Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cheasy Random Magic Item Table

Just something fairly simple that I use if I want to know what type of magic item pops up. This has been reformated somewhat, since I primarily use it in TableSmith. Roll on the Magic Type Table and the Item Determination Table. Magical Effects I just sort of threw together in case someone wants to know what the object does.
Item Determination Table
Roll Item Type (roll on listed table)
1 Jewelry
2 Arms
3 Temporary Item
4 Miscellaneous Item
5 Armor
6 Musical Instrument

Roll Magic Type Magical Effect Temporary Item Miscellaneous Item
01 Air Acid Attack Ale Aspergillum
02 Alchemic Acute Hearing Ambrosia Athame
03 Angelic Banishes/Repels Animals Amrita Backpack
04 Animated Banishes/Repels Demons/Devils Apple Bag or Sack
05 Arcane Banishes/Repels Monsters Ashes Barsom
06 Astral Banishes/Repels Undead Balm Basket
07 Bewitched Becomes Invisible Bean Belt
08 Blessed Blindness Berry Boline
09 Cabalistic Bonus to All Saving Throws Blood Book
10 Celestial Bonus to Armor Class Bread Boots
11 Charmed Bonus to Attribute** Brew Bottle
12 Chthonic Bonus to Damage Cake Bowl
13 Cold Bonus to Hit Candle Broom or Besom
14 Conjured Bonus to Hit Points Candy Bucket or Pail
15 Consecrated Bonus to Save vs Acid Capsule Burin
16 Consecrated Bonus to Save vs Cold/Ice Charm Canteen or Water/Wine Skin
17 Corrupted Bonus to Save vs Disease Cheese Cap or Hat
18 Cryptic Bonus to Save vs Drowning Chocolate Confection Carpet or Rug
19 Cuneiform-Notched Bonus to Save vs Electricity/Lightning Clay Tablet Cauldron
20 Cursed Bonus to Save vs Fire/Heat Concoction Censer
21 Daemonic Bonus to Save vs Magic Cream Chalice
22 Dark Bonus to Save vs Mind Control Dose Chest
23 Defiled Bonus to Save vs Paralysis/Petrification Draught Cloak
24 Deific Bonus to Save vs Poison Drug Codex
25 Delphic Causes Insanity Dust Coffer
26 Demonic Cold/Ice Attack Effigy Crook
27 Descrated Commands Dragons Egg Crosier
28 Diabolic Commands Undead Elixir Crucible
29 Divine Control Animals Emollient Cruet
30 Draconic Control Monsters Emulsion Crystal
31 Dwarven Control Plants Feather Cup
32 Dweomer Controls or Summons Weather Fetish Decanter
33 Earth Creates Force Field Firecracker Eye
34 Eldritch Cures Insanity Flower Figurine
35 Elven Cures Poisons or Diseases Food Flagon
36 Enchanted Curse Fruit Flask
37 Energized Darkness in Area Fume Gem
38 Ensorcelled Deafness Fungus Gloves
39 Faerie Decreases Age Gourd Goblet
40 Fairy Delusions Grub Goggles
41 Fay Detects Illusions Herb Grail
42 Fey Detects Invisible Incense Grappling Hook
43 Fiendish Detects Magic Jelly Grimoire
44 Fire Detects Poisons Juju Horseshoes
45 Forbidden Detects Traps Knot Jar
46 Glyph-Etched Detects Treasure Lamp Jug
47 Gnostic Detects Water Lantern Keg or Hogshead
48 Hallow Disguise Libation Kettle
49 Heavenly Electricity/Lightning Attack Liniment Key
50 Hedge Extinguish Fires Lotion Knapsack
51 Hermetic Fast (increases speed) Lotus Libram
52 Hexed Fire Attack Make-up/Cosmetics Lock
53 Hieroglyph-Carved Flight or Levitation Mandrake Manual
54 Holy Gain Magical or Spell Ability Manna Map
55 Ideogram-Engraved Glows Mead Mask
56 Illusionary Grants Ability to Brachiate Milk Mattock
57 Infernal Grants Ability to Climb Mixture Maul
58 Jinxed Grants Ability to Swim Mojo Mirror
59 Kabbalic Grows Muffin Oar
60 Light Heals Mushroom Orb
