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Starting Arms & Armor

This is the last entry in my line of starting stuff and equipment notes (at this time, still working on my revised equipment lists, which will probably be produced straight to PDF format). I kinda found myself needing more and more information to get any one item done and they all sort of went together, though I may revise some stuff in the future, and will definitely expand some areas.

Roll Apparel Melee Weapons Missile Weapons
01 Animal Training Padded Armor (AC6) 2x4 with Nails [D] Acid Squirter (1d6 uses)
02 Armored Robes (AC7) Aluminum Baseball Bat [F] Aerosol Can Flamethrower (1d4 uses)
03 Bandoliers & Belts over shirt and pants (AC9) Annihilator Wrecking Bar [F] Aklys
04 Bankruptcy Barrel (AC6) Bachete Atlatl
05 Bark Lamellar (AC5) Balisong [D] Ballistic Knife
06 Basic Barbarian Furkini & Fur Boots (AC9) Bar Mace [F] BB Gun (1d100 BBs)
07 Bedsheet Toga (AC9) Barbwire Coated Baseball Bat [G] Belt Buckle Pistol
08 Black Fatigues (AC9) Belaying Pin [D] Bladed Frisbee
09 Black Trenchcoat (AC9) Billhook [E] Blowgun (2d4 darts)
10 Blanket Robes (AC9) Bladed Hockey Stick [E] Blowpipe (2d4 darts)
11 Bomber Jacket, Flying Cap, and Goggles (AC8) Boarding Axe [H] Blunderbuss (1d6 shots)
12 Bone Armor (AC8) Boarding Pike [H] Boomerang
13 Bone augmented Leather (AC6) Boat Hook [D] Caber (min STR 9 to lift)
14 Boy/Girl Scout Uniform (AC9) Boxing Gloves [B] Ceramic Plate
15 Brightly colored prison jumpsuit (AC9) Brass Knuckles [C] Chakram
16 Buddhist Robes (AC9) Brush Hook [E] Cherry Bomb (1d8)
17 Burger Joint Uniform (AC9) Butcher Knife [D] Class A Fire Extinguisher (1d4 uses)
18 Butcher or Blacksmith Apron (AC8) Cane Knife [E] CO2 Fire Extinguisher (1d8 uses)
19 Camouflage Fatigues (AC9) Cant Hook [D] Composite Bow (2d4 arrows)
20 Canvas Duster (AC9) Cat's Paw [D] Compound Bow (2d4 arrows)
21 Cargo Pants and Work Shirt (AC9) Cestus [C] Compound Crossbow (2d4 bolts)
22 Chicken-Themed Fast Food Uniform (AC9) Chainlock [F] Derringer
23 Cold Weather Coverall & Fur-lined Hooded Parka (AC8) Circular Saw Blade Axe [F] Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher (1d6 uses)
24 Crocodile or Alligator Skin Cloak (AC8) Claw Gauntlet [D] Dynamite Stick (1)
25 Crustacean Carapace Cuirass (AC5) Claw Hammer [D] Flame Squirter (1d6 uses)
26 Denim Jeans & Cotton Shirt (AC9) Cricket Bat [D] Flare Gun (1d6 flares)
27 Dirty Flightsuit (AC9) Crowbar [F] Flash Powder Hockey Puck (1d4)
28 Elvis Costume (AC9) Denver Tool[G] Flintlock Pistol (1d10 bullets)
