Wednesday, September 2, 2015

For all you guys and gals tempted by the thought of scavving in the downtown D.C. ruins, here's a tip...

Readers of my blog may have noticed some more scavenging-type tables recently. While there are dozens (if not more) of post apocalyptic scavenging tables out there; either nice little d100 lists, a couple of d1000 lists, the Grand Unified Junk Table (currently offline), or the various scavenging tables included in the (IMHO) good post apocalyptic RPGs, many don't exactly provide all the details (or items) I might want to hand out/inflict on my players. So, for the last few years, I've been working on and off on about 20 or so d100 subtables* that I want to use when the PCs are looking for stuff. They'll all eventually get posted here, though it may take a while because I've got some odd little ides for things like weapons, armor (as you've probably already seen), medical stuff, and other odds and ends.

*I'm not entirely sure just how many subtables I'll end up with, I started looking at only making 20 tables, but it might be closer to 30 or more.