61 Lightning Increased Capacity Nut Paddle
62 Magic Increases Age Oil Pick
63 Magical Lose Magical or Spell Ability Ointment Pitchfork
64 Magicked Mind Reading Omamori Plate
65 Malefic Mutes Palliative Pot
66 Mystic Paralysis Attack Panacea Pouch (belt)
67 Mystical Penalty to All Saving Throws Paper Talisman Prosthetic*
68 Necromantic Penalty to Armor Class Paste Quiver
69 Nigromantic Penalty to Attribute** Peach Restraints
70 Occult Penalty to Damage Philter Robes
71 Orphic Penalty to Hit Pie Rod
72 Planar Penalty to Hit Points Pill Rope
73 Power Penalty to Save vs Acid Poppet Rucksack
74 Pyroclastic Penalty to Save vs Cold/Ice Potion Saddle
75 Rune Penalty to Save vs Disease Poultice Satchel
76 Runic Penalty to Save vs Drowning Powder Saw
77 Sacramental Penalty to Save vs Electricity/Lightning Pumpkin Scabbard
78 Sanctified Penalty to Save vs Fire/Heat Remedy Scepter
79 Seelie Penalty to Save vs Magic Root Sheath
80 Shamantic Penalty to Save vs Mind Control Salve Shirt/Tunic
81 Sibylline Penalty to Save vs Paralysis/Petrification Sands Shoes
82 Sidhe Penalty to Save vs Poison Scroll Shovel
83 Sigil-Scribed Protection from Monster Type Seed Skull
84 Sorcerous Protection from Scrying Serum Spade
85 Spellbound Protects from Elements/Wilderness Conditions Snuff Spectacles
86 Spelled Reads/Comprehends Languages Soma Spyglass
87 Spiritual Reduced Capacity Tablet Staff
88 Stygian Scrying Tea Stirrups
89 Tainted Shapechange Tears Stone
90 Thaumaturgic Shrinks Teeth Strongbox
91 Theurgic Slow (decreases speed) Tincture Tankard
92 Transmogrified Special Vision Tisane Tapestry
93 Transmutated Summons Animals Tobacco Tattoo
94 Undead Summons Demons/Devils Tonic Thurible
95 Unholy Summons Monsters Torch Tome
96 Unseelie Telekinesis Unction Tongs
97 Voodoo Teleportation Unguent Trousers/Pants/Breeches
98 Warded Turns owner into Beast Wafer Tun
99 Water Water Walking Wax Tablet Virge
00 Witchy Waterbreathing Wine Wand
*Prosthetics include things like eye patches, hook replacements for hands, peg legs, peg arms, eye patches, glass eyes, metal hands and metal claws, wooden noses, wooden tongues, wooden teeth, as well as wooden nether prosthetics.
**Determine attribute randomly

Roll Arms Armor Jewelry Musical Instrument
01 Arbalest Barbute Aiguillette Alphorn
02 Arrow or Bolt Barding Amulet Bagpipes
03 Ball & Chain Barding Amulet Balalaika
04 Bardiche Barding Anklet Banjo
05 Bastard Sword Bascinet Anklet Biwa
06 Battle Axe Bone Armor Apotropiac/Holy Symbol Bodhran Drum
07 Bec de Corbin Bone Armor Archer's Tab Bongos
08 Bident Bracers Armband Bugle
09 Bisento or Guandao Bracers Armill/Arm-Ring Castanets
10 Blowgun Bracers Armlet Chimes
11 Bludgeon Breast Plate Badge Cittern
12 Bo Staff Breast Plate Bangle Clappers
13 Bolas Breast Plate Bangle Clarinet
14 Boomerang Bringandine Barrette Concertina
15 Broad Sword or Long Sword Bringandine Bead Bracelet Conch
16 Bullwhip Buckler Bead Necklace Conga Drum
17 Cat-o'-Nine-Tails Buckler Belly Chain Cornet
18 Chakram Burgonet Belt Buckle Cow Bell
19 Claw Capeline Bindi Crumhorn
20 Claymore Chain Mail Bone Necklace Crwth
21 Cleaver Chain Mail Bracteate Cymbals
22 Club Chain Mail Brassard Didgeridoo
23 Crossbow Chain Mail Broach Dizi (Ch transverse flute)
24 Cudgel Cuirbouilli Brooch Dotar
25 Cutlass Cuirbouilli Brooch Double Clarinet
26 Dagger or Main Gauche Dhal Shield Cap Badge Drum
27 Dao Dhal Shield Chain Bracelet Dulcimer