29 Faded White Jumpsuit (AC9) Digging Bar [F] Flintlock Rifle (1d10 bullets)
30 Firefighter's Bunker Gear (AC7) Entrenching Tool [F] Glass Bottle
31 Fishing Vest and Hipwaders (AC9) Finger Talons [B] Grenadoe (1d4)
32 Flea infested rags (AC9) Firefighter's Battle Axe[H] Hammer Throw
33 Foil Jumpsuit (AC9) Fishing Gaff [F] Hand Crossbow (2d4 bolts)
34 Form-fitting Bodysuit (AC9) Fishing Trident [F] Hand Mortar (1d4 shells)
35 Frayed Shorts & T-Shirt, Flip-Flops (AC9) Froe [F] Handheld Clay Trap
36 Gambler Suit (AC9) FuBar [F] Hard Rubber Ball
37 Giant Lizard Scale Armor (AC6) Garden Fork [C] Harpoon
38 Gimp/Dominatrix Outfit (AC9) Garden Sickle [E] Harpoon Gun
39 Grease-stained Mechanic's Jumpsuit (AC9) Giant Scorpion Stinger Glove [B+poison] Hawaiian Sling (underwater/surface)
40 Hero Harness (AC9) Golf Club [E] Heavy Crossbow (2d4 bolts)
41 High-collared coat /cloak that conceals lower face (AC9) Hakapik [F] Homemade Shotgun (1d4 shells)
42 Hoodie & Jeans (AC9) Halligan Bar [H] Hot Liquid Squirter
43 Inquisitor Robes & Capirote (AC9) Hatchet [E] Hunga Munga
44 Insect Clamshell Cuirass (AC5) Hawaiian Sling [H] Hurlbat
45 Judo Gi (AC9) Hay Hook [D] Jai Alai Xistera & 2d4 pelotas
46 Karate Gi (AC9) Horseshoe Hand Hammer [C] Javelin
47 Kilt & Woad (AC9) Ice Axe [E] Lacrosse Stick & 2d4 balls
48 Kung Fu Outfit (AC9) Ice Pick [C] Light Crossbow (2d4 bolts)
49 Leather Armor (AC7) IF-221 Trucker's Friend [F] Long Bow (2d4 arrows)
50 Leather augmented with shell pauldrons (AC6) Kelly Tool [G] M-80 Firecracker (1d6)
51 Leather Chaps and Leather Vest (AC8) Knife Spear [F] Marble Gun (1d10 marbles)
52 Leather Duster (AC8) Knuckleduster Knife [D] Media Disc Shuriken (2d4)
53 Leather jacket augmented with coins (AC7) Large Wrench [E] Molotov Cocktail (1d4)
54 Leather reinforced with sports pads (AC5) Lawn Mower Blade Machete [F] Mouth Dart (1d4)
55 Leather reinforced with tires (AC6) Lead Pipe [E] Nail Bomb
56 Leisure Suit (AC9) Letter Opener [C] Nailgun (5d20 Nails)
57 Letterman's Jacket & pants (AC9) Lug Wrench [E] Net
58 Lionskin Hooded Cloak (AC8) Machete [F] Paintball Marker (2d8 rounds)
59 Lumberjack Outfit (AC9) Mail Box Mace [G] Pellet Bow (2d4 pellets)
60 Marching Band Uniform (AC9) Marlinspike [D] Pellet Gun (2d10 pellets)
61 Masked Luchador Costume (AC9) Mattock [H] Pen Gun
62 Moth eaten animal skins (AC9) Meat Cleaver [E] Pepper-Box Pistol
63 Motorcycle Leathers (AC7) Metal Fan Blade Machete [E] Pipe Bomb (1)
64 Nursing Scrubs (AC9) Nailbat [H] Pipe Rifle (1d10 bullets)
