Monday, October 13, 2014

Mutant Monday

This is the first in a short selection of Fearsome Critters and Cryptids that I feel are appropriate (and fun) for post apocalyptic settings.


No. Enc.: 3d4 (3d8)
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 150' (50')
Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: 1+2
Attacks: 1 (butt or bite)
Damage: 1d4, 1d4
Save: L1
Morale: 9
Hoard Class: None
XP: 21

Jackalopes are hybrid jackrabbit/deer carnivores. Appearing as a brown- or grey-furred hares about two feet long with deer antlers extending from the head for up to another foot in length. They are typically found in plains, prairies, scrub deserts, alpine meadows, and savannah woodlands and their lairs are flattened nests of grass or shallow depressions in the earth.

Jackalopes attack in waves of 1d6 members, with two or three such waves forming a swarm. With their significant ability to leap up to 20' in one bound, they typically attack prey by leaping from ambush in waves of antler butts. On an attack roll of 19 or 20, the target must make a saving throw vs Stun Attacks or be knocked down. Any target that gets knocked down will be attacked by bites from the wave on the following round.

These creatures have an incredible vocal ability, allowing them to imitate a range of noises and voices. They can sound as a man, woman, child, animal, or other creature, and can even sound like an audio or video recording being played back. While not really sentient, they can reproduce just about any sound they hear, and have been known to reproduce the sounds of creatures that are in pain or sick, repeat specific names, and even imitate the specific voices of those that they hear. Jackalopes generally use this ability to lure prey into approaching within attack distance.

Mutations: Aberrant Form (Natural Weapons)