Friday, February 6, 2015

Freak Friday

Cannibal Sativa

No. Enc.: 2d4 (2d4x10)
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 4+20
Attacks: 1 (claw or weapon)
Damage: 1d4 or by weapon
Save: L2
Morale: 9
Hoard Class: I, VIII
XP: 540

These short, 3-4' tall, green-skinned humanoids are mutated from the Cannabis sativa plant. They have sharp, claw-like, five-fingered hands, and rope-like tendrils on their heads, shoulders, and backs. Because of their appearance and coloration, in forested or brush-filled areas, they are difficult to spot, surprising beings on a surprise check roll of 1-3 on 1d6. They are highly intelligent and have a spoken language and are also known as Cannibal Steves, Hemp Horrors, and (for the rarely encountered females) Murder Janes.

While Cannibal Sativas get along well with mutant fungus and plant species, they are obligate carnivores who form hunting parties to attack any animal life forms near their lairs. While they do ambush prey, they are also active hunters that prefer to directly attack their targets. They usually release a hallucinogenic gas cloud to disable their prey, and then they move in with their weapons for the kill. This gas cloud covers a 40' area around the Cannibal Sativa, and any creature (other than other Cannibal Sativas) in that area must make a save vs poison, or be subject to the effects of the hallucinogenic gas (roll 1d20 on the following table):
D20    Roll Reaction
1-2     Cower and whimper
3-4     Curl up into fetal ball
5-7     Stare into nothingness
8-10    Laugh uncontrollably
11-13   Overcome with insatiable hunger and thirst
14-16   Falls asleep
17-18   Flee shrieking in a random direction
19-20   Hallucinates as if under the effect of Mental Phantasm
While they can and do employ ranged or missile weapons in attacks, they have a preference for sword-like and axe-like weaponry. Roll 1d4 to determine their individual armament: 1 - Club, 2 - Axe, 3 - Short Sword, 4 - Pistol (Roll 1d6: 1 - Black Powder, 2 - Revolver, 3 - Automatic Pistol, 4 - Machine Pistol (as SMG), 5 - Stun Pistol, 6 - Laser Pistol).

Cannibal Sativas can generally be found lairing in ruins or caves in forested or swampy regions.

Mutations: Carnivore, Free Movement, Full Senses, Toxic Weapon