65 Olive Drab Fatigues (AC9) Peavey [F] Pneumatic Darter (2d4 darts)
66 Package Courier Uniform (AC9) Pickaroon [F] Pocket Pistol
67 Pastor's Vestments (AC9) Pickaxe [H] Poison Squirter
68 Patchwork pants & shirt (AC9) Pike Pole [G] Potato Cannon (1d6 potatoes)
69 Pimp Suit (AC9) Pitchfork [H] Powder Flask Grenade (1d4)
70 Pizza Delivery Outfit (AC9) Pole Brushing Hook [I] Pub Darts (2d4)
71 Police Uniform (AC9) Pole Cleaver [I] Reinforced Firework Mortar (1d4 starshells)
72 Postal Carrier Uniform (AC9) Polespear [F] Repeating Crossbow (2d4 bolts)
73 Quilted Pads over shirt & pants (AC8) Police Baton [F] Saturday Night Special
74 Railroad Worker Overalls (AC9) Pool Cue [C] Saw Blade Launcher
75 Reflective Safety Vest, Pants, & Shirt (AC9) Pry Axe[F] Scrap Bolas
76 Road Warrior Leathers (AC7) Pulaski [H] Scrap Shuriken (2d4)
77 Sailor Suit (AC9) Rat Flail [E] Shepherd's Sling (4d6 rocks)
78 Shinobi Shozoku (AC9) Raxe [F] Short Bow (2d4 arrows)
79 Silk Pajamas (AC9) Rebar Club [I] Shot Put
80 Silvery Mesh Jumpsuit (AC8) Rolling Pin [C] Slingshot (3d6 ball bearings)
81 Soiled Business Suit (AC9) Rusty Cutlass [G] Spear
82 Sombrero & Poncho (AC9) Shiv [C] Spear Gun (1d6 spears)
83 Spider Carapace Cuirass (AC5) Shovel [H] Spring Darter (2d4 darts)
84 Spiked Punk Leathers (AC7) Ski Pole Spear [E] Staff Sling (2d4 stones)
85 Sports Pad Armor (AC6) Slasher [H] Steel Sphere (2d4)
86 Sports Pads over shirt & pants (AC7) Sledgehammer [E] Stone Put (20-25 lbs stone)
87 Sports Team Uniform (AC9) Sling Blade [I] Swiss Arrow (1d4)
88 Studded Leathers (AC6) Spax Tool [E] Throwing Axe
89 Tan or Khaki Fatigues (AC9) Spike Maul [J] Throwing Brick (1d6)
90 Tan or Khaki Safari Outfit & Pith Helmet (AC9) Spiked Leather Gloves [B] Throwing Circular Saw Blade (1d6)
91 Tattered Rags & Cloth Footwraps (AC9) Splitting Maul [J] Throwing Hammer
92 Tigerskin Cloak (AC8) Street Sign Axe [G] Throwing Knife (1d6)
93 Tire Armor (AC5) Survival Axe [E] Throwing Rock (2d4)
94 Tire Cuirass & Canvas Pants (AC6) Switchblade [C] Throwing Spike (2d4)
95 Tribal Loincloth & Vest (AC9) Trocar [C] Throwing Stick (1d4)
96 Turban and Desert Robes (AC9) Truncheon [F] Tomahawk
97 Utility Coveralls (AC9) Weighted-Knuckle Gloves [A] War Darts (2d4)
98 White Lab Coat (AC9) Wood Chopping Axe [E] Woomera
99 Wolfskin Hooded Cloak (AC8) Wooden Knuckleduster [B] Zip Gun (1d10 bullets)
00 Woolen Bathrobe (AC9) Zombie Pipe Hammer [D] Zipper Gun (5d6 bullets)
Melee Weapon Damage Code:
[A] 1
[B] 1d2
[C] 1d3
[D] 1d4
[E] 1d4+1
[F] 1d6
[G] 1d6+1
[H] 1d8
[I] 2d4
[J] 1d8+1