28 Dart Galea Chain Necklace Erhu (Ch 2 string fiddle)
29 Dirk Gauntlets Chain Necklace Fiddle
30 Estoc Gauntlets Charm Bracelet Fife
31 Falchion Gauntlets Chatelaine Flugelhorn
32 Fauchard Great Helm Chivalric Collar Flute
33 Flail Greaves Choker Gemshorn
34 Flamberge Greaves Circlet Gittern
35 Fork (military) Heater Shield Coin Bracelet Glokenspiel
36 Gaff Heater Shield Coin Necklace Gong
37 Gladius or Spatha Heaume Comb Guitar
38 Glaive Helm Corolla Hammered Duclimer
39 Guisarme Helmet Coronet Hand Bell
40 Halberd Hide Armor Crown Hand Chime
41 Harpoon Hide Armor Dangle Earring Hand Drum
42 Hatchet Hide Armor Diadem Harmonica
43 Hook Horned Helm Drop Earring Harp
44 Javelin Hounskull Ear Cuff Heralding Horn
45 Jian Jingasa Engolpion Hornpipe
46 Katana Kabuto Epaulette Hunting Horn
47 Katar or Kris/Keris Kegelhelm Feather Necklace Hurdy Gurdy
48 Knife Kettle Hat Ferroniere Jaw Harp
49 Kukri or Jambiya Kite Shield Fibula Kantele
50 Kusarigama Kite Shield Fourragère Kazoo
51 Labrys or Dolabra Lamellar Armor Gorget Kettledrum
52 Lance Lamellar Armor Hair Stick Konghou
53 Lasso/Lariat Leather Armor Hairpin Koto
54 Lochaber Axe Leather Armor Headband Lute
55 Long Bow Leather Armor Headdress Lyre
56 Lucerne Hammer Leather Armor Heraldic Badge Mandoline
57 Mace Lobsterpot helm Hoop Earring Mandora
58 Mace & Chain Mail Coif Labret (Lip Piercing) Maracas
59 Machete or Parang Morion Lanyard Mouth Organ
60 Macuahuitl Nasal Helm Lavalier Oboe
61 Mancatcher Padded Armor Livery Collar/Chain of Office Ocarina
62 Melon Hammer Padded Armor Locket Panpipes
63 Meteor Hammer or Rope Dart Parma Shield Locket Pibgorn
64 Monk Spade Parma Shield Lunula Piccolo
65 Morningstar Pavis Shield Medallion Psaltery
66 Naginata or Nagimaki Pickelhaube Medallion Rain Stick
67 Net Pilos Military Medal Rattle
68 Nunchaku or Three Piece Rod Plate Armor Neck Corset Rebec
69 Partisan Plate Armor Neck Ring Recorder
70 Pike Plate Mail Nose Chain Roman Tuba
71 Pilum Plate Mail Nose Ring Sackbut
72 Poignard or Misericorde Plate Mail Pearl Necklace Sanxian
73 Pollaxe Plate Mail Pectoral Se (Chinese zither)
74 Quarterstaff Pot Helmet Pendant Shakuhachi
75 Ranseur Ring Armor Pendant Shamisen
76 Rapier Ring Armor Phylactery Sheng
77 Roman Scissor Roundel Shield Pilgrim Badge Side Drum
78 Saber Roundel Shield Pin Sistrum
79 Sai or Jitte or Jutte Salade Poison Ring Sitar
80 Scimitar or Tulwar Sallet Polos Slide Whistle
81 Scourge Scale Armor Ring Snare Drum
82 Scythe Scale Armor Ring Squeeze-Box (Accordion)
83 Shillelagh Scutum Ring Tabor Drum
84 Short Bow Scutum Ring Taiko Drum
85 Shuriken or Kunai Skullcap Ring Tambourine
86 Sickle or Kama Spangenhelm Rosary Tom-Tom Drum
87 Sling Splint Armor Seal Triangle
88 Spear Splint Armor Shell Gorget Trumpet
89 Stiletto or Scramasax Splint Armor Shell Necklace Ukelele
90 Tanto or Aikuchi Stahlhelm Shoulder Clasp Viol
91 Throwing Axe or Knife Studded Leather Armor Signet Violin
92 Tiger Fork or Trident Studded Leather Armor Sporran Vuvuzela
93 Tomahawk Targe/Target Shield Stud Earring Whistle
94 Tonfa Targe/Target Shield Talisman Wood Blocks
95 Truncheon Thureos Shield Talisman Xiao (Ch end-blown flute)
96 Voulge War Hat Thumb Ring Xylophone
97 Wakizashi Winged Helmet Tiara Yangqin (Ch hammered dulcimer)
98 War Hammer Wood Armor Toe Ring Yunluo
99 Whip or Kurbash Wood Armor Torc Zampogna
00 Zweihander Zischagge Wedding Band Zither