and/or poor food
04. Sold to Temple of Science or other individuals of the Street of Students
05. Sold to the Academy of Elevated Thought
06. Burned in a giant slaughtering pit
07. Burned on funeral pyres with goods, offerings, and/or afterlife companions
08. Thrown int the River Efflugent
09. Cremated and stored as ancestor urns (either in home shrines or at a columbarium)
10. Buried in mausoleums & tombs in the Verdant Plaza
11. Buried in potters fields
12. Buried in a formal cemetaries (possibly by class/social standing) somewhere on the outskirts of Denethix
13. Buried in mass graves on the outskirts of Denethix
14. Placed in ossuaries
15. Entombed in crypts under the temples
16. Entombed in catacombs among the City Underfoot
17. Taken to a necropolis 1d4 miles away from Denethix and mummified
18. Buried in barrows or cairns 1d4 miles away from town
19. Buried in haka-style family graves that have small open courtyards, where celebrations are thrown
20. Hung on burial trees 1d4 miles away from Denethix
21. Exposed and excarnated on a tower of silence
22. Cremated and stored in charnel houses
23. Floated down the River Efflugent in funerary boat/coffins
24. Buried in hanging coffins or excarnated in hanging cages along the cliff-sides of the River Efflugent
25. Feed to wild animals or domesticated beasts
26. Mummified and coated (laquer, wax, clay, etc.) to be used as statues or decorations
27. Fed to arcane machines as fuel, a "tax" on the residents of Denethix
28. Buried, caged, crucified, or hung on burial trees/scaffolds at a crossroads 1d4 miles from Denethix
29. Stored in glass coffins, could be decorative, or could be stored in some death house
30. Crushed and placed in a box atop a totem pole outside of the deceased's home