Missile Ranges for Mutant Future

Range (in Feet)

Weapon Damage




Aklys 1d3 10 20 30
Atlatl 1d6+1 90 180 270
Blowgun (2' or longer, two hands) 1d3 60 50 90
Blowpipe (<2' long, one hand) 1d3 30 60 90
Bolas 1d3 60 120 180
Boomerang 1d4 90 180 300
Brick 1d4 10 20 30
Caber (min STR 9 to lift) 10d6 STR-10 (STR-10)x2 (STR-10)x3
Chakram 1d4+1 75 150 300
Circular Saw Blade 1d4 20 40 60
Club 1d4 10 20 30
Composite Bow 1d8+STR 300 600 900
Compound Bow 1d10 400 800 1200
Compound Crossbow 1d12 500 1000 1500
Dagger 1d4 15 30 45
Dynamite Stick 3d6 10 20 30
Flaming Oil/Molotov 1d8+ 30 90 150
Frisbee 1 (1d3 if bladed) 100 200 300
Grappling Hook 1d6 40 80 120
Grenade* Varies 30 45 60
Hammer Throw 1d8 90 180 270
Hand Crossbow 1d6 60 120 240
Hard Rubber Ball 1d3 30 90 150
Harpoon 2d4 30 60 90
Hawaiian Sling (underwater/surface) 1d8 10/11 15/16 20/30
Heavy Crossbow 2d4 240 480 720
Hurlbat/Hunga Munga 1d4+1 30 60 90
Jai Alai Xistera 1d4 60 240 480
Javelin 1d6 60 120 180
Kunai 1d3 15 30 45
Lacross Stick 1d4 50 150 300
Lasso NA 30 60 90
Light Crossbow 1d6 180 360 540
Long Bow 1d8 210 420 630
Mouth Dart 1d2 5 15 30
Net NA 30 60 90
Pellet Bow 1d4+1 180 360 540
Pipebomb 6d6 10 20 30
Polespear (underwater/surface) 1d6 7/8 11/12 15/22
Pub Dart 1 15 30 45
Repeating Crossbow 1d4 120 240 600
Shepherd's Sling 1d4 120 240 480
Short Bow 1d6 150 300 450
Shot Put 1d10 25 50 75
Shuriken 1d4 20 40 60
Slingshot 1d4+1 150 300 600
Spear 1d6 30 60 90
Speargun (underwater/surface) 2d4 15/16 22/24 30/45
Staff Sling 1d6 200 400 600
Steel Sphere 1d3 30 90 150
Stone Put (20-25 lbs stone) 1d12 20 40 60
Throwing Axe 1d6 30 60 90
Throwing Coin 1 10 20 30
Throwing Hammer 1d4+1 30 60 90
Throwing Knife 1d4 20 40 60
Throwing Spike 1d3 15 30 45
Throwing Stick/Woomera 1d4 100 200 300
Thrown Rock 1d2 30 90 150
Tomahawk 1d4+1 40 80 160
Trident 1d6 25 50 150
War/Lawn Dart/Swiss Arrow 1d4+1 60 120 180
Optional: For thrown objects, Strength Modifier to Damage increments 5/10/15 feet of distance for every +1 adjustment. I.e. a character with a STR of 16 (+2) would add 10' to short range, 20' to medium range, and 30' to long range. For weaker characters with a negative modifier to Damage, reduce the range distances by one-half for every -1 adjustment. I.e. a character with a STR of 4 (-2) would be limited to 1/4 the distances listed, for example, a Tomahawk would be at 10/20/40 for S/M/L. In the case of rounding, if the STR score is on high side of the negative adjustment (i.e. a STR of 5 for the -2 adjustment), round up, if on the low side (i.e. a STR of 4 for the -2 adjustment), round down. (In the case of STR of 3, round up, anything below that, round down.)

Acid Squirter: Squirt gun modified to project acid.
Aerosol Can Flamethrower: A pressurized gas can using a flammable liquid combined with a lighter.
Ballistic Knife: Spring or compressed air-powered projectile knife.
Cherry Bomb: 1d4 damage, blast radius 1 ft, weight NA.
Flame Squirter: Squirt gun modified to project flammable liquid combined with an ignition source.
Flare Gun: Standard flare launching pistol.
Flash Powder Hockey Puck: As per Concussion Grenade, MF page 118.
Grenadoe: 1d10 damage, blast radius 10 ft, weight 1 lb.
Hand Mortar: Scrap-built portable mortar.
Hot Liquid Squirter: Squirt gun firing very hot liquids.
Marble Gun: Pipegun type weapon firing marbles instead of bullets with pneumatic or pressurized gas power.
M-80 Firecracker: 1d6 damage, blast radius 2 ft, weight NA.
Pneumatic Darter: Pistol version of a tranquilizer gun.
Poison Squirter: Squirt gun modified to fire poisonous liquid.
Powder Flask Grenade: 1d8 damage, blast radius 10 ft, weight 1 lb.
Reinforced Firework Mortar: Standard fireworks mortar that has been reinforced with scrap materials to last longer.
Spring Darter: Spring powered tranquilizer pistol.

Improvised and Poorly Made Firearms: Including Belt Buckle Pistol, Derringer, Home Made Shotgun, Pen Gun, Pepper-Box, Pipe Rifle, Pocket Pistol, Potato Cannon, Saturday Night Special, Zip Gun, and Zipper Gun (a poorly made low caliber fully automatic submachine gun). I should probably have a random chance of malfunctions/breakage, but I'm still thinking about how I want to implement that.


Weapon Damage Trigger Type Normal Maximum Ammo Capacity Weight
Acid Squirter Acid Damage Normal 25 ft. 40 ft. 5 lbs acid 1 lb (empty)
Aerosol Can Flamethrower 1d6 flame for 1d4 rounds Normal 2 ft. 5 ft. 1d4 shots 1 lb
Ballistic Knife 1d4 Normal 10 ft. 16 ft. 1 shot 1 lb
Belt Buckle Pistol 1d4 Automatic 50 ft. 100 ft. 4 ½ lbs
Blunderbuss 3d6/1d6 Normal 50 ft. 100 ft. 1 6.5 lbs
Class A Fire Extinguisher Save vs Stun or be blinded for 1d4 rounds Normal 15 ft. 30 ft. 4 25 lbs
CO2 Fire Extinguisher Save vs Stun or be blinded for 1d4 rounds Normal 5 ft. 10 ft. 2 15 lbs
CO2 Fire Extinguisher Save vs Stun or be blinded for 1d4 rounds Normal 5 ft. 10 ft. 4 30 lbs
CO2 Fire Extinguisher Save vs Stun or be blinded for 1d4 rounds Normal 5 ft. 10 ft. 6 40 lbs
CO2 Fire Extinguisher Save vs Stun or be blinded for 1d4 rounds Normal 5 ft. 10 ft. 8 50 lbs
Derringer 1d4 Normal 200 ft. 400 ft. 4 1.75 lbs
Dry Chem Fire Extinguisher Save vs Stun or be blinded for 1d4 rounds Normal 5 ft. 20 ft. 4 30 lbs
Flame Squirter 3d6 flame damage for 1d4 rounds Normal 25 ft. 40 ft. 5 lbs fuel 1 lb (empty)
Flare Gun 6d6 flame damage for 1d4 rounds Normal 375 ft. 500 ft. 1 flare 2.5 lbs
Flintlock Pistol 1d10 Normal 150 ft. 300 ft. 1 3 lbs
Flintlock Rifle 1d12 Normal 400 ft. 800 ft. 1 10 lbs
Hand Mortar 5d10 Normal 750 ft. 1500 ft. 1 25 lbs
Home Made Shotgun 3d6/1d6 Normal 50 ft. 100 ft. 1 or 2 8 lbs
Hot Liquid Squirter 1d3 Normal 25 ft. 40 ft. 5 lbs liquid 1 lb (empty)
Marble Gun 1d6 Normal 300 ft. 600 ft. 24 marbles 5 lbs
Pen Gun 1d4 Normal 25 ft. 50 ft. 1 ½ lb
Pepper-Box 1d4 Automatic 15 ft. 300 ft. 6 4 lbs
Pipe Rifle 1d12 Normal 400 ft. 800 ft. 1 10 lbs
Pneumatic Darter Tranquilizer Gun Normal 115 ft. 250 ft. 1 dart 3 lbs
Pocket Pistol 1d4 Automatic 75 ft. 150 ft. 6 1 lb
Poison Squirter Save vs Poison, Poison Damage, Blinding Normal 25 ft. 40 ft. 5 lbs poison 1 lb (empty)
Potato Cannon 1d20 Normal 300 ft. 600 ft. 1 13 lbs
Reinforced Firework Mortar 2d6 Normal 100 ft. 200 ft. 1 5 lbs
Saturday Night Special 1d4 Normal 75 ft. 150 ft. 6 1 lb
Spring Darter Tranquilizer Gun Normal 115 ft. 250 ft. 1 dart 3 lbs
Zip Gun 1d4 Normal 75 ft. 150 ft. 6 1 lb
Zipper Gun 1d4 Rapid Fire 150 ft. 300 ft. 100 3 lbs

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