Sunday, October 30, 2016

Random Hallucinations

Roll Hallucination
01 A devil invisible to everyone but you tries to get you to fill out the names of your enemies in the Book of Death it carries.
02 A monkey has run off with your favorite treasured item. Get it back at all costs, but watch out for it's dung flinging bretheren.
03 A second mouth has grown in the back of your head, whispering evil as it tries to become your primary mouth.
04 A wailing banshee that constantly follows you makes it difficult to hear anything else. Death is coming, but for whom?
05 All the rope/string/twine/vines you see appear to be snakes or worms coming to life.
06 An unstoppable berserk rage fills you, your muscles expand and you rip out of your clothing/armor, and your skin turns green. Attack everything around you.
07 Animals will now talk to you, for a price.
08 Ants, all over your body, they keep biting and chewing, stop them somehow.
09 Cats are plotting against you, get them first.
10 Demonic chanting fills the air. You can't find where it's coming from or who is chantinging. Make it stop!
11 Demons are crawling out of the orifices of your companions. Who knows what evil they are committing.
12 Dogs have a secret cabal going, try to find out more by talking to them and convincing them you are on their side.
13 Everyone is staring at you, trying to learn your secrets, tell them nothing.
14 Everyone you see is secretly a demon/alien/monster, kill them!
15 Everyone you see looks just like you, unless you are John Malkovich.
16 Everything is better with roses. Every plant you see is a beautiful, tasty rose.
17 Everything is funny, laugh and giggle non-stop.
18 Everything is in black and white, you can't see colors at all.
19 Fae creatures dance and cavort in the corners of your eyes, trying to tempt you to join in their merry-making. Oddly, they all seem to wear boots.
20 Gremlins are sabotaging everything you do, trying to get you killed.
21 Horrors are crawling out of that pit.
22 Little green men are hiding just out of the corner of your eye. You don't know what they're up to, but you're going to find out.
23 Look at this treasure horde! You can swim through the piles of gold coins like a fish!
24 Members of the opposite sex are insanely attracted to you, fend them off or pick up the hot ones, your choice.
25 Monsters can be tamed by your training!
26 Mules are out to get you. They may have an alliance with the chickens, or maybe the ducks.
27 Pink elephants march across the sky on feathered wings. Join in the fun.
28 Purple locusts are invading, kill them all!
29 Scarabs have eaten their way into your skin and are working their way around your body, cut them out.
30 Short grey humanoids with large eyes want to probe you and learn your secrets.
31 SQWAWKK!!! You can call a pterodactyl to you by making just the right sound.
32 Suddenly, you are as big as a giant, everything else has become much smaller.
33 Suddenly, you are in a dark forest, even the trees are trying to eat you, try and get away.
34 Tentacled alien horrors are attempting to force their tentacles into your orifices.
35 That item smells delicious, you just have to taste it.
36 The earth has opened up and is trying to swallow you, get help fast.
37 The ghost of a pirate is willing to show you the way to his buried treasure!
38 The ghosts of those you have killed have come back to haunt you, seeking vengeance.
39 The next item you discover is suddenly the most powerful magical object you have ever seen.
40 The next spherical object you find becomes your pet beholder.
41 The sun and the moon have traded places. You can see everything at night as if it was day, and everything during the day is dark as night.
42 The voices are mocking you, laughing at your mistakes, and threatening to expose your secrets.
43 The whole world is frozen in time, things only move when you don't look at them.
44 There's an invisible bridge there, you just know it. Prove your faith by walking it.
45 They're out to get you, watch out!
46 War drums play in the distance.
47 What is that horrible smell, where is it coming from?
48 Why do you have a propeller for a tail, and funny tentacle whiskers on your face. Did that sword just turn into a yummy pile of rust?
49 Why does sunlight burn you? Why do you have an unquenchable thirst for human blood? What happened to your reflection? You can't cross that stream!
50 You are a princess waiting to be rescued from the terrible dragon by your prince charming. If pressed you can pee through seven mattresses.
51 You are a Tyrannosaurus Rex with an unending appetite, grab meat with your puny claws and then swallow it with your giant mouth.
52 You are climbing the stairway that never ends.
53 You are compelled to build a mountain temple out of mashed potatoes to your new god.
54 You are covered in blood that won't come off now matter how hard you scrub.
55 You are deaf as a post, nothing makes any sound for you anymore.
56 You are drowning, head for the highest point you can.
57 You are fire, burning and spreading with every combustible thing you touch.
58 You are in an inescapable labyrinth of stone, stalked by a hideous monster.
59 You are now a hermit crab, find a suitable new home to crawl into as your mobile shell.
60 You are now the opposite sex.
61 You are one with the frogs, ribbit!
62 You are the Camel Whisperer. You can tell secrets to camels and have them act as your allies and companions.
63 You are the chosen of the snake/spider god(dess), all of your powers are now based on snakes/spiders.
64 You are the fastest runner ever, nothing can slow you down.
65 You are the greatest spellcaster ever, your knowledge of magic knows no bounds.
66 You are the King. Hail to the King, Baby.
67 You are water, settling in the lowest point of the area you are in.
68 You can confuse robots with your new logic paradox.
69 You can no longer understand any of the languages spoken around you, and everything you say doesn't seem to be understood.
70 You can summon and communicate with sea creatures, but are compelled to wear an orange and green leotard.
71 You constantly hear the chirping of birds, but can't seem to find them.
72 You have a limited amount of blood left in your body, try to fill any wounds back up with the blood of your enemies.
73 You have become a tree, you crave sunlight and water, but if you can't get those, kill the nearest beast and drink it's blood.
74 You have become the wind, fwoosh!
75 You have become your own shadow, your body doesn't act like you at all, and you are left to cover surfaces based on where the source of light is located.
76 You have been turned to stone! You wish you could move from your location, but you can't.
77 You have developed the ability to teleport, but your skin has turned blue, you have lost a couple of fingers, and have grown a tail.
78 You have shrunk down to the size of a mouse.
79 You have spontaneously combusted, find the nearest body of water to put yourself out.
80 You have the amazing ability to steal a person's underwear right out of their clothing.
81 You have the Curse of King Midas. Everything you touch turns into gold.
82 You hear the sound of dripping water.
83 You love everyone, give lots of hugs.
84 You no longer feel heat or cold.
85 You now hear theme music for everything and everyone. You've even got your own kick ass theme song.
86 You only have one leg and can only move around by hopping.
87 You see a vision of a legendary battle from the past, learn a new combat technique.
88 You see a white rabbit heading into a hole, quick chase after it.
89 You seem to have grown an extra arm, cut, bite, or rip it off.
90 You think you can fly, run around flapping arms wildly.
91 Your ancestor's ghost now accompanies you, giving you wisdom from beyond the grave.
92 Your body demands you feed it a variety of mushrooms and fungi.
93 Your clothes/armor inhibit you, strip naked.
94 Your comrades are secretly cannibals who want to eat you, be careful.
95 Your dancing and chanting will bring the rain!
96 Your mother has become a terrible demon, and nothing you can do will please her. No mommy, I didn't use a wire coat hanger.
97 Your shadow has left you, get it back so you can sew it back to your body.
98 Your skin has turned blue and your clothes are now white. Everything is smurftastic.
99 Your skin is crawling with spiders, get them off! (Itching)
00 Your stomach has grown it's own mouth and desires fresh